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  1. Team_Oatmeal_Pie

    Western WA trail explorers group

    Here's an interesting collection of knowledge that i thought I'd share with you guys. I found this ages ago and read it all and thought this guy put a lot of work into it. Tons interesting info, history and cool places to check out, alot in Oregon as that's where this guy was based, but does have Washington info too. http://www.brian894x4.com/INSEARCHOFHISTORY.html Half way down the left side of the page is a link says Exploring The Mines of the Cascade Mountain - Day 2 and day 3 particular I found to be interesting. We did some 4x4 trips up around Blewett and Liberty this last summer to check out some of this. Haven't brought the bikes up yet. http://www.brian894x4.com/Washeastcascadestrip.html
  2. Team_Oatmeal_Pie

    2000 WR400 build

    Incorrect in 2000 the WR was still a 400, while the YZ went to a 426. First brand new bike I ever bought, still have it and it's still a blast.
  3. Team_Oatmeal_Pie

    20th annual Eddieville GP Nov.10&11th

    Sounds awesome, had many fun rides at Eddieville.
  4. Team_Oatmeal_Pie

    For those that slack on safety.... sometimes.

    Me and my riding buddies always laugh, as when you ride out in the middle no where - mountains, woods, desert, inevitably you come across a discarded pair of underwear. We have seen this all over the country- and as usual we exclaim, huh someone else was way the hell out here and it appears they must have shit their pants, leaving them behind to mark the scene of the crime. I never want to be that guy.
  5. Team_Oatmeal_Pie

    For those that slack on safety.... sometimes.

    Is toilet paper considered a safety item? Lol.
  6. Team_Oatmeal_Pie

    Second chances. (Graphic warning)

    You beat me to it. Not too many people know Charles and Lane- I have always admired your screen name, BOD is my all time favorite movie. I make my kids watch at Xmas time while wearing Aardvark jackets. Shit its not even available on A-Prime, good thing I have a DVD. "Lane, I've been going to this high school for 7 and a half years, I'm no dummy." Glad your healing up, give it some time and you'll be back on the bike.
  7. Team_Oatmeal_Pie

    PNW Events Thread

    Russ I saw your rig parked Sunday later afternoon - early evening- at the Huckleberry Inn. I was doing an exploratory run to Badger Lake- snow check. Were your riding around the Hood?
  8. Team_Oatmeal_Pie

    Do you ride and carry

    Did you see the news about mountain lion attack on 2 mountain bikers in Washington this week. Usually its the weirdos that have me spooked not the animal life.
  9. Team_Oatmeal_Pie

    What hauls your bike?

    19 Year old van, still fun to drive.
  10. Team_Oatmeal_Pie

    Camp and Ride in Idaho Mid-June '15. Advice?

    You should check out Henderson flat bet you could easily spend 4-5 days there.
  11. Team_Oatmeal_Pie

    Factory carb settings

    Sounds like a plugged pilot jet. - wont idle - pops and runs erratically - back fires. If bike has been sitting for awhile - Drain gas tank Also take flash light take a look into the tank see if you have any sludge accumulating in there-
  12. Team_Oatmeal_Pie

    Rolling north from So Cal in June.. info needed...

    check the omra.com boards for info on connecting for trail rides. quick list of some but not all tracks with practice days.- Riverdale MX -Toutle WA - weekends, but if owner around and you call him he sometimes will open the track for you. Mountianview - Sandy OR - Tuesdays and weekends Portland Internationa Raceway (PIR) - Portland, OR - Thursday Nights Albany MX - Albany OR - Wednesday and Weekends Washougal MX - open practice June 7th The Funky Chicken is killer.
  13. Team_Oatmeal_Pie

    Do you ride alone?

    Do I ride Alone? Yes, but only by myself.
  14. Team_Oatmeal_Pie

    Adding a WR coolant reservoir to a YZ?

    use some washers and a longer bolt to push the bottle out-away from the tire - I did this on my WR400 when I slightly bent the subframe- worked just fine. If your boiling over ditch the stock rad cap and go to a higher rated cap.
  15. Team_Oatmeal_Pie

    Ryan Hughes and his push..

    I think this might be the dumbest thread I have ever read. How many posters here have a neck brace? How many have even tried one on? How many know someone personnaly that broke a collarbone??? That one I cant quite figure out- as it would seem you must have skinny bitch thin shoulders to have the brace rest on your collar bone. Any one here know someone personally that was injured by a neck brace? Demand government certification? Now thats effing funny. Seriously?? yes government will save us. What do you think happens when they crash test cars? ummm? yeah lab test with a few variables for different types of impacts, side , front etc. So what governmental certifcation makes you feel all warm and safe when you get creamed by a Semi-Truck in your Honda Civic- think the 35MPH crash test means shit. Why just 6 weeks ago a drunk in Benz sedan collided with a turning left Toyota Corrolla, splitting it in half. The engine and front half tumbled down the road right in front of me- driver killed. Drunk lived. So how would those Government Certs you think so precious serve you in that situation. Dont like neck braces - then dont wear one.