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  1. Rockyracer

    Cycra Power flow JUNK!!!

    I have run the Cycra shrouds for the past two years and have not broken one in over 200 hours in the woods. I have modified the front two screw holes on the shrouds with aluminum brackets that let me hold the front of the shrouds with rubber bands made from heavy duty tubes. When a tree branch catches the shrould it just springs out and snap back in to place. I am running the unabiker radiator guards. I could not rubber band my shrouds if I ran the stock radiator louvers.
  2. Sorry to hear you received a defective vacuum bleeder. For all you guys out their the Harbor Freight bleder works great and with a 20% discount coupon you can get it for around $20.00
  3. Go out and get a Vacum bleeder from Harbor Freight with a 20% discount coupon should cost about $22.00 every bit as good as a Mighty Vac bleeder at twice the price.
  4. You got taken alumnium can be made to look new with a bead blaster
  5. Rockyracer

    YZ250FX timing help

    Looks like your timing is correct. Cams in the right position and 14 pins between the dots
  6. Rockyracer

    How to clean FX air box?????

    I blow out the area around the air filter with compressed air before I remove the filter. I only apply grease to the inside edge of the bottom of the air filter, My airfilter bottom is neoprined lined, and I do not over oil my air filter.
  7. Rockyracer

    Engine case

    remove any high spots with a flat sharpening stone and use a sealant like Permatex master gasket
  8. That is not so with a fuel injected Yamaha yz250f, that is why Yamaha is not listed on the website link.
  9. Rockyracer

    2017 brakes suck, what to upgrade

    One of the differences with a KTM and a Yamaha is the ratio sizes of the master cylinder piston and the caliper piston. Smaller master cylinder piston will give you more braking pressure with less hand pressure. That is why when KTM pads wear down half way or so the braking power is reduced and new pads are required.
  10. Rockyracer

    '16 YZ250FX Airbox Submerged, Won't Start

    You are lucky, never try to crank a 4 stroke after it has drowned out with out removing the spark plug, the automatic compression released saved your motor but that is not what it was designed for.
  11. Rockyracer


    20`4,15,16 plastic will not fit at all
  12. Rockyracer

    '16 YZ250FX Airbox Submerged, Won't Start

    Water taken into a running 4 stroke engine can bend a connecting rod
  13. Rockyracer

    TPS Replacement 2015 YZ250F Ohms?

    Yamaha does it different with the fuel injected yz. Yamaha says it must be done with a diagnostic tool not the Gyt tuner. I adjusted mine and my dealer checked it and it was right in the middle of the range. I disconnected the TPS lead and powered the TPS with 3 AA batteries producing 4.89 volts an adjusted the TPS to get a reading of 3.9 volts. The blue lead is positive and the black lead is negative (the two outside leads) Power the outside leads with the batteries and take your reading from the center lead and the black lead and adjust the TPS. I had found this out by taking a reading from a good running yz250f that is how I came up with the 3.90 voltage spec.
  14. Rockyracer

    Replacement speed, odometer etc.

    A bicycle speedo gotten from ebay works great for about $4.00, get a magnetic reed switch from Mc Master Car for about &10.00 and you are good to go. The reed switch that comes with the bicycle speedo will only last a couple months
  15. Rockyracer

    2001 YZ250F Runs on Choke

    clean the carb the internal passages above the float bowl. You must remove 4 torque screws and carefully remove the intricate rubber gasket than soak carb cleaner up to the carb throat.