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  1. capp

    Stator upgrade?

    This is the route I went with my 17 250 XCF. Installed the trail tech fan kit, front and rear lights. Went with the ricky stator and the larger shorai battery.
  2. How many hours on the motor? Piston rings could be toast.
  3. capp

    Brand New 2017 ktm250sxf

    I put the bigger shorai in my 2017 250 XC-F. Only thing I had to do, was ream out the bolt hole with a round file on the plastic strap that secures the battery in the battery box because the shorai is a little taller than the stocker.
  4. capp

    Pull straps vs ratchet straps

    Pro Taper pull straps with the carabiner swivel on the one end. Pro Taper
  5. Correct. Pull them apart and the rubber boot will separate and pull off the rod(s). Use your fingers to help slide the rubber boot off. Don't use too much grease. Just a light coating.
  6. 3M Super 77 multipurpose adhesive
  7. capp

    Dealer Recommendation in Northeast

    Cliffs cycles in MA is where I get my bikes.
  8. need code if anyone has......thanks
  9. Do you have the EU map loaded?
  10. capp

    2015 ktm 350 exc-f

  11. You can set your TPS using the UST, so no need for any additional cables or tools
  12. capp

    2015 ktm 350 exc-f

    Sicass racing makes a handle bar switch that replaces the OEM unit. Unit is smaller and allows you to turn off the headlight.
  13. capp


    Belray waterproof grease is fine for the heim bearing. Been greasing mine for years with no problems.