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  1. Deviant253

    Who has the best prices on Kawasaki parts

    Kawasaki of Southern Illinois (where I work) have great prices and will ship it same day. We also price match ANYBODY so feel free to call us out if we seem a bit high on anything! 618-988-9194
  2. Deviant253

    Yamaha PeeWee 50

    also the 10th didget off the VIN number will tell you the year.
  3. Deviant253

    40 Things To Do In A Motorcycle Shop

    #23 is the best. I work at a dealership in the parts dept. and i swear every old farmer says"i need brakes for my 4wheeler." when i ask what make and model they always say "well hell sonny there all the same". Gets me soooo pissed.
  4. man they probably wont give you a straight up trade. It doesn't benefit the dealer to trade a new bike for a used bike no matter the price difference.
  5. why wouldn't you be able to. it goes down doesn't it? lol
  6. Deviant253

    What was your most embarrassing crash?

    I was trying to do a wheelie on the parade lap of the main event in my last arenacross race and flipped my bike in front of everybody. Def my most embarrassing crash ever.
  7. Deviant253

    110cccc with 3valve big bore kit need help has spark issue

    ching chang dang wong Chinese piece of crap. buy a quality Japanese machine.
  8. Deviant253

    motorcyclist saved from fiery crash

    didn't take long for the gear nazis to show up did it......
  9. Deviant253

    Exhaust for 11 kx250f

    no they do not, you have to buy the kawasaki efi programming tool to alter the maping.
  10. Deviant253

    2012 CRF250 or KXF250

    my 12' kawi is a beast. the motor never stops pulling all the way to rev limiter. i havent rode a 12' honda but i know the kawi is hard to beat in my book.
  11. Deviant253

    My new 2012 KX250f

    congrats man i love mine. my only gripe is the suspension is a bit hard, nothing a big check to pro action cant fix tho.
  12. Deviant253

    Help - Quick question 2012 KX250F

    Well i know for a fact backgrounds off of a 2009-2011 will fit because i just bought some for my 12'. I would say most body parts will interchange, however i would double check on internal engine parts.
  13. Deviant253

    2012 KX250F has arrived!!!

    What did you pay OTD if you don't mind me asking?
  14. Deviant253

    Dirt Bikes removed from Lead List

    Thank you for posting this, I get so sick of the repost nazis on here.
  15. Deviant253

    Sickest 2010 crf250r Ive done!

    lifestyles condoms graphics? different i suppose. lol