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  1. Need a outer wheel housing for 02 silverado. Never ordered auto body online before, recommendations? I plan on just putting fender flares over my cut job on the fenders.
  2. I have a 97 chevy lumina that has a bad hesitation off idle and at about 60 mph. I had another lumina before this one that did the same Shit. It got worse now that it's warm out. It was also die when ideling sometime, but only on certain days. Could it just need a tune up? Its only got 145000 on it. If it's anything serious I'll just drive it in the salvage yard.
  3. Berm-Saw

    Fork seal install

    Do the inner fork seals get installed spring side pointing inside the fork or outside? Forks off a 06 crf250.
  4. Berm-Saw

    Revalving crf/r to crf/x spec. Help

    I got the base valve revalved today. I did the the posted x spec above as close as I could with what I had. My base valves are known previously revalved. There were 2 extra 30mm shims in one side opposed to the other. 13 in one and 15 in the other I think, and the low speed passive was valved much different than above, it was valve very stiff it appeared to me. Doing the mids tomorrow. How much torque am I supposed to be putting on that nut? How do y'all install the cap with damper rod in or out?
  5. Berm-Saw

    what are they worth?

    It really does make sense tho. If your looking for a used 250f you'd better know what the hell your doing or you'll end up buying a bike with 5 hours of motor life left
  6. Berm-Saw

    Engine Backfire

    I went to the Milliville national in 2015 and bikes were always backfiring during motos. That doesn't mean its normal tho i guess... Never had an Efi bike
  7. Berm-Saw

    what are they worth?

    2000 if its in great condition. 1500 if its not.
  8. Berm-Saw

    Revalving crf/r to crf/x spec. Help

    Ok. How do most people grind the peening on that nut? Electric grinder? And would if I get metal shavings in the hole in the middle?
  9. Berm-Saw

    Revalving crf/r to crf/x spec. Help

    After I got the inner chamber out the damper rod sucked back into the cartridge bout 2 inches on both of them, people will say the inner cartridge seals and damper rod seals are shot but I replaced them only 2 years ago and there are not that many hours on them. There also sounded like there was air in there. I know I bled all the air out because I spent a long time doing it. Is it normal for the inner cartridges to have air in them after say 50 hours of ride time? Its frustrating because I put all new seals in and made sure I bled all the air out.
  10. Berm-Saw

    Revalving crf/r to crf/x spec. Help

    Im kinda getting it now. Im gonna mimic the X stack mlatour posted best as I can with just the shims I already have. Wouldn't work so good the other way around...having a X and trying to valve it like a R. Thanks mlatour. I also have 2 extra whole base valve assembly's I can steal shims off if I want. Already have the lighter inner springs too. When I have removed the shims I want and put everything back together should I use red loctite on that nut?
  11. Berm-Saw

    Revalving crf/r to crf/x spec. Help

    There is where I'm at... Also I may have changed my mind again, I'm lost with all those numbers above, literally don't know what any of those numbers or terminology means, I mean I have guesses and ideals, but don't know exactly. It might be better if I just try removing shims since it seems I will not achieve X spec anyway since the forks are different. Would be great if I could get enlightened on some of the terms then instruct on which shims and how many to remove. I understand all the numbers are shims but is that in mm or what? And I don't know the exact locations of the base valve, mid valve, and float. 160 pounds. .43 springs Edit. Did some research in another thread. Learned base valve is on the cap and mid valve is damper rod. But now which ones do i modify
  12. Just decided im gonna do the X spec. 2006 crf250r. Already have correct springs How many shims am I gonna have to buy and where should I order them? And what are the specs? First time revalver. Already played with oil and im not happy. Thanks.
  13. Well what do gold valves cost front and back? If I just removed shims off my current stack would that be as good as crf250x valving? I just wanna kinda keep it cheap. I'm already on correct spring rates
  14. I need a revalve in my 06 crf250r. It needs to be softer. It does horrible in small/medium chop. I am not a MX racer but would like it to handle light MX type of riding. I am not shelling out big bugs for a revalve from a big company. I have had this suspension apart before but have no idea about revalving. Any companies selling shim stacks I can just install? I don't want to be playing around with different stacks all summer. I just want a improvement over how bad it is now. And yes the suspension has recently been serviced. I am 160 pounds.