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  1. chadk66

    Deano vs. Barcia

    that's the one I was thinking of. He did the same thing in Seattle once too I think. And several times outdoors I think
  2. chadk66

    Deano vs. Barcia

    totally different skill. Kdub was at a stage where he could was having a hard time cracking the top ten until the mud where he kicked everybody's ass
  3. chadk66

    Bagget vs Anderson

    I hope Bagget stays healthy He could be a contender and I personally think the favorite in the outdoors.
  4. chadk66

    Deano vs. Barcia

    I'd bet bet Barcia doesn't win another main the rest of the season
  5. chadk66

    Yearly Reminder that JGR is garbage

    They should have scored Wilson
  6. chadk66

    Osborne down!

    most CBD contains about 3% THC. That amount doesn't test positive. But like mentioned it isn't regulated and some companies have cheaper equipment so the amount of THC fluctuates greatly. There are many legit companies and the best ones have CBD with zero THC at all times. It's more expensive to produce from what I gather. I was going to order some the other day but they were out. I know some people that take it and it has been amazing for them in regards to pain aid and getting rid of inflamation.
  7. chadk66

    cross threaded bottom bolt

    yea I'd def. be looking for a set of forks as mentioned above.
  8. chadk66

    Suspension Parts

    Not sure if anybody is looking for any miscellaneous suspension parts but I have a fair amount of them. I would gladly part with. If your in need let me know and I'll see if I have it. Just kind of a public service announcement. Would like to see em get put to good use
  9. hmmm. I did not know that.
  10. I'm pretty sure I have another crf tube identical to that. You could just switch it all over. I don't have the damper rod but if the dimensions are right you could use the RM damper rods. I'd have the correct springs too I'd bet.
  11. chadk66

    Tomac Injured

    they had nothing on him. He wasn't even at his best and beat their asses week in and out. They aren't consistent enough to beat him for a whole season. Hell Tomac can't stay healthy for twelve months. And Marvin, lol I don't even know what to say about that dude. He can look like a rockstar one weekend and total squid the next. Anderson is my favorite dude now but even he makes me pull my hair out. I watched Dean Wilson kick the snot out of Jason in 2008 at the Lorettas qualifier class after class. Very interesting to see where they are now. Hopefully Anderson gets his crap together this year.
  12. chadk66

    Tomac Injured

    Dungey retired too early. He could have half assed it to another four or five championships
  13. chadk66

    A study into neck braces

    well for all those that have made claims against neck braces it finally looks like there is actual evidence supporting their benefits. And there was nothing to show they were detrimental in any way
  14. chadk66

    2004 YZ125 Rear Shock Bumper

    Do not attempt to rebuild this yourself. After reading all this your not up to the task lol. You if you ride it like it is you will probably be replacing the shock rather soon.
  15. chadk66

    2013 KTM 300XC

    was able to find this in a search here. thanks mog!