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  1. resurrection

    XR650R Blowing Oil The Crank Case Vent

    Run it and check the level, if it's in the safe zone run it again this time there maybe less oil and it wont blow out. Keep an eye on the oil level and maybe you'll find a happy spot in the safe zone that wont blow out.
  2. resurrection

    No spark

    You've try more than one plug?
  3. resurrection

    XR650R Blowing Oil The Crank Case Vent

    Maybe you should try a leak down test as ya know any compresion getting past the rings will cause crankcase presure. If you took the whole thing apart without this test.Tisk Tisk
  4. I must ask if the bike did not do this new with the current jetting Why are you chasing carburation? Other than dirt in some pasage. The only part that might wear will be the slide needle and tube. Something has changed to cause this trouble.May I suggest compression??
  5. resurrection

    useless 5th gear.

    You can do quick check for lean by adding some enrichener (choke).If there is no effect then it maybe rich already, if it pulls harder then your main is lean.
  6. High comp. piston and a cam that maybe best in the mid range ,you dont need more RPM.
  7. resurrection

    When are intake valves too tight?

    One thing not mentioned was the vacume issue . With a CV carb it's also going to be blowing back into the carb through the open valve .Which often seems like a carb problem.
  8. resurrection

    New BRP

    rear wheel chain adjusters stick
  9. resurrection

    Oil Viscosities affect on clutch slipping?

    HRC offers a clutch kit try that.
  10. resurrection

    XR650L vs XB12 smack down?

    I see in the past post your riding an XB Your on your own with that chalenge. although I do have a GS1100 82' that has some mods but that's another story. Truth is people do talk some shit and the magizen reports realy soup up their shit talk as if they're all Peewee Gleason. But my GS has run many a high 10's low 11's 1/4 mile and it's 28 yrs old .These old GS models changed the face of drag racing in the hands of Vance and Hines.
  11. resurrection

    XR650L vs XB12 smack down?

    I live in park forest about 40 miles from 41 is that where your talking about . I can visit for an evening of runs . My modified L or uncorked R ? Is this a chalenge or just for fun? Are you talking about honda vs honda or are you saying you have XB12 .I will not stand on the side of the 650 beating an XB12 .I don't suport this sillyness .If you have a honda I'll play but I wont talk shit about beating a 100hp bike .
  12. resurrection

    XR650L vs XB12 smack down?

    And the R smokes the L I own both so I'm not looking for a fight in the R vs L thing . I will agree these 650's get through the intersection and to 60 faster than most other bikes and their riders exspect.
  13. resurrection

    Engine issues!?!?!

    Here's an idea put paint on the gears and chain as ref. to see if the chain is moving on the gears.After a few rev. it should be on the paint again. Check that the tensioner stays forward and must be operated back manualy.
  14. resurrection

    BRP abrupt stop

    The farm fields around us have sink holes BIG ONES I missed one last year at 75mph with a jerk of the bars and by 3ft. That was it for ridding that day.
  15. resurrection

    Engine issues!?!?!

    I read above that someone suggested trying to start it again . Truth is if you haven't damaged something allready you WILL if that chain slips with the bike running .I would suggest you DON'T try starting it again untill you get it right. You should get the valves closed and check for leak down as this whole thing stinks of bent valves . There's only a few things that can let the timming chain slip , Tensioner,sprockets and the chain witch goes hand in hand with the sprockets.