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  1. uw153

    2015 YZ250FX oversized gas tanks

    I have the 2.5l drybreak which I bought the thread in conversion from bti. Works great! I run mostly enduro and harescrambles with mucho trailrides and practice. I can easily get 60 miles out of it and could probably get more but never went far enough to check. Most of my buddies need gas by then anyway.
  2. uw153

    250FX or 250X

    That's one of the best posts of the year! Cant decide so get both of them....awesome. I'm sure you'll have more time one the fx than she will. Great bikes!
  3. uw153

    Normal shim bucket wear?

    That decomp pin doesn't seem to be recessing into the cam body as well as it should. I dont know if the counterweight arm doesn't move as free as it should or the spring is too strong. But I do know the pin is causing the problem.
  4. uw153

    Normal shim bucket wear?

    My '15 wr was the same way. I replaced the bucket. Make sure your idle is at least 1850 rpm.
  5. Has anyone tried this yet on the new reversed cylinder design? I have a new stg 1 and 2 for an fx I ordered but haven't tried yet.
  6. uw153

    YZ250FX big bore/stroke options?

    I used the cylinder works 269 on mine. Works great, a little better off the bottom. The top end will be a challenge without a little porting and cams. I'm very happy with my 270, a fmf 4.1 and a little tuning. Bike likes a little extra timing.
  7. uw153

    2015 WR250F gas tank options?

    Yep, the 2.5 installs with no issues. But doooont get an average thread on conversion. Trust me it sticks up just high enough. I run a 270bb as well, can easily get 60 miles out of this at sea level. Elevation should net about 75.
  8. uw153

    2015 WR250F gas tank options?

    I opted for the 2.5 gal ims unit. Had to buy a drybreak threaded conversion cap from bti-tool which was pricey but a machined assy well worth the price.
  9. uw153

    270 Kit

    Still running a similar map, a little more timing in the middle is all. I recently installed a fmf 4.1 silencer so I boosted the timing a little. I ride alot in the mid to upper rpm when racing so this works rather well.
  10. She's all ready for the 2016 enduro season.
  11. X2, run your vent hoses into the airbox
  12. I am looking to get a set of hotcams for my 250fx today. Can you guys help me with this?? I was looking for a little more top end but like the low end it has. A few years ago, I used a stage one in/stage two ex setup in my 09250f and liked that. Will that combo work well with the new 14-16 motor??
  13. uw153

    Hotcam Stage 2 for woods riding?

    I have used the stg1 in stg2 ex hot cams combo in my 09 with good results. Anyone have an opinion if this works the same with the new reverse head design?
  14. uw153

    30 mph Top speed on WR250f?

    Has the headlight been unhooked or dors it work? The reason I ask is on the old wr when that circuit is broken the engine will cuttout.