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  1. If you want to wheelie in every gear, the 350 won’t. I have one and it’s my only complaint. Plenty fast. Just needs more power. It’s a compromise for sure. I went from a KTM 450 and that was never an issue but it was a little heavier. Unless you are riding tight singletrack I would stick with the 450.
  2. jetpilot49

    350 EXC Cooling Fan

    Found it under the tank surrounded by wires and zip tied. Thanks for the help.
  3. I have a 2013 k KTM 350 Exc that keeps blowing the low beam on the headlight. 3rd one in the last 2 hrs. Anybody else ?
  4. jetpilot49

    350 EXC Cooling Fan

    Where is the fan connection on a 2013 350?
  5. 2013 KTM 350 EXC-F 45 hrs. Just bought it last week and ridden it a few times Valves checked and in spec De-smogged and remapped ECU Put 13/52 sprockets. Much better bottom end but top speed dropped from 90 to 70. No issues yet Couple of question: Do I need to do TPS if I have already remapped for the European unrestricted map? Bike runs great now. Was way too lean and popped and bogged when I put an FMF pipe on. Where is the fan kit connection plug on this thing? Can't find it anywhere!
  6. jetpilot49

    09 450 xcw hours?

    I have an 09 KTM 450 xcw with 190 hrs and no engine parts replacements with no issues other than a little smoke here and there. Well maintained with oil changes every 10 hrs and clean air filters. Hope the trend holds.
  7. I have a 09 KTM 450 xcw with 190 hrs on it. Haven't replaced anything in the engine. Changed oil every 10 hrs and kept air filter clean. A little smoke here and there but a great bike. No issues. Would like to replace with a 2013 or so.
  8. jetpilot49

    DR650 Fuel in Airbox

    Thanks zig06. Great info. I cleaned the petcock and it seems to work as advertised now, but I will probably replace it with one with an "off" position just in case. I don't want to come home to a huge puddle of gas under the bike again in my basement. I changed the float o-rings and don't have fuel in the airbox anymore.
  9. jetpilot49

    DR650 Fuel in Airbox

    Is the petcock supposed to let gas flow to the carb in the primary position with the engine not cranking or running, or is the petcock bad? I am trying to resolve the same problem with gas in airbox. Rebuilt carb, new float o-rings etc. can't decide if it's a float in carb issue or petcock issue. Lots of gas in the oil also.
  10. jetpilot49

    2006 CRF50 carburetor cleaning

    Anybody have pics of what the inside of the rebuilt crf 50 carb should look like, bowl, etc? Trying to make sure I got everything back together correctly.
  11. What's wrong with the stock timing chain tensioner?
  12. I am going from an almost 200 hr 2008 KTM 450 XC-F to a 10 hr 2009 KTM 450 XC-W. I mainly ride woods and power lines and hoping for a more tight trails friendly suspension and overall ride without sacrificing power. I can't afford a 2013 anything, so not an option. Anything I need to be aware of with that year engine/suspension, etc?
  13. jetpilot49

    rerouting breather hose on new 450/505's

    I stalled my 08 450 XCF in a puddle about half way up the engine. I shut the engine off, but then tried to start it again as it was really stuck in red, clay muck. I eventually pushed/pulled it out, but a couple of minutes later the engine seized due to lack of lubrication on the exhaust cam. It sucked in a bunch of water from somewhere, but not throught the airbox. I am thinking the only place it could have come in from is the breather hose. The oil was red clay when I drained it. Any other thoughts on what else could have caused it? It was expensive to say the least. After reading this thread I plan to route it to the air box.