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  1. dendrz

    Stock Handlebar Question/Delima

    I happen to have the stock Bendomatic bars hanging in my shed so I can confirm they are 790mm wide.
  2. dendrz

    Is this really a 2001 S model

    Congrats, looks like it is in very good condition. For any kind of off-road riding new tires should be first on the list. Has it still got the stock gearing (15-44)?
  3. dendrz

    Headline News: Keep Kids Off ATV's

    Already happened here in New Brunswick, Canada. A lot of kids were getting hurt and killed with Atv rollovers so the goverment made it illegal for any kid under 14 to operate one. ......and like someone rightly guessed they also included motorcycles, any kid riding even as much as an XR50 even on their parents property is now breaking the law in New Brunswick My edit, should have read anyone under 14 is not allowed and then over 14 is age appropriate machines, not sure how they will determine the size but a 14 year old on a 50cc bike would be like an elephant on a roller skate. I hate to read of anyone getting hurt or killed and especially our kids, maybe some legislation was and is needed but banning youths from 50cc etc learning machines is a wrong move imo.
  4. dendrz

    kenda trackmaster 760s

    Off-road the inner tubes alone are better than those Trailwings Any good aggressive knobby tire takes a bit of getting used to on road, its a compromise, be especially carefull cornering or full on braking on wet roads.
  5. dendrz

    kenda trackmaster 760s

    I run a rear K760, like it a lot, usually go through 1 or 2 a season on my 01 400S. 25 psi on road and for trail riding set it at 18 PSI (rocky trails). Front i run the non dot K771 Milleville.
  6. dendrz

    Looking for some back tire opinions?

    K760 rear and non-dot K771 milleville front works for me.
  7. dendrz

    Cleaning White Plastic

    WD40 works good on the white panels, gets the brown inground mud off. It dulls colored plastic though.
  8. dendrz

    Keep bronco in your thoughts

    Safe home Bronco
  9. I have driven my father-inlaws 400 Artic Cat Atv and it is slow, seems to be all revs and no top end. Even took it back to the dealer as I figured it was stuck in low but they said that was the way they are as they are a work horse. Like any utility Atv they take off like they means business but after that... Which is fine if that is what your boss wants.
  10. dendrz

    Longest DRZ'r.....Owner

    Mine is not the oldest but up there in the list of long time owners. Bought mine in March 2001. Very pleased with it, just finished a 2 day woods trail-ride with the New Brunswick Dual Sport Club and the bike ran perfectly.
  11. dendrz

    how may litres in a gallon

    4.546 litres in a UK gallon
  12. Wait a minute here... 350 miles going over 90 mph on duallsport tires? You should have your head examined for alignment that is for sure
  13. dendrz

    Worlds Fastetst Indian

    We rented it last night (Canada). It is a great movie, very entertaining
  14. dendrz

    I made it to 45 years old today!!!

    Happy birthday Linco! I was 45 once.