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  1. rpnorthriver

    Throttle issues at idle speed

    It's brand new....
  2. rpnorthriver

    Throttle issues at idle speed

    Can anyone help me with my son's KLX 110? When the bike is at idle and you hit the throttle hard the bike either cuts out (at worse) or just stalls out (at best). If you aren't aggressive with the throttle from an idle and ease into it it's fine. It runs great otherwise and once you’re out of an idle you can be as aggressive as you want with the throttle. It has a FMF Powercore 4, UNI direct carb air intake filter (replacing stock air box), 40 pilot and 85 main jets. It did this when it was stock as well so I really don't think the modifications have much to do with it but I could be wrong! Thanks!
  3. rpnorthriver

    anyone lighten their drz

    Spot on Karm! New light (much lighter Acerbis) without the giant stock bracket, trail tech computer (same as KTM weighs nothing), Pro Taper EVO bars and clamps, smaller switches from K&S, plastic tank... All money but fun stuff! Hey Aaron where did you find the aluminum kick stand?
  4. rpnorthriver

    anyone lighten their drz

    Here it is in English... http://www.excite.co.jp/world/english/web/?wb_url=http%3A%2F%2Fdr%2Dz400s.com%2Findex.html&wb_lp=JAEN&wb_dis=2 This guy was a bit extreme and he did get it down to 250 pounds. I think that some of the extreme things can stay and there are some other areas he did not dealt with. So too the SM is heavier than the S. It's modivation!
  5. rpnorthriver

    Those who've removed the rear fender bag.

    After looking all over the local hardware store (Osh) had some sweet bolts and nuts in the specialty nuts/bolts/etc. section. The stainless steel bolt has a white plastic flush mount head molded to it, which was the perfect diameter. Your pants or whatever just slide over it and there is nothing to catch up on. I did cut the bolt a bit just long enough for the nut to go on underneath, but it looks stock and just a natural part of the bike. Papers always in the wallet..... I must admit that Stringburner's application looks way cool!
  6. rpnorthriver

    anyone lighten their drz

    You guys are funny, but my weight isn't the issue... Getting my bike down to 250-260 punds is. As far as the KTM, a good friend has the 525 and we are neck in neck, except when it come to off the ground and control of the bike in the air... He also has a few maintenance and after market issues that I don't. The glass is half full...
  7. rpnorthriver

    anyone lighten their drz

    There are a number of ways to loose significant weight. Every little thing adds up and before you know it you can loose 30 to 40 pounds by eliminating needless things or replacing needed items with lighter parts. I am on a mission to get my bike down to 250-260 pounds dry weight without losing any functionality and actually making it a faster better handling dirt bike. I haven’t done everything yet but I am running out of ideas and money!!
  8. rpnorthriver

    How 2 Lighten the DRZ 400S

    Alright folks. We all know the DRZ S rocks . I love mine but the only beef I have is the weight. Here's what I have done to lighten it. Still looking to get to that magic 250-260 pound number. Any suggestions you have would be great. Together we can all get there New Yoshi RS-2 full system - replaces heavy stock pipe. Front blinkers and brackets gone - installed much smaller lighter blinkers on Acerbis brush guards. Clutch safety switch gone. Kick stand kill switch gone. Rubber foot peg inserts gone. New Pro Taper EVO bars replacing heavy steel stock bars (obviously stock handle bar end weights gone). Helmet lock gone. Tool bag gone. Tail Tidy kit installed. Looks just like DRZE tail with small LED tail light tucked perfectly underneath fender. Just enough metal to put on plate and blinkers. Way cool and light! Stock mirrors gone - Acerbis tuck away mirror (it weighs nothing!). Front fork side reflectors and brackets gone. Next is the new plastic tank to replace steel tank with HEAVY locking cap. I hear you go aluminum sprockets as aftermarket are much lighter than stock. So too much lighter brake rotors over the stock rotors out there. What esle????????????
  9. rpnorthriver

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Great day! Installed new Yoshi RS-2 complete system. Completed the 3x3 mod. Pulled the carb.... New 145 main and 25 pilot. New extended fuel mixture screw and float bowl allen screws from TT. New DynoJet kit. Front tire is much lighter I have to admit though getting the right fuel mixture setting is tough, but I am picky. I stopped at 3 turns out. I hope the 145 main jet is large enough?