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  1. Anyone know who she is, asking for a friend. thanks
  2. Thank you, i may attempt to rebuild and put new pads. Any good videos on rebuilding them?
  3. Pads are closed so i cant put the caliper back on and pads between the disc plus there is brown grease in there. Any thoughts , just clean it, never took one apart before. thanks
  4. ajcjr

    2003 TTR 125LE Rear Shock Question

    thank you!
  5. ajcjr

    2003 TTR 125LE Rear Shock Question

    Thanks i understand what it does, is this a stock shock and can i just change the spring on it? Thank you again
  6. ajcjr

    2003 TTR 125LE Rear Shock Question

    Bueller 🤷‍♂️
  7. ajcjr

    looking for reviews on engine kits

    Thanks if you can let me know i would appreciate it.
  8. ajcjr

    2003 TTR 125LE Rear Shock Question

    While working on the bike i bought i noticed that the rear shock is attached to a reservoir by the handlebars? I tried looking around for something to tell me what it is and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I plan on replacing the spring so it can handle my weight and do some other mods as well. Thanks AC
  9. ajcjr

    looking for reviews on engine kits

    im looking to add some power to my 125LE, i have an FMF already. Anyone have experience with the engine kits offered, any pros or cons? Thanks AC
  10. ajcjr

    drag racing dirt bikes

    yeah it def seems like the outlaw crowd but cool innovation.
  11. Bike i am working on has a little rust here and there, is there a better way to prep it before touching it up with some paint. Thanks
  12. Is this craze taking off, i see a lot of videos from the south of some fast dirt bikes. Anyone know any info on what they do to the chassis and or motor. https://youtu.be/7dR2g8hXMAA
  13. ajcjr

    Non-Dirt Bike Kids

    Bought my son his first quad when he was 2 (gas powered), had a ttr50, crf70, ktm50sx and now a 140L. He likes to ride trails and around our yard but he is a travel hockey player so i am the one trying to keep him off the bike. lol. I hope we can both ride for many years to come!!! And yes i could run a sh!t load of bikes for what travel hockey costs.
  14. Any suggestions on good fantasy SX leagues. thanks
  15. ajcjr

    125 Bandwagon (sign me up)

    thanks, I sent you a pm as well.