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  1. I guess no luck of ever getting the original pics posted. I could really use them.
  2. pickle311

    KX85 - lowering kit or methods

    By taking all of the preload off of the rear spring, you're setting your kid up to get hurt. 1. The bike is going to sag too much in the rear and will not handle correctly. It will push in the corners, and I'm not even sure what it will do off the face of a jump. It could blow through the stroke and rebound him over the bars. 2. When the shock is fully extended in the air, the spring will be loose and can cause the spring retainer to come off the bottom of the shock. If that were to happen, it would be like landing with no shock on the bike. With no spring tension there, it would blow through the stroke and slam the frame into the ground. As stated, it's best to get the correct spring rate for your kid. You can get lowering links to lower the bike correctly that are pretty cheap.
  3. pickle311

    kx 60 tranny fluid help please!

    There should be a vent hose coming off the back of the crank case somewhere. Looks just like the hoses on the carb. That little hose can get dirt in it and clog it. Just pull the hose and clean it.
  4. pickle311

    Parting out 2004 Honda CR250r

    Do you still have the radiators?
  5. pickle311

    kx 60 tranny fluid help please!

    Did you remove the cap for the fill hole? It's possible the crank case vent is clogged and not allowing air in. If air can't get in, it will create a vacuum and prevent the oil from draining.
  6. pickle311

    Trying to find a stock rear link for 07 CR250

    Ebay is likely your best bet
  7. pickle311

    02 cr250 mikuni tmx

    For it to suddenly be running rich like that, theres 2 things that come to mind. 1. The clutch side crank seal very well could be leaking. If it was, this is what you'd see. 2. Check the rubber boot on the base of the choke knob. When I bought my CR250, I was fighting jetting and spooge. I found that the rubber boot wasn't seated in the groove on the base of the choke knob thus not allowing the knob to fully close. It was holding it up about 1mm leaving the circuit partially open. It gave me all kinds of fits until I figured it out.
  8. pickle311

    My 07 CR250 build

    Very nice. Any interest in selling the FC suspension?
  9. I'm about to order a new set of plastics and graphics. I'm pretty picky about graphics and like a clean look. What I have my head set on is something that is predominately red and white with some hints of blue. I really like the Throttle Jockey '16 HRC graphics, but I don't really want to run a factory kit. I will if I can't find something I like better though. There's so many companies that make graphics now, I figured I'd ask because I'm sure someone here has seen something I haven't. Help me out, what else is out there with these colors in a clean design? Link to the TJ set is below. http://throttlejockey.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=67_68_108&product_id=82
  10. 98 chassis was terrible, the 2001 was much better, the 02+ was even better but marginally. The 01 engine was decent, but still needs work. On the 98 and 99 bikes, everyone was running the 96 cylinder. I raced a 99 with a 96 cylinder and went to a 2001. I was faster on the 01 because it actually turned and didn't beat the crap out of me. At the time, I just didn't realize how bad that 1st gen aluminum frame was. If I were looking to be competitive now on a 2 stroke, I would be looking at a newer YZ or maybe the KTM/Husky. I'd lean towards the YZ due to being able to find them cheaper and much better suspension.
  11. pickle311

    flo red plastics for 3rd gen

    I've got an 03 CR250 that I'm about to order new plastics for, and I'm wanting flo red like on the 90's or the newer bikes. In 2000 Honda went with a darker shade of red. They went back to a brighter red in recent years, not sure when it changed again. So who makes plastics in the brighter red? I'm going to get the CRF front fender and stadium plate, and I want them to match the rest of the plastics. Thanks
  12. pickle311

    Gen 3 Part Swap Thread

    No worries, thanks anyway
  13. pickle311

    Gen 3 Part Swap Thread

    I'm looking for a carb insulator for an 03 CR250. It's the rubber boot that goes between the carb and the reed cage. I think mine has an air leak and want to try a different one to see if it helps.
  14. pickle311

    Just picked up a 2006 CR85

    For $100!!! Bike seems to be in pretty decent shape. Compression feels low so I'm going to pull the cylinder and see what surprises I find. Bike is all stock except for bars and bark busters. Doesn't appear to have excessive hours on it judging by the wear on the frame. Needs a good cleaning though. I'm flying out tomorrow for work then the holidays coming in a couple of weeks, so it will be a little while before I get to touch it.
  15. pickle311

    TTR 50 handlebars

    My kid rides a TTR50 and we need a new bars for it. I don't want to go back with stock bars, but I also don't want high bars for adults. Does anyone make a kit for this bike that keeps the bars at a good height for kids, like the Pro Taper micro bar kit? There's plenty for the CRF, but I'm not finding anything for the TTR. Thanks