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  1. jws

    PEER to take action against Ocotillo Wells

  2. Think I found out why I need to use the 2x8.....lol
  3. I have found if you have any parts that are back ordered you wont get the code untill the back ordered parts ship.
  4. I own one of these stands. Its nice but I have to use a 2x8 on the top to get my bikes wheels off the ground. I use a cheaper one that lifts my bike up higher most of the time... I picked mine up for 50% off when the Yamaha dealer by my house closed down a few years back.
  5. jws

    Arrowhead, Big Bear, Silverwood: Jun 8-9 '13

    Think you ment Crab Flats...... Catus Flats would be a good little run from Pinnacles........
  6. jws

    Bto Discount?

    Yup - every time :ride:
  7. jws

    Tire Pressure

    I run 12lbs in the rear 15lbs in the front 80% of the time. If its real rocky Ill bump the front up to 18lbs. If its mostly sand Ill run the rear at 10lbs
  8. Code is at the bottom of the email.......
  9. jws

    Boot Buckles!

    Tech 3's buckles do suck............
  10. jws

    Silverwood/Arrowhead: May 11 or 12

    My son and I rode Miller Canyon into Pinnacles Yesterday. It was a cold ride out of Miller but once we got on the double track we warmed up....... Lots of Riders there early also - watch for the Head ons - Had a couple close ones on the Double track........ Also saw a Quad rider go off the road and down the Hill Just before the shit plant on the way into Pinnacles - dont know how that happened?? I should of taken a picture. Have fun Im taking the wifey out for Mothers Day so Im out for this weekend.
  11. jws


    Simple Green and a scub pad......
  12. jws

    Hand Protection

    Im not a big fan of the Acerbis. They are to close to your hand and bend real easy in small get-offs. I do really like the Pro Bends. They give you plenty of room for your hands and wont bend in most get - offs...... Good Luck in whatever you are searching for.... :ride:
  13. jws

    Do you wear elbow pads?

    I wear the 661elbow pads every ride - feel naked without em..........
  14. MY 06 RFS bikes are like the old XR's - Im going to ride them forever.............
  15. Yes - The crossing area has been built up with rocks. Its like a graded highway going across now........