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  1. 68b_body

    How often do u go to the track?

    I only been to the track twice this year. If I could go every weekend I would.
  2. I might be able to trade my 02 cr125 for an 01 cr250. Think it be worth a straight across trade. How would the suspension and handling compare to my 02? I may have a deal with getting another 02 cr 125 that needs a crank bearing.
  3. 68b_body

    NEW (to me) Yz250f!!

    SouNds like a good deal around where I live it be 2-2500 for one at the cheapest
  4. Crashed on a small 25' tabletop front tire hit a rut and jerked my bars to the left I'm pretty sure I fractured some ribs and verterbres. Partially paralyzed for a few days. Hurt to breath. From my coxis to the mddle of my back my whole right side was black. What I learned. Crashing hurts!
  5. 68b_body

    Whos kid is this?

    Lol I wish one of my kids could make it world wide on the world wide web so I can say "yep... That's my boy!"
  6. 68b_body

    How do i adjust the rear shock?

    Lowering the suspension by turning hose big threaded rings so your spring will be un compressed more just so you can touch the ground will cause you to bottom out on jumps if your gonna go to the track. If you can touch by tip toe your fine. I can't touch the ground either. I'm 5'9". Set your sag correctly and get used to tip toeing it.
  7. 68b_body

    Whos kid is this?

    Lol that site is funny!
  8. I'd love to be able to ride my dirtbike to work, but I gotta pass by the cops refuling station on my way soo I'm not gonna risk it.
  9. He did have a flashlight tied to the front fender with what looked like that strip of stuff sewn ontop of dogfood bags and had it locked up to the fence with 4 foot of 2" log chain. He must of got tired of carrying chain that weighed more than the bike lol.
  10. 68b_body

    Whos kid is this?

    Oh there it is. IPhone little slow...
  11. Lol some guy at work rides this everyday to work. We haven't figure out who it is yet. Times are tough and gas prices are crazy but...
  12. 68b_body

    Whos kid is this?

    Where's the pic?
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qOY5s4tUIQ this is all you gotta do:thumbsup:
  14. 68b_body

    forks dive when front brake is applied

    Fork compression too soft? Turn your compression clicker to make it stiffer... Does/will it help?
  15. 68b_body

    Forum Friends :) Ride Pics!!!

    A female bounty hunter. If boba fett had a daughter...