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  1. yes. nothing beats camping out with the kids, sitting 'round the campfire after a day of riding. Buy them the best in protective gear, an e-start bike or quad and dont worry. .....dirt bikes are dangerous? They are going to be driving 2500 lb, 200 hp automobiles in a couple years...
  2. irondude

    Baja TT Ride Feb 25-26.

    OK-- If at first you dont succeed, try, try, again. This should be enough advance notice. Every bike has to have a least 80 mile range. No dickheads. No rat bikes. No quads. Newer tires, chain, sprockets. Carry your own spares--especially your own axle wrench. We start in Ensenada. We go to Mikes. We come back. We have a 4x4 carry our gear and pick up anyone who gets into trouble...125 miles per day. You pay as you go. (plan on about $250-$300 for everything) Friday night meet and greet in Ensenada. 7 am Sat. ride starts. Arrive Mikes Sky Ranch by sunset. Leave the next day via a different route, arrive Sunday afternoon in Ensenada. I will organize everything. All i ask is that every rider donates $60 to the Malcolm Smith supported orphanage in Valle de Trinidad. We will be stopping there on the way. Off-roaders have been abusing the ranch roads for a long time down there--time to give someting back. Route(s) will depend on the riders' abilities. This will be a great opportunity to meet other TTers, to ride the most classic of Baja rides, to see and feel baja, and to feel good doing it. Hundreds of people pay $2000-3000 for the same trip every year. Lets see if we can raise $1000 for the poorest of the poor--and have a blast. TT brothers (and sisters?) what say you? -Mike --ps...as an added bonus--FIM World Rally champion and Dakar class champion Annie the rally princess will be your sweep rider!
  3. irondude

    Racing Baja 1000 with a Legend

    Sounds like fun. Did someone say pre-running on a Husky? Congrats on getting 3rd in class...and finishing a long and chewed up course.
  4. irondude

    Tecate ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    I'm in a big black and white F350. Look for the Husqvarna banner and 2-3 Huskies parked out front... Come by all and say 'hi' See ya there... For the first time riders at Tecate- the night before there is a BIG raffle and LOTS of cool prizes are thrown out. Its a hoot. Last time i stood next to Malcolm Smith--to chicken to say hello....anyway its cool. Lots of good camping along the race course...but its COLD at night. In the 20's or 30's...
  5. irondude

    06 TE510 first impressions

    Ed- great write up and cool pic.
  6. irondude

    My bike is finally at a shop!!!!!!

    AHRMA--totally agree. How could there not be a Husky mechanic in Florida? Good luck getting it going-keep us posted?!
  7. irondude

    Marzocchi Revalve?

    call Grant at RG3. They have been working on the '05 Husky forks all year. We ran their re-valve on our Baja 1000 bike--awesome. Woops, rock hits, tight stuff, downhills, whatever--it worked great. The '05's really do need a re-valve. Our '06 bike doesnt.
  8. irondude

    2006 Baja 1000 photoalbum

    Husky ran perfectly. No issues with the bike. The 650's out pulled us a bit on the longer straights--but it is a really tuff bike. We DNFed--so there where issues--just none with the motorcycle! Im just going to change the oil and filter and will race it again this weekend.
  9. i had the electric 1700 psi unit from Home Depot/Husky and it lasted 10 months until the hose and trigger started leaking bad. then i tried the 5 hp honda motor (yuk!) unit- its like 2500psi... the 1700 wasnt really enough to blast dirty handguards clean--but it would blast off stickers. the 2500 is AWESOME in that even the dirt in the fenders scrathches will come out easy. sadly the Honda motor died in less than a year...the thrid Honda motor to seize on my in 12 months! ...if only Husqvarna made pressure washers. anyway i am a fan of the 2500 psi washers--just be very carefull. its like riding a CR500....
  10. irondude

    Score Baja 1000 Solo Rider- Bob Laughlin

    that dude is smokin fast and does it all with style...i wish SCORE had an Ironman class. He would be the champ. Very impressive.
  11. i am an old dude. i am into protection. knees = $500 asterisk braces. worth every penny. i highsided an xr650 in 5th gear and landed on my knees--the bike landed on top of me--and we slid for a long way. i am convinced the braces are the only reason i was able to get up. i wont ride 3 miles without the very expensive but worth it asterisk braces.
  12. irondude

    I NEED a new bike!!!! Help!

    get an electric start bike. exc 250 ktm. te 250 Husqvarna wr 250 yamaha
  13. irondude

    enduro computers

    the vast majority of enduro racers use ICO they have been around a long time and make some great stuff. nothing against the trailtech--i own both--but the ICO units have some neat stuff. I also have a cycoactive/touratech unit on my dakar bike. it has an internal battery and backlighting and other features...but its high end. Scotts and PT Enduro and many others make cool brackets for the ICO units...
  14. irondude

    Baja 1000

    thanks uhoh7 and alex. your posts are well appreciated. For the record: everything i write about myself, and my race teams is my opinion--and as best i can tell its the truth. My Husky team started coming together when i talked to guys in May about racing the 1000. I went thru 6 'for sure i'm committed to racing the 1000 on the husky' guys. each one a solid dude who had life stuff un-expectedly pop up. For a time it looked like just Brian and I. SO its both true that it was a 2 man team for a time, and its also true before that and even after the weeks around that post we where more than a 2 man team. It fluctuated. No one was telling any lies. Just things changed. I gotta tell ya i dont like being called a lier. Irks me. I am on here trying to share the race. I am VERY open about both the victories and my many failures on the bike. I dig my Husky. I 'usually' find it relaxing to type away with a drink in my office after work. The whole motivation is just to share the experience. 6 years ago a old high school buddy called out of the blue and asked me to race the 1000 with him. I hadnt raced in a long time. It totally changed my life. So you super fast and self important 20 and 30 somethings who want to bash me or whatever your trip is: I write openly about our race experiences to share with others. Thats what i do. I dont work in the moto business. I dont have a hidden agenda. I share my truths as they happen. ...and as a family man in his mid-40's i cant hang with a lot of you younger dudes--never said i could. But i'm not sitting on the sofa getting fat either. I only hope those 3-4 dudes from San Diego who get off on bashing me and manipulating my words and experience are still doing this when they are my age. Judging by the supportive posts and PM's--i think its safe to say Irondude will be hacking away on TT for a long time to come. See ya all at the Tecate Hare Scrambles and the SF 250. and no--i wont be making any bets or any prediction lists. didnt go over very well...
  15. irondude

    Tell me about my new TE 510

    Heres what i did for desert racing: 1) 16 tooth sprocket 2) dry break IMS tank 3) Acerbis handguards ('06 Husky handguards would be good) 4) PT enduro risers with Scotts stabilizer 5) Uptite Skidplate 6) TC exhaust can 7) RG3 front revalve (i tried everything to get my forks to work right--i vote for a re-valve) 8) Baja Designs dual HID lights 9) front and rear michelin mousse w/ Dunlop 952 and/or Maxxis IT Desert tires. 10) CRD radiator guards Stuff to watch for: -The magura resevoir lid is prone to breaking at the decomp cable threads in crashes. replace with KTM lid and loose the decomp cable. -The front wheel bearings seem to go. -rear shock fades after 4-5 hours of hard racing -take care not to mix up the front and rear wheel spacers. -front wheel has off-set. VERY RARE. Wheelworks in Garden Grove knows how to build Husky wheels-they've built 7 for me!! -chain slider wears fast. replace every 600 miles. -chain guide wears fast. -mud flap wears fast. -battery likes a tender. The 510 is fantastic in the desert. See ya out there! -