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  1. MeatBag

    Speedo way off any way to fix it?

    Could fit it by making wheels/tyres which are exactly 10% larger
  2. MeatBag

    Advanced Weight Loss Ideas Needed

    Hell, lets seal the frame real good and then make a perfect vacume in there... aahhh tyres too?
  3. MeatBag

    Petcock always on Reserve??

    Yeah i can hear the sound in the video, but maybe its because i know what i am listening for. It gets faster as the gears go up. ie, higher output speed, not RPM. And when in 5th it is also at it's loudest and clearest. Try to think of it as a clicking or tapping sound. Probably once per revolution of the CS I have stock pipe, i think if i had any aftermarket pipe this sound would be drowned out entirely. So maybe thats a sign that it is not worth worrying about.
  4. MeatBag

    Petcock always on Reserve??

    ok i dont have a dial indicator. The possible wobble could be due to discolouration on half the sprocket, which would make it seem to wobble. I did clean the screen at the 1000km oil change, it didnt find anything back then, but it wont hurt to do it again. The sound i am talking about is similar to a whipper snipper (aka weed whacker) when its cord is tapping against something. The higher the gear the faster the clicking. Unlike all the cam chatter because it can be heard even when its just when idling.
  5. MeatBag

    Petcock always on Reserve??

    wooooopps as you can see i dont really know what to call half the 'things' on a bike. And your right, no metal in the oil... Meatbag: 1. Paranoia: 0
  6. MeatBag

    Petcock always on Reserve??

    OK now for the bad news I jacked up the bike to get the rear wheel off the ground. I found there was a lot of chain slack, but this could be since there is no weight on the swing-arm/rear-wheel. The chain slapped around a lot and when in 5th gear the noise did sound a lot like what i was trying to describe earlier in the week. Also on the inside edge of the chain all the little 'pin heads' (?) are clean like they have been scrapping on something... so all good right! Anyway i went one step further. I took the chain off the primary sprocket. Then listened to it spinning with no chain. I didnt like this sound at all... so I'm back to being paranoid. I made a quick 15sec vid: At the 10sec mark i have got up to 5th gear and I can clearly hear a sinister clicking sound. Also it looks like my primary sprocket is wobbling, it feels tight, just not on straight. But i am no expert... what do the experts think? I am going to leave everything unbolted for tonight and put it back together tomorrow after i've had a sleep and all you experts have had a chance to listen to it.
  7. MeatBag

    Petcock always on Reserve??

    OK now for last week's oil change: It was all OK. All bolts in the right place, O rings in the right spot, filter around the right way. Oil looked all clean and golden. Only a light amount of metal 'dust' found on the magnet on the crank drain bolt. I drained just the crank case and the oil filter. I got roughly 0.5L of oil give or take. The other 1.5L must be left up in the frame. I assume this is normal. BTW i did not warm up the bike first. ...BUT i did find this in the oil which i drained out of the crank case: It feels like rubber since it springs back to shape (dead straight). If i had to guess, i would say that it is a piece of a large washer which has had an edge cleaved off the side. The bad thing is, it must have got in there within the last 120kms of riding Next post about the strange noise:
  8. MeatBag

    Petcock always on Reserve??

    OK petcock problem has been found. YEAH! HELL YEAH! I Syphoned the fuel out of the tank as the bike was running. And the "ON" was still drawing fuel like it was on "RES" Then i thought since the tank is almost virtually empty i might as well take a look under the petcock and look what i found: Now lets look at what fell out: The Red arrow is pointing to this thin washer which goes on the outside of the petcock. It goes between the plate (bottom left) and the valve knob (orange). This thin washer was all bent and wrapped (see image below) but this might be normal (?) The Green arrow is the bit of black plastic (?) which fell out of the petcock and is leaving a gap between "ON" and "RES" which you can see in the first 2 pics. This sprang out the instant the knob came out Orange is the valve knob, it is hard to see but there is a faint brown mark on it. I have have tried to outline where it starts and ends. This might be normal though (?) Washer: Now dont forget my petcock has always been very stiff (hahararar)... but seriously it has been and maybe this was due the warped washer or the crack in the plastic. Bottom line, when that bit of plastic cracked in the petcock I reckon that the fuel from the "RES" line was slowly seeping through to output line even though i still had "ON" selected. Now what to do about warranty... Next post is about the noise and oil etc
  9. MeatBag

    Petcock always on Reserve??

