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  1. Thanks again guys. Going to look at an '05 today, but I'm a little doughtful. Found a '99 real nice can't get a loan for it. Also, it's a shame my little pathfinder gets worse milage than these beasts. Hope I can get this truck my trailer broke at the a-frame coupler and I need to get a ride in. Maybe later I'll put a pick of trailer up (pretty nasty).
  2. Hey no one answered me about fuel milage between an f-250 and f-350. Does anyone have an opinion.
  3. I think I'm going to buy one with extended warranty. It seems to me that some of the problem could be from abuse and the rest are bad eggs. Th bikes will look good in the back though. Thanks guys.
  4. What about an '04 f-350?
  5. Thanks fellas I'll let you know how it works out.
  6. What's up with the 6.0? I'm thinking diesel because I drive sooo many miles. Another thing what's a good way to check a diesel engine? My JD tractor taps like a mofo.
  7. What are yah gett'n? I get 15.5 with my pathfinder running premium. Thinking about trading for f-250. Would I even notice?
  8. Superman400

    1997 Rm250 stator

    Sorry if this is a repeat but I search for the answer. I'm trying to remove the stator coil or actually it's probably the fly wheel on this bike. I removed the nut on the crank and nothing seems to free up. Does this have to be pulled off or could it be froze on?
  9. Superman400

    Pittsburgh, PA I-279 Camphorn Rd. exit!

    Gimme a call if you scratch that itch. Did you get the seat done?
  10. Superman400

    Stolen Bikes in southern PA

    Keep checking police impounds too. They will not notify you if it is in there.
  11. Superman400

    Pittsburgh, PA I-279 Camphorn Rd. exit!

    HELLO! Anyone out there! I'm snow'd in, but once I tunnel out I'll be readyto ride again. Just checking.
  12. Superman400

    Pittsburgh, PA I-279 Camphorn Rd. exit!

    I agree it has been a little too cold for riding lately. I tried putting around in the yard on Saturday and couldn't get anywhere because of the snow (1')! We'll see though for Sunday I would like to go back out. How's the seat?
  13. Superman400

    Pittsburgh, PA I-279 Camphorn Rd. exit!

    Is that next week for seat or riding? Cause it sounds like you got the seat under control. I think I had the same problem with the staples you can probably beat them in with a hammer. The bike does look good.
  14. Superman400

    Pittsburgh, PA I-279 Camphorn Rd. exit!

    Yeah I'll give you a call next week hows your schedule?
  15. Superman400

    Pittsburgh, PA I-279 Camphorn Rd. exit!

    Yeah let's go next weekend. Heat is your answer. You need a heat gun for the seat cover and fender, but you otta think about calling whomever you ordered that stuff from you might end up with brand new spare parts. Especially if you put the graphics on. Don't strech that cover too much it will tare later if you do.