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  1. 2fast4luv

    04 yz450f clutch issues

    Make sure you have the right amount of clutch disc and friction plates, in right order, then my second thought is type of oil your running, some oils don't do well on clutches
  2. 2fast4luv

    Engine Loping/Sputtering

    Clean that carb, float needle, fuel/ air screw,
  3. 2fast4luv

    XR 600R wont run

    First off these bikes are tough to start, you have to pull decomp, kick it thru 5-6 times, clears /primes the cylinder. Next find Tdc, let off decomp lever, push kick starter thru till it gets stuck due to compression should be mid to high mid of kicker range, so when the kicker gets comp and stops pull in decomp lever, push kick start down anther inch or Two, then bring kick starter back to top. This should be Tdc, one kick , then you do the whole process again. If she doesn't start after two or three sequences, turn off fuel, lean bike over clear the carb, start over... if this don't work for you, Might wanna re check your valves.
  4. 2fast4luv

    XR 600R wont run

  5. Oh the best part, Fmf pipe/& silencer , black excell rims, v force reed, asv levers, pro taper bars, new rear geo max,
  6. Well guys I did it Took her for a short ride, and wow!! The sound, the smell,, the hit wasn't as hard as I expected, and low end was kinda jumpy, jerky, she hooked up mid range and hold on,!, The gears seem to flatten out fast, and I was coming into the corners hot, . I need to learn how to ride again, It felt and light, and scary, fast,, I've been riding that thumper 600, and yz450, for the last couple years, different beast. Thanks for the input ,
  7. We'll he's bringing the cr later tday, what do I look for, beside fork seals bearings sprockets, is there any quick way to make sure the main bearing and lower end in good shape?
  8. at first it sounded great, then started thinking long, and do I really wanna go back to mixin gas and haulin a--.. Hell yea I do And is it wise seems like I waadded up the smokers a lot more. Any opinions, can anyone vouch for the 02cr 250, its piped with pro circuit
  9. 2fast4luv

    Life After XR400R

    I sold my 98 xr 400, and picked up a 2003 ka 250 for $1500., loved it, slapped a flywheel weight in, got my only hole shot with that bike,2 stroking is truly where the fun is. Sounds like your on a budget, a new top end run you under 200. 0f course I traded the kx for a Yama 426, and fell in love with it,,! The 2-strokes rip,
  10. That stock yamma dog 450 muffler that I put on my 97 xr 600 amazed me how good it sounds ,..I'm wondering beside the taboo of putting Yama parts on my Honda, is there any reason that this is a bad pipe choice for my xr 600? It did pop and bog if I chopped throttle wide open seemed to do good rolling into the power, I do like to chop that throttle and hate when it bogs out. I'm hoping I can tune it out, I have none of the vacume lines hooked up on the carb, they weren't there when I got the bike, would that make a diff, there appears to be two nipples on on each side( not including gas feed), do I connect one to the other? I like this beast, I just wonder how much power I can squeeze out of her, it's crazy how much more power I got when I tuned her up and adjusted the valves.
  11. What's weird is that when she's idling I noticed the leaves on the ground behind the bike being rustled by the exhaust blow in a unexpected pattern, I would have thought that the exhaust would puff out the general area of the middle and be consistent, but this one is like 3 o'clock , 9 clock left ,right .....like 3 feet apart behind bike back and forth, I really notice it with the season change leaves falling, just thought it to be odd,
  12. My stock pipe weld broke at seam, and I had stock pipe off my 05yz 450 hanging on the peg board, so guess what I did, a little cutting and clamping, and she fired up sounded great, ran better. It's a 97 600
  13. 2fast4luv

    What did you do to your pig today?

    can you elaborate on valve lash
  14. 2fast4luv

    What did you do to your pig today?

    well my pig has been staying outside because the petcock leaks just enough to make my house reak of gas... any help on this would be appreciated, (with out buying new tank),,, and while im at it my 97 has a low end stutter cough like a struggle untill it revs up then she pulls hard
  15. 2fast4luv

    2005 YZ450f problems Please Help!

    so if your yamaha is running bad and you checked and rechecked , look at yoiur stator wire and make sure its not burn up.,