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  1. cherrypicker7

    Replacement Battery

    Been hearing a lot about the new Lithium Ion technology and was thinking about replacing worn out stock battery in my WR. Checked into a website that was discussing the pros and cons. First advantage is they are approximately 1/3 weight and size I would guess of what I'm now running. They can be recharged hundreds of times. Two things I found that are of a concern, actually three, they tend to be more expensive, some on occasion burst into fire, and the clincher they need to be replaced probably at least every three years. I don't know this for a fact, but I certainly don't want to have the bike catch on fire and burn down the garage or attached house. I don't like the idea of spending more money on something that needs to be replaced that frequently and with minimal upkeep the OEM stuff will last nearly as long. Weight isn't that big of an issue anyway. The exploding/catching on fire thing is a real biggy, have you been reading about the VOLT?
  2. cherrypicker7

    Trail Tech Voyager GPS on WR450

    I have the Trail Tech Endurance model on my 05 WR450 and mounted another on a KDX 220R that I formerly owned. You basically pitch the stock odometer, or at least shelve it. Trail Tech gives you plenty of info on mounting, although I went with an accessory billet mount instead of the handlebar mount that comes with the unit. Good unit, great company to work with, They really stand behind their product. Believe the Voyager and other models may have coolant temp, tach, and possibly GPS and or compass. Which would be a nice addition. I usually run a Garmin GPS 60Cx along with the Trail Tech Endurance, to confirm location and direction.
  3. cherrypicker7

    Anyone Add a Keyed Ignition to their WR426?

    Got a switch from SAR, Sicass Racing mounts right up on a handlebar mount and I connected it to the kill switch wiring. This is on a newer 05 WR, so the ignition still has to be energized, but you can pull the key and it won't start.
  4. cherrypicker7

    de restricting a wr 450

    While this was very helpful, it was for an 07 WR250, and I think it can be done a bit more easily. The rear subframe does not have to be removed to access the carb, at least I didn't do it. Can't recall if I removed the tank or not, but you do have to remove the seat, if you can't see the top of the carb then you'll have to remove the tank. You are going to have to loosen carb clamps front and rear, I found it necessary to removed the carb cables because I did the o-ring mod to the accelerator linkage, with the JD kit you get two O rings, heavier and lighter to tailor the pump stream. If you remove the cables at the throttle tube you might be farther ahead. In any case you'll have to pull the carb lid and then get down to the slide. I rotated the throttle with cables still attached and fixed it in position so the slide was more accessible, the center allen/hex screw can then be removed and needle accessed. needle nose or grease on screwdriver tip so permit you to remove it. Replace it with one from JD kit or GYT kit, bolt stuff back up. You can access the float bowl with cables loosened or removed by tilting the entire carb to the right, bottom left. The bowl can be removed, pipcs show allens, but I'm' almost sure screws are phillips/cross, although good idea to replace them. Cap over the fuel screw can be popped out with an o-ring pic, and its a good idea to replace it with aftermarket adjuster, something with an index wheel or one that has a cable on it. Pilot jet, and main jet can be replaced, make sure you don't lose the spring an o-ring under the pilot jet. Replace the leak jet in the float bowl and button her back up, rotate carb tighten clamps, reconnect cables, replace seat/tank and you should be good to go. The GYT kit does have the plugs if you want to pitch the AIS and the YZ throttle stop, but that's available separately or you could simply cut down the one you have, JD kit only the proper jets and needles. As far as the exhaust and air box, just like the pics describe. Good Luck.
  5. cherrypicker7

    de restricting a wr 450

    The easy way is to go to a dealer and get the kit. I believe it has the new throttle stop, shorter one, some jets possibly a needle, and some plugs or something to block off the various holes that are there when you remove the AIS, although that's not a performance issue. If you want to open up the airbox, you'll have to remove the battery and tray, it either unscrews to remove the snorkel, or you have to drill out rivets. I just clipped the gray wire up close to the ECU as I don't ever anticipate reconnecting, but I could always splice. I made my own plugs and bought a JD jetting kit and have been very satisfied. My WR450 is an 05, but don't think there was much difference.
  6. cherrypicker7

    WR fork offsets

    I haven't but once I got the correct springs front and rear, really don't see any need for them.
  7. cherrypicker7

    Aftermarket Fuel Tank

    Elected to go with the IMS 3.1 Transparent. They are a bit more expensive, but not much more than just about anything these days. I had a Clark on my XR650L and it was a good tank. If that bike ever needed something it wasn't more weight high up. I've seen reviews some positive other not so good, but I'm tired of getting my crotch soaked with gas, wife doesn't need any more excuses, and think I've eliminated the cap as the culprit. Thanks for all your input. Ron
  8. cherrypicker7

