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  1. Mike198

    08 CRF250 or 09?

    I was in the same situation and decided to go with the older model year. When I went to sell the bike a year later all the money that I saved by buying the older model year was lost and then some. The money that you save from buying the 2008 could be lost when you go to sell it anyway. It is still a year older (model year not actual age) and will depreciate faster in one year than the 2009. So I guess it really depends on how good of a "deal" your going to get.
  2. Mike198

    Cant find the shifter with my big foot!

    You can also use a shift lever off a 95 CR250. I wear a size 12 boot and it helped me out a lot.
  3. Mike198

    Removing front sprocket. 03crf450

    With the chain still on, pop the bike in gear and step on the rear brake and use a long wrench to remove it.
  4. Mike198

    Anyone have a good way to manage used shims

    I haven't had any valve problems (with either of my Honda's) so I really haven't used my shims at all. I bought a shim kit a while back and put them in there with my jets. They're there in case I need them later on. Its real organized so I can find exactly what it is that I need. You can always grind them down if you need a smaller size that you don't have, thats one reason why I will always keep them if they are in good shape.
  5. Mike198

    Anyone have a good way to manage used shims

    I use a tackle box with small compartments for my shims as well as my jets and other small things like that. I label the compartments so I can quickly see what size each item is.
  6. Mike198

    Re-useable oil filter ???

    The paper ones are only a few dollars each from cyclegear. They also trap smaller particles. I'd rather just pay a couple bucks each time and not have to go through the hassle of cleaning another filter. In the long run it may save you money, but it costs you time. Just my opinion.
  7. The curve should be on the top.
  8. Mike198

    Valve issues, who is having them...

    04 R no problems, 21+ races, 48.3 hours.
  9. Mike198

    Pro Taper oversized bar mounts?

    You really don't need to buy the entire top clamp. For my 250 I bought some bar 1-1/8" bar mounts from tag that work with the stock clamps. They look cool with my flex bars and are somewhere around $50.
  10. Mike198

    Rear wheel troubles...

    1-1/4 or 32mm
  11. Mike198

    water vs. air cooled

    BBR has been making aluminum perimeter frames for the xrs for years. They're pretty expensive though. BBR Motorsports
  12. Mike198

    the '05 head on the '04

    I'm not sure so I'd like to hear what RHC or Rich has to say about this, but I think you only want to smooth out or polish the exhaust ports. The intake ports should be rough (i.e. 60 or 80 grit coarse cartridge rolls) to create turbulence and mix the air/fuel better. BTW, I am also going to be putting an 05 head on my bike and decided to try and port my 04 head for fun using tips from mototuneusa.com
  13. Mike198

    Which chain?

    :cry: Let me fix that sentence for you guys. If you race mx or supercross and your a wannabe factory racer that just loves to spend mommy and daddy's money on new sprockets/chain every month, do not get o-ring or x-ring for a 125 or 250f.
  14. Mike198

    New crf 250/ What pipe?

    You can bet that they are all paying money. You honestly think that they would just give WB, FMF, and PC free advertising just because they felt like being nice. Professional racing is all about making money. There is a lot more than just racing, and you have a hard time seeing that.
  15. Mike198

    New crf 250/ What pipe?

    Well you just showed me that you don't know what you are talking about. The Yamaha guys can run whatever pipe they want, Vuillemin runs FMF indoors, and if course they all run white brothers outdoors, so when you say dyno proven , if your talking about bottom end your right, but the Dr. D or the FMF do not rev out nearly as high as the White Brothers, so go look at your dyno chart again and then come up with another excuse as to why your previous statement was completely false. They use FMF because they are paid to use them on the 2 strokes. They also have a contact to use WB for the 4-strokes. They both pay Yamaha to use their products. The reason why they don't use FMF exclusively is because WB outbid them. Most people don't fall for these marketing tricks. But of course there will always be the guy with no clue that just can't wait to throw away his hard earned money. It looks like you need to learn to read a dyno chart. You want the numbers, here they are.