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  1. Quick question... If I add/remove a shim on the rebound side of the mid-valve does that have any affect on the float, like it would on the compression side? Forks are '06 CRF450. Thanks for any help, Greg
  2. Thank you very much for the offer, I wish you were local. Anyone in the OC or Corona area have one?
  3. I loaned mine to a friend a while back, haven't got it back and now I really need it for tomorrow. Does anyone in the Yorba Linda/Corona area have one I could borrow for a day? I can leave a deposit so you know I'll be back to return it quickly! The one I need fits a CRF450 but it also fits CRF150/250, KXF250/450, RMZ250/450, YZF450 so basically most late model four-strokes. It has 24mm x 1.5 female threads and looks like the picture below. If you could help me out I'd really appreciate it, Greg (714) 651-8267 CRF450racer@aol.com
  4. I took the clutch cover off my brand new CRF450R (because I have a Pro Circuit cover) and I put it on ebay since it's brand new and not scratched up. Anyway, I wanted to know if it also fits the X model so that I can list that info in the auction. Thanks.
  5. MotoGreg

    ATHENA Big Bore Jetting question. Please help!

    I have the Athena 488 with a ported head and Hot Cams stage 2 in my Supermoto bike. I can't remember my jetting, I built that motor over two years ago but I do remember thinking that it would need fatter jetting since it was a bigger motor that it would take more gas. Well, after a little experimenting I think I went back to stock or maybe slightly leaner. I guess what happens is that the engine pulls so much more vacuum/intake velocity that it sucks more fuel out of the carb so therefore you jet it leaner than you'd expect to. My motor, even with the ported head, makes tons of torque down low. A friend of mine dyno'd it when he worked at Two Brothers and I think the top end was 57hp so nothing crazy but the midrange torque is what really surprised him... and you certainly feel that when you ride it to back up the dyno. I can't remember what the torque reading was but I think I have the dyno chart somewhere around here. I'm just using stock valves and springs, I just ported the head myself (after looking at my friends RHC head for a bit of reference!) threw in the HC Stage 2 without really any research and it seems to be a great motor. When I built it there was no HC Stage 3... how does it run? Is it mostly low end or does it keep pulling up top too?
  6. MotoGreg

    RG3 20MM question????

    More trail (acheived through less fork offset) will actually make the bike more stable in a straight line. I think MXA is the only magazine that actually understands motorcycle chassis dynamics, I've read stuff in Transworld that just make me chuckle. Here's what you will experience with 20mm clamps. More stability in a straight line and then when you start to turn the bike it will drop over quicker. I know it's hard to imagine how you could get more stability and then quicker cornering as well and 99% of people just can't comprehend that, magazine people included. You have go to remember that you aren't changing rake (steering head angle) because that would give you more head shake, what you are changing with the clamps is TRAIL (not rake). Here is an example of a bike with an extreme amount of trail... an old chopper where the front wheel is way out in front of the bike. Have you ever paid attention to how the front wheel will "flop" over to the side when the bars are turned and the bike will fall into the corner? You're doing the same thing but just not quite as extreme amount. This is one thing that leads to many people being confused... you do not have 20* (20 degree) clamps. You have 20mm clamps (compared to 24mm stock). The word "degree" should not be used, you're not changing the degree of rake, you're changing the trail measurement which is not measured in degrees, it's not an angle, it's a distance measurement. The shortened tubes were to save weight. They were originally longer in the event that you chose to run a 20" front wheel. Since 20" wheels have all but disappeared there was no reason to keep making longer (heavier) forks. I think what you're thinking of is that Honda moved the front axle back 2mm in the fork's lower axle clamps. So basically what they did is give you the equivilent of 22mm offset triple clamps, they just moved the axle back 2mm rather than moving the whole fork legs back, same effect.
  7. MotoGreg

    White CRFs

    Not white but close... silver I have another set of silver plastic for an '02-'04 crf450 that is still new in the original packages. Includes both radiator shrouds, front fender, rear fender, and both rear (silver) number plates... 6 pieces total. If you're interested $125 and whatever it costs me to ship them (no shipping & handling mark-up business). I probably won't check back here, just bored tonight so email me if you're interested at CRF450racer@aol.com
  8. MotoGreg

    Fired UP

    I just bought a left-over new '06 as well. Yesterday I went through the bike and found the shroud to tank bolts were way too tight and one wouldn't come out and just spins the nut insert like you said. I promptly called the dealer and he told me to bring the bike back today which I'm going to do in a couple hours.
  9. MotoGreg

    Suzuki DRZ-Cup

    When I used to follow roadracing I remember the Suzuki GSXR cup used to be a HUGE deal.
  10. MotoGreg

    stock pipe 06 onto 07??

    Does anyone know the difference between the '06 and '07 mufflers? The '07 looks about one inch shorter... it doesn't stick out past the number plate quite as far. Do they both bolt up the same?
  11. MotoGreg

    '06 fork oil question

    Thank you very much.
  12. MotoGreg

    '06 fork oil question

    I just sold my '02 crf450 and that called for 425cc of fork oil (although I ran 390cc) I'm picking up my new '06 crf450 this weekend and I need to change the springs before I ride it but I won't have a repair manual in time by then. Can someone with a factory manual for an '06 tell me what the fork oil specs are? The standard, minimum, and maximum amounts? I know the '06 forks a little shorter than the ones on my '02 so that's why I'm not sure if they use a different amount of oil. Thanks in advance for the help!
  13. MotoGreg

    Just ordered wheels from FactoryProRacing

    Don't worry, Kirk is a great guy and he'll make sure you're taken care of. I've had a couple sets of wheels from him.
  14. MotoGreg

    Greetings From Shanghai China

    Awesome pics McWheelie.