    1 Hmmmm washer you say… The petcock on my DRZ has always been very stiff, enough to make my fingers hurt on cold mornings. My previous bike was a VTR250 and it's petcock could be rotated using just 1 finger. If it is the washer, then I will just fill up more often until I get to look at it. 2 Also at work today i just took off the cover for the primary sprocket. The primary nut is all tight under there. I did see some shiny bits on the chain though, maybe its just chain slack that is causing the sound all of a sudden. Going over bumps can make the sound disappear for an instant… could cam chain do that?
  10. MeatBag

    Petcock always on Reserve??

    ok first off thanks for reading. My petcock goes ON - PRI - RES. And it was left at "ON" all week, never needed to turn to "RES". lowered_impressios: I basically rode all week without needing to switch to reserve. When i went to fill up i was a few drops away from being empty. ie filled up 9.6L but the tank is only 10L. Should be 2L of reserve. Problem 2: Drive Chain! Thank Christ! I did lube it when i changed the oil. But anything external like the drive chain i can deal with. I have not done the locktite fix yet... need to find some locktite. No problem. I always thought you get a few extra drops of oil out which never hurt.Anyhow i'm late for work now, i will try to isolate the possible chain noise on the way. I think next week i will ride around with 2L of fuel in a bottle, and wait until it starts to splutter, then see if i have anything in reserve. The only way possible is if the petrol bower's meter was off by about 10% and i managed to get unusually good mileage
  11. MeatBag

    Petcock always on Reserve??

    OK for my first time i need help, i have had my 08 SM for a few months. I have done 4000kms. It has no real mods, just seat and handlebars Problem 1: Today i hit the 220km mark before needing to switch to reserve and decided to fill up the tank. I filled the 10L tank up with 9.6L of fuel! And i looked 3 times; my petcock was not on reserve! In other words it was twisted fully clockwise. Now maybe the petrol station has a bad meter, but 220km on 9.6L is about right for my mileage. BTW i do tend to overfill the tank a little (about half way up that cylinder at the tank opening). But that is not right! right? Problem 2: PLUS just to add to my paranoia i have a strange sound coming from the shifter side of the bike. Here is the story: On Monday i changed the oil for my forth time (so I'm not a total noob at oil changes). i use the same Suzuki Motul oil as normal (BTW it was a half empty bottle) Tuesday morning i am going to work and notice this sound within the first few kms. At first i thought it was air hissing out of a tyre as it was spinning. Then i thought maybe oil hissing out of a loose bolt. But put it down to the DRZ sewing machine valves/cam chain, thought maybe the fresh oil had changed the sound I get to work and check the oil, it is still full. No loose bolts. Even the bike sounds normal now. Going home I test the bike again, find that the noise is only there when the engine is under load. ie in neutral, or clutch, or even coasting down a hill there is no bad sound. When loading the bike and with my left foot positioned in the right angle i can hear it... and it does sound like the valves most of the time. Maybe the sound sometimes is more like metal gently spinning and rubbing against something metal. Like an blunt angle grinder wheel just gently scraping on a metal plate once per second. Clutch? OR maybe its the sound of fuel spluttering to get through the petcock? Or oil spluttering to get sucked up to where ever it needs to go Is it possible i put the wrong oil drain bolt in the wrong spot. This oil change i only took off the frame drain, crank case drain and the one just a few inches below the oil filter (plus changed the filter). So i didnt mess with that bango oil-screen. Anyway thanks to anyone who has read all of this, i am feeling quite paranoid right now. But its still quite possible that everything is normal. I have ridden 2 days with this sound (120kms). I will probably check the oil on the weekend which is another 2 days away.
  12. MeatBag

    Aussie DRZ400 Owners?

    Yeah lets us know how that goes. i want to get those exact 2 items too
  13. MeatBag

    Tank Talk: Acerbis/IMS/Clarke/Safari?

    I haven't got my over sized tank yet so i cant really help you But i believe there are mounting point issues on top of fan/horn issues if you try to get an E tank to fix onto an S/SM. Not 100% sure though You can get the acerbis lockable cap to fit onto IMS and Clarke, they all have the same thread. But IMS and Clarke have venting issues when using this cap. Nothing stopping you from putting your own venting in, if you know what you are doing. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=196014&highlight=locking Personally i am going to get an IMS 4G and acerbis lockable cap. Oh yeah IMS 4G is really 4.5G if you are willing to tip the bike over to get the fuel out of the other shroud. Think of it as a second reserve
  14. MeatBag

    My Rack

    Can i say "Nice rack" without you slapping me in the face?
  15. MeatBag

    FMF Pipes? (search has no results)

    If your are after Power vs cost, forget about Powercore. Might as well get yosh If your want power vs dB. Then FMF Q (or Q2 or Q4) might be your only option apart from staying stock If you want dB vs cost... i dont know. Probably stock and just change the header