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    ktm 250 dirt bike
  1. chris nelson

    450 -> 570 start issues

    I wish I could help you I think though your piston is for a 570 I wonder what you deck height is? with the 450 crank. if that is ok? I think the only thing you can do is put in a 570 cam shaft.
  2. chris nelson

    2010 fe 450 stocking parts

    I have stocked plastic fenders, Hydralic clutch parts, oil filters, Tusk brake pads ,rocky mountain power drive chain and sprocket kits Steel rear sprocket,A new starter button .I have #3 Husabergs #2 fx 450 2010, and a fe 390. Have had very little trouble with them. I had A fuel regulator between the fuel pump and the fuel injector . Great bikes I am nuts about them would love to have a 570 some day. Keep in touch!
  3. chris nelson

    2013 Husaberg FE 250 info

    I have hade great luck with Slavens racing in Colorado Springs. They carry Husaberg Parts.
  4. chris nelson

    Buying a Berg a bad idea?

    A new KTM is 10.500$ thats a lot of cash. The husaberg is a ktm with blue plastic body. it sound like a good deal. Ktm single cam engines are very strong engines that wear well. I have 3 Husabergs that have the 70 degree engine. they re great bikes. But those motors are very different than the KTM the same year. You won't have any problems with parts It is just a blue KTM!!!
  5. chris nelson

    What's this worth

    It looks like a good bike. I have 3 late model 2010 Husabergs. 2 fx 450's and a fe 390. these are 70 degree motors. KTM engineering very strong product! I do not have any experience with this earlier model. By 2001 KTM had changed over to the much better ignition. I would love to try out your bike.These bikes where famous for there power and handling and light weight. These bikes made the way for ktm rfs Racing Four Stroke Engines.What did you pay for this?
  6. chris nelson

    know nothing about bergs....fe390 setup for mx?

    I have 3 Husabergs. 2 fx 450"s great torque. Different steering then my FE 390. The 390 ECU is lean and mild EPA legal. I send mine to fun mart in Moline Ill. They reflashed the ECU and when i put it on my bike it had twice the power.I did not have to rev it up to get that pull. It was "the european enduro map". I would very much recommend this mod!!!! I also put on a FMF slip on muffler.It is a great bike. It feels 30 pounds lighter than the FX 450 but it cannot be!!!! all the parts are the same except the crankshaft. Fx 450 has a longer stroke!!!
  7. chris nelson

    Honda CRF230F (2007)

    I like the CRF230F!!! To me it is a modern Hodaka !!! We call ours a Hondaka the best trainer ever made!! and if you go to fast for the suspension just bolt on Cr 125 0r cr 250 shock and front end!!!
  8. chris nelson

    450 FE Map and Diagnostics

    I sent my ECU on my 2010 fe 390 to fun mart and the flashed a new racing map. I worked great. Gave the bike great low end and over rev!!! The stock fuel map was way lean. Very doggy!!! Fun mart did this for 50$. they are in Illinois.
  9. chris nelson

    On going OEM support?

    I have a 2010 fe 390 and a 2010 fx 450 Husaberg and love them both. I would love to buy the 570 if you ever find one!!! there is a youtube video of a austrailian who says he has 15,000 km on his 570 Husaberg and has yet to rebuild!!I think Wisco may make a piston kit for them so a OEM parts and synthech oil are my plan!!!
  10. chris nelson

    Omaha Riders!

    yes Bob. Alex and I did go to Abbott=A0Saturday. It was very windy but we h= ad a good time Alex is now learning to do some doubles. I will not risk it.= He makes it look so easy!! Kids these days are amazing!from Chris Nelson
  11. chris nelson

    Omaha Riders!

    I Chris nelson hope to go to Abbott Saturday with Alex my son.
  12. chris nelson

    Can we talk 2013

    Digital fuel injection for two strokes.
  13. chris nelson

    Gas mileage on a 2000 300 ktm tank

    Thanks Burton For the tip 90 Miles tops!!!
  14. chris nelson

    Gas mileage on a 2000 300 ktm tank

    I will bring a 14 tooth sprocket and a jd jet kit.
  15. chris nelson

    Gas mileage on a 2000 300 ktm tank

    Thanks hr pufinstuff I hope you are correct with a 2.7 gallon tank. I Might go 80 miles a tank.