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  1. Kenzo

    Sam Houston National Forest

    At last nights Trail Riders of Houston meeting(TRH helps to maintain the trail system) our representative reported that portions of the SHNF multiuse trails system have reopened today. The East Side and Ballon loops out of the Stubblefield Parking Lot(I believe) are reported to be open. The message at the number below still reports a total closure so you may want to speak to someone "live" before you haul. 1 888 361-6908 Press 2 Cheers
  2. Kenzo

    2007 KTM 400 XC-W PARTS

    Unless u have an 07 that's really a 08+ u shud be looking for 05, 06 & 07 400 parts...preferably 06 & 07 for updates. The newer bikes have a totally different motor, chassi, etc... As mentioned the 450 & 525 EXC and XCW's of the same vintage share many common parts. Munn Racing can get u anything u want, usally in short order.
  3. Kenzo

    might buy a bike

    I have an 06...basically the same bike...all issues sorted out by 06...07 was the last year for the RFS motor. U'll need to change the oil about every 15 hours, check/adjust the valves same interval(easy) and keep that airfilter clean...the intakes are soft and need frequent adjustment. Around 250 hours the intakes will need to be replaced(and maybe the rings) but if u go with the Kibblewhites few valve adjustments after that. The RFS is a great motor, I have over 5000 miles and 270 hours on mine(second owner) with basic maintainance...I need the valves done and if the piston or jug show wear I'll go with the 453 kit.
  4. don't even try to make sence of KTM's model numbers/designations... ...several of the RFS era bikes were "EXC-G Racing"...my 06 400 has that designation. cheers
  5. jug = cylinder yup these are modular engines even with factory parts bore, stroke and cam came get you quite a range in displacement and attributes.
  6. a wide range transmission(gear set) transplanted into an XC yeilds an XC-W or EXC... ...sounds like they put a OE KTM 525 jug and piston on the 450...so it's not a bored out 450 but it still has a bigger bore and piston...
  7. they all weigh with in a pound of each other(400/450/525)...265ish with fuel. the smaller displacements are reported to transition/turn better due to lower gyroscopic forces. the alternative is the 300 smoker at 250ish...Slavens sets those up for a lot of people up there.
  8. My 06 400 EXC came from Colorado plated(just headlight and brakelight) so suspect that plating is easy there...but u need to check that out first. The 06 and 07 RFS motors(last two years of production) are great and cheap. Huge knowledge base and tons of upgrades. If u get a older one there are a few well known issues to address. The 400/450/525 all are a big step up in torque but also heavier than ur current bike. If u ride the higher elevations the big bores win.
  9. If u've got the skillz go big... ...I got the 400 because i'm a rookie and started riding late as an old fart. That being said a short stroke big bore is in my future as soon as I wear out this piston and/or jug.
  10. Oh on the pipe I wud go w/ a cheap used stocker... ...or if $$$ is not a issue the akrapovic, leo vince or FMF are all pretty nice...including the Ti FMF.
  11. The Travis at Thumper Racing will tell you your options... ...u probably want the carb bored to 41mm and jetted. ...the stock 450 cam works but there may be an upgrade cam. ...has ur bike had the valves replaced/upgraded? some unshrouding of the combustion chamber is usally done with the valve job on a big bore. P.S. Most of the gurus(including Travis) hang out over at KTMTalk...I wouldn't consider a project like this w/o checking out that site.
  12. Kenzo

    FCR XR650L Sudco pumper carb

    ...sadly, the fine art of smack talk is a lost art to many.
  13. KTM has always had strange bike designations... ...500, 520, 525 and 530...all 510cc...go figure.
  14. Kenzo

    FCR XR650L Sudco pumper carb

    wow...really? ...that's a borderline post even here on TT. there is always the edit function.
  15. Kenzo

    FCR XR650L Sudco pumper carb

    sure...just remember these guys on this thread are trying to tune it to respond like FI at all throttle settings. the FCR MX carbs are relatively easy to "tune" in the ballpark...plenty of used 39mm and 41mm carbs for around $250...then u just have to make the boots work. I sometimes wonder if the 39mm wud be better han the 41mm on the L...since the 39mm is frequently used on bikes making 45-50Hp and the L is closer to 40Hp...unless ur just look'n for topend. P.S. I believe the AP squirt also kicks in at other throttle positions when rolling on besides closed throttle.