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  1. rockieman

    Needle Jet removal "what's the trick"

    I just bought an '04 125LE that needs some carb work. Doesn't appear the dealer jetted for altitude, I am in Colorado. Removed the throttle body from the carb and went to pull the needle to check the clip position. Odd little plastic retainer that looks like it has to be aligned with the throttle body to remove. Used a small flat screwdriver and aligned the slots with the nubs on the body. I lightly pushed the needle from the other side but can't get it to budge. Looks to be a delicate part and I don't want to force the issue. Tried searching (Google & You Tube) to no avail. Guessing someone has run across this, appreciate any feedback one might have. Thanks,
  2. rockieman

    Hole above cam tensioner?

    Thanks for the reply, now I can rest easy knowing I did not forget to install the auxillary cam tensioner
  3. I have a 2007 YZ450 that i just rebuilt the top end. I had a local shop machine the head and install the new valves. Upon putting the cylinder and head back on I noticed a 6MM hole to the left of the intake, right above the cam tensioner. Was wondering if someone could enlighten me as to what that hole was for? Thanks,
  4. rockieman

    13/52 Gearing

    Is anyone running this gearing? I have an '07 that I strictly trail ride and have been running 12/50. I plan to replace the chain and sprockets and am looking at 13/52 vs 12/50. My question and concern is whether I will have any clearance issues with the stock chain guide? Input anyone? Thanks,
  5. rockieman

    new oem steering stem bearings 2009 yz 450f

    I take the race i took out, turn it upside down, mate it to the race you are installing and lightly tap it in place. Works everytime for me.
  6. rockieman

    Has ElectroSport gotten any better?

    I bought a Moose Stator (likely ElectroSport) for my 07 450. It lasted about a season, found a guy who would rewind it, Ricky Stator would not....the rewound one lasted less then another year. Since then I have gone back to the stock stator and will take my chances with the law if I ever get pulled over. If you're interested in a rewind, reach out to Amanda at.... Rick's Motorsport Electrics, Inc. 30 Owens Ct. #2 Hampstead, NH 03841 603-329-9901 www.ricksmotorsportelectrics.com They did a quality job, the challenge was they were dealing with junk from the get-go. Good Luck!
  7. Just picked up an '05 650R that I bought from someone in AZ. I live in Colorado and am trying to figure out the jetting. The bike has the HRC kit installed, an aftermarket (T-4) exhaust with the side panel cutout. The cam part number from the HRC documentation is the 14000-NLB-0000. Is this a stage 1 or stage 2 cam? Right now the bike has a 180 main, 68S pilot, not sure what position the needle is in because i haven't got the chance to pull it yet. Based on the recommendations in the XR650R Jetting guidelines i should go up two jet sizes if a stage 1 cam and up to five sizes larger if my cam is a stage 2. I plan to ride primarily between 6,000' and 12,000'. Given this, I plan to drop the main down to a 165 or 168 and the pilot down to a 62 or a 65. As for the needle, based on the altitude i plan to ride I will likely move the needle position to 2. Right now the bike runs fairly well at 7,000 feet with the jetting that i currently (180/68S) have, it is a little difficult to start due to cooler then normal (50 degrees) temperatures. Does this sound about right? Can anyone confirm that the cam is a stage 1 and not a 2? Thanks in advance for any input.
  8. rockieman

    Electrical issues continue

    Prefer not to spend $500 dollars to fix the problem.
  9. I have an '07 450 that has been giving me fits of late. Replaced the OEM stator when I bought new with the Moose stator so I could light the bike. It failed and I re-installed the OEM stator, when I got the Moose rewound stator back I re-installed it. Early this season I had an issue with the bike cutting out, dying and restarting after it cooled. Without going through a complete diagnostic of the problem I pulled the Moose stator in favor of the OEM. The problem persisted with the OEM stator and ultimately led to the coil failing. I bought a used coil and the bike ran fine for about 20 hours with the original stator. During a ride last weekend the problem presented itself and it looks like the coil failed again. I bought another coil as well as another OEM stator, both used off eBay. When I got the items yesterday it appears the stator I bought was bad, the bike would not start due to not getting spark. The coil checked out, the primary coil output on the stator did not. I still have my original OEM stator and am hesitant to put it back on the bike despite it checking out fine with my multimeter. I have also since replaced the CDI and all the wiring between the stator, coil and CDI. I really want to put this to rest and would like to replace the original stator with another used one. Do I risk running my original stator with this new (used) coil? Or should I bite the bullet on yet another new (used) one? Have a long trip planned for next week and really don't want this issue to continue. Thanks in advance for your input!
  10. rockieman

    yz426 rebuild

  11. rockieman

    2007 YZ450 off road dilemma

    I have the exact bike you are contemplating....I went from a '99 WR to the '07 YZ. I put a lighting kit on it and made it street legal. Also added the Rekluse as well as the Flywheel wt. As far as the gearing, I went down one on the counter and its geared pretty good for the tight, steep trails in CO. It would be the perfect bike if it had the WR tranny....if I ever find one on eBay I may do that when I go in to rebuild. Another recommendation is the WR catch tank inside the left fender. The bike is pretty susceptable to overheating. You'll find the YZ much more nimble and lighter, where I fought the WR and its weight I find my self fighting the YZ to slow down....which in my opinion is a lot easier. With the Rekluse you don't need the button because you'll never stall the bike.
  12. Have a pair of size 12 tech 6........free if you want to pick up in Monument.
  13. rockieman

    '07 450 dies when hot

    Bought (eBay) a slightly used CDI unit and Coil.....turns out my coil was what was causing the problem. Put the new coil in after it was already hot....ran the bike for about an hour and it ran great.
  14. rockieman

    Overheating Issue

    I would forego the fan and do what I did ....add the WR catch tank and use this instead of Engine Ice. http://www.evanscooling.com/ I still had issues on tight trails and on hot days with Engine Ice.... I was still losing coolant ....after switching to the Evans coolant I haven't had to add a drop to my catch tank.
  15. rockieman

    '07 450 dies when hot

    Thanks for the reply Gray....I think I'll need to do another diagnostic ride. The last time out it behaved a little differently then previously. Instead of just dying it would run erratic and eventually die. It also would start right back up after dying. I also noticed that one of the wires (brown) coming off the magneto had exposed copper as it goes into the plug. Can't think that would be causing this....especially after I swapped stators. I'll also give a shot at unplugging the TPS. Thanks again:thumbsup: