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  1. Berm-Saw

    Supercross TV schedule

    When was last time SX was in Denver? Been keeping up on sx since 07 or so and don't ever remember it there, however it could be just that...that I don't remember. Looks like I may not have to subscribe to Hulu live this year. If only I could get nbcsn on the antenna!
  2. Berm-Saw

    GM 5.3 or 6.2 liter?

    Diesel engines by nature are better suited for a turbo than a gas engine, diesel engines are heavier built and run cooler by default and take the extra abuse well. Also, diesel fuel itself burns more stabil than gas which make them good applicants for a turbo. That's not saying a turbo on a gas is a bad idea if its done right, in fords case it looks like they did it right. I would not hesitate to buy a ecoboost but I have always liked gm interiors and exteriors better
  3. Berm-Saw

    GM 5.3 or 6.2 liter?

    why the ecoboost in a different league? it seems to me a turbo gas V6 is guaranteed to have longevity issues, but i could be wrong since they have been out for a while now, not trying to put ford down its just my thought. I do think however the swiching from v8 to v4 will be annoying and i would probably want to disable it. Since i would be buy used, my concern with getting a 6.2l is getting one where the previous owner ran it hard with low octane and had pinging but dident care, but to my understanding the computer is supposed to retard the timing to prevent this. Don't really know why its a issue anyway really, my crf250 came with 12.9 compression and i always ran 87 in that thing with no problem, so i don't understand why the 6.2l with its 11.5 compression and better liquid cooling capacity cant hack 87, and here i go down the rabbit hole.
  4. Gonna be in the market for another half ton here soon. Is it worth it to have the 6.2? The extra torque would be nice, I do some moderate towing here and there. My current 2002 5.3 I have to drive in 3rd when towing over 3000 pounds or it shifts too much, I think with the new 6.2 it would be a breeze. Concerns with the 6.2 is worse fuel economy (but mabey not?) and that it "requires" premium gas. I have access to E30 here which 95 octane so that that should be a great replacement for premium since I do not plan on paying extra for premium ever. I know I sound cheap ass but buying premium all the time really adds up. If its going to be a big deal I will just buy a 5.3
  5. I have this payloader with bad batteries which I will be replacing but for now I just have to charge them all the time. I should know more about this but I don't so I'm just gonna ask. What I have done in the past is charge each 12v batter separately. Having to make 2 visits, kinda an inconvenience. What I have started doing recently is just charging both batteries at the same time by hooking the charger up as a 24 volt system (neg from charger to neg on one battery, pos from charger to pos on other battery). That's okay yes? And if I hook them up the 24 volt way I should be able to run the charger at a higher amperage yes? The charger has a setting for a 200 amp charge. If I have the charger hooked up as 24 volt how long could I charge on a 200 amp setting without boiling the batteries? Also if I hook the ground to the frame of the machine does it charge it at 24 volts through both batteries? Just trying to be safer with this stuff in the future since all the stupid stuff I've done in the past I feel I'm fortunate I've never blown a battery up yet.
  6. Those things actually work as advertised. Had to put one in my shop since it has all tin walls which block out all reception. After I installed it I went from no connection to a 4 bar connection with 45 mpbs of download internet connection!
  7. Need a outer wheel housing for 02 silverado. Never ordered auto body online before, recommendations? I plan on just putting fender flares over my cut job on the fenders.
  8. I have a 97 chevy lumina that has a bad hesitation off idle and at about 60 mph. I had another lumina before this one that did the same Shit. It got worse now that it's warm out. It was also die when ideling sometime, but only on certain days. Could it just need a tune up? Its only got 145000 on it. If it's anything serious I'll just drive it in the salvage yard.
  9. Berm-Saw

    Fork seal install

    Do the inner fork seals get installed spring side pointing inside the fork or outside? Forks off a 06 crf250.
  10. Berm-Saw

    Revalving crf/r to crf/x spec. Help

    I got the base valve revalved today. I did the the posted x spec above as close as I could with what I had. My base valves are known previously revalved. There were 2 extra 30mm shims in one side opposed to the other. 13 in one and 15 in the other I think, and the low speed passive was valved much different than above, it was valve very stiff it appeared to me. Doing the mids tomorrow. How much torque am I supposed to be putting on that nut? How do y'all install the cap with damper rod in or out?
  11. Berm-Saw

    what are they worth?

    It really does make sense tho. If your looking for a used 250f you'd better know what the hell your doing or you'll end up buying a bike with 5 hours of motor life left
  12. Berm-Saw

    Engine Backfire

    I went to the Milliville national in 2015 and bikes were always backfiring during motos. That doesn't mean its normal tho i guess... Never had an Efi bike
  13. Berm-Saw

    what are they worth?

    2000 if its in great condition. 1500 if its not.
  14. Berm-Saw

    Revalving crf/r to crf/x spec. Help

    Ok. How do most people grind the peening on that nut? Electric grinder? And would if I get metal shavings in the hole in the middle?
  15. Berm-Saw

    Revalving crf/r to crf/x spec. Help

    After I got the inner chamber out the damper rod sucked back into the cartridge bout 2 inches on both of them, people will say the inner cartridge seals and damper rod seals are shot but I replaced them only 2 years ago and there are not that many hours on them. There also sounded like there was air in there. I know I bled all the air out because I spent a long time doing it. Is it normal for the inner cartridges to have air in them after say 50 hours of ride time? Its frustrating because I put all new seals in and made sure I bled all the air out.