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    Hang in there Dungey. Plenty of racing left to get your mojo back. The pace Eli is racing at now is the same one that shattered KR's arm a few races back. I just hope they both survive to the end and the points stay neck and neck to the final race. Could be some of the best racing ever coming down the stretch with these two and MM. A few of the other guys might get in the mix as well. Contract season might give guys like Barcia, Anderson, and Canard a reason to twist the throttle and ride up front for a change.
  2. cbrf1wr

    What happened to M.Stewart?

    Always pulled for Malcolm. He has the talent and is still young enough to race competitive for a few more years. Just needs that training program the top guys use and the willpower to stick with it. Said the same thing about James 7 years ago.
  3. Cruising around 6th place or so then the KR crash. The next standings board comes up shows him lap down. Nobody says anything about it.
  4. cbrf1wr

    Stewart has a chance

    Own Team rumors always get started after a former superstar gets the boot from his factory/sponsored ride. They rarely if ever pan out or end up like the Reed co sponsored/ supported ride that lasted about a full season before it became just another factory support team. What James is looking for just ain't there. 450 class is overloaded with talent(younger and faster) looking for a deal.
  5. cbrf1wr

    Stewart has a chance

    I figured James will end up in the booth calling races with Weeg. He is pretty well spoken, and Emig ain't getting any younger or better. Promoters are targeting the younger fans and riders trying to grow the audience. That's one thing Stew gas going for him those die hard fans.
  6. cbrf1wr

    Stewart has a chance

    Stew was a great one and still stirs up a few clicks in the forums, but his time is up. No need to risk another crash,and screw up the rest of his life. Time for the retirement speech and next phase of his career.
  7. cbrf1wr

    Dungey out.

    Eli had that same speed last year till he crashed. Haven't seen that speed since.
  8. cbrf1wr

    Dungey out.

    Looked like foot peg got caught in the rut going over the lip. That will make the front end dive and give you a nasty faceplant crash.
  9. cbrf1wr

    Yoshimura Suzuki Team is Out for the Glen

    Berm looked higher than 4-5 feet to me when Stew took the detour. More like 10-12 feet on the back side. I know I wouldn't want to ride over it.
  10. cbrf1wr

    Is JMart over trained?

    Hope thats all it was cause that Savatchy looked fast for the one one. Looks like he has stepped up his program and PC finally has a guy that will contend for the championship. Ready for a battle in that 250 class. Always some of the best racing in pro MX. Those young guys are fun to watch.
  11. cbrf1wr

    Is JMart over trained?

    Just the first race and it was 60 degrees on a nicely groomed track. See what happens on the first 90+ degree race. Then we can debate the training programs.
  12. cbrf1wr

    NEWS FLASH! JS7 Crashes!

    That's what it looked like to me as well. Look where you turn, looks like all he was looking at was the tree off the track.
  13. cbrf1wr

    Tribute to JaneS7! Crash thread!

    All they had was footage from his helmet cam. Looked kinda like he swapped in the high speed turn saved it, but rode right off the track over the high berm and lawn darted on the other side. Bad crash, high probability of some bone breakage on that one.
  14. cbrf1wr

    James Will Line Up For The Nats On Yoshi Suzuki

    The TUE finally came through. James rides the new Team Teva Pharm Adderall #7 zuke for this years outdoor season.
  15. cbrf1wr

    bad day?

    Dungey in smart championship mode. Might see a battle in Vegas after he wraps it up next week. Until then it's just don't throw it away and ride smart. Sure would have been nice if Kenny would have got his groove about race 4 instead of race 14. Those two would have been battling too the end.