    2012 wr450

    It just seems like a nobrainere to me, that they would look at the competition. The KTMs, Huskabergs, Husqvarna, Beta's all have models that are "street legal". My 07 WR250 is supposedly capable of running 13,000 rpms, I don't want to run those revs particularly for long periods down a highway so I went up one tooth on the CS sprocket which makes 1st a bit high, can't walk beside the bike, but much better a highway speeds or fast 2tks. The 05 WR I have 1st would be just too high, so that won't work and the 250 is just better on the highway than the 450, a 6th gear would take care of that. Both my bikes are street legal, because I added brake light, high/low switch on headlight, a fold away mirror, and at least here in Michigan had the inspection done. I can't help but think that Yamaha could sell a bunch of these if they only took the additional step.. I certainly would consider it.
  9. cherrypicker7

    Aftermarket Fuel Tank

    My 05 Fuel tank, has been leaking at the filler hole. I have substituted the fuel cap from my 07 WR250, but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference so I am looking to replace the tank with an aftermarket with slightly more capacity. Acerbis, IMS and Clarke all make models for this bike. Some require different shrouds and or seat from a YZ, and of course they differ in price and quality. Some use old hardware while others include it. Just looking for some recommendations. Thanks Ron
  10. cherrypicker7

    springs for 2004 wr450f with a heavy slow guy

    I'm an older guy, 65 and go 230#, I don't know how to classify my ability, I can still go pretty good through the single track, but own both an 07 WR 250 and an 05 WR450, I've installed heavier than stock fork springs in both, as much to keep the front from diving as anything. I had difficulty particularly with the 250 in deep sand and this made a remarkable difference, went up on the rear on the 250 as well, but haven't found it necessary to switch the rear out on the 450. You may be able to relax the compression settings with the heavier spring enough so that it doesn't deflect as much. Good Luck.
  11. cherrypicker7

    2012 wr450

    Just got the latest Dirt Bike mag and was excited to see the new WR on the cover, and that's about all there was. They didn't have any more info then what was already known. I'm not that big a fan of FI, just one more thing to malfunction, pump takes up valuable space in the fuel tank, and it may or may not be more difficult to bypass AIS, and other mods that have been employed on previous models. Looks like the big changes were the FI, frame strengthening and improved forks. No tool airbox access, Electric start, enduro computer were there already. For me, more fuel capacity, a 6th speed, and equipment that makes is street legal would have made more sense.
  12. cherrypicker7

    Identifying a coolant leak

    Upon reviewing the check procedure in the manual, I see where the pressure check of the cooling system requires a pressure of 25.6 psi and I had only been pressurizing to 15 psi, and then only for 10 sec? Whatever, when I ran it up to that setting it seemed to hold it. The MityVac had an adapter for the rad cap so I checked that at 15 psi per manual, and pressure dropped immediately, this didn't account for the odor unless some coolant was leaking somewhere it would land on something hot. Anyway, I also have an 07 WR250 and checked the cap on it and same thing, so I am beginning to believe the cap checker on the Mityvac is faulty. Might take both caps into local, well not so local dealer and have them confirm. I'm not likely to tear into it regardless until snow flies and then only because I'm not sure when and if this bike has ever had any engine work done. It's time for an oil change, but in the past I haven't seen any indication that there was coolant in the oil. Will look more diligently this time around. Thanks, Ron
  13. cherrypicker7


    There are a lot of tire change mount out there, but I have found that the right sized garbage can, plastic or metal makes a great mount for the rim. It's already the proper height from the ground and you don't have to worry about bending the rotor. Whether you use dishwashing soap, WD40, a lubricant is alway helpful, as is a more flexible warm tire. Baby powder on the tube is an excellent choice of tube lube and it smells nice too. Taking your time and taking small bites, making sure the bead fits down in the center of the rim when levering it on and being careful not to extend the lever too far into the rim will virtually eliminate pinched tubes. Watch out for the teeth on the rear sprocket, they bite.
  14. cherrypicker7

    Identifying a coolant leak

    I have a 05 WR450, that upon startup gives off an odor which suggests anifreeze is burning. I don't seem to be loosing coolant or very much, like I haven't had to add any to the recovery tank, and the suspected leak isn't external. So I was assuming a possible head gasket leak. The local autoparts place had a special on a coolant system tester, a mityvac unit specifically designed for bikes and likely snowmobiles, so picked one up and went through the test last evening. The system was pressurized to 15 psi, as the cap is a 1.1 which equates to 15.6 psi, and I observed a very slow pressure drop, over a 2 minute period. The bike runs great, starts easily, so I am somewhat reluctant to tear into it to check for warpage or gasket leaks. I was wondering if it was possible that the internal water pump seal could be the culprit, or is there some other avenue that the coolant could be entering the combution chamber????
  15. cherrypicker7

    Synthetic oil causes clutch slipping?

    I've run Amsoil 15W40 in both my 07 WR250 and the 05 WR450, without any problems and have experienced better shifting, the 05 has a Dynaring autoclutch in it, and although there is some slippage there, I attribute it to the autoclutch and that is what it is supposed to do.