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  1. DesertCR

    2019 racer X preview show

    4, 3, 2, 1; starting from right to left👍🏻
  2. DesertCR


    Injury??? The past races are in the books, that’s why we line em up....to race. How cool would it be to see Prado, AC and JH race for the title!
  3. DesertCR

    2019 MX Bike Shootout Thread

    Suzuki made some gains but I don't know why they over spring their bikes☹️ My '14 came with a 1.0 SFF spring, way over sprung for an average 250 rider, and theyre still doing it...
  4. DesertCR

    Any word on how KRoc is doing??

    Hopefully he's training yet resting and rehabilitating both arms. He's gotta be pumped to take his riding to the next level because he basically got lapped by Herlings at The Nations...
  5. DesertCR

    Anyone know how JMart is doing?

    I wish it would snow like that here in socal for just one week!
  6. It’s all relative. If you buy a zook for $7k new and sell it 4 years later for $3k, its no different than a new Ktm at $10k and getting $6k for it used..... I’ll go with yellow.
  7. DesertCR

    Auckland SX Results.

    Not to mention Reedy won on a $6900 bike haha! I’m excited to see what a healthy CR22 can do this SX season, Did he get signed by JGR for the entire season???
  8. Im hearing guys are picking up new RMZ450's for around $6900-7100 out the door. I say let them be, the bike with just a suspension revalve and hi comp piston and exhaust is right there with the others yet at an affordable price. Mog just had a thread about high priced KTM's, so heres your alternative
  9. DesertCR

    Peick Injury

    I don’t want to inject any more politics into this but here’s a recent example of how corporations and their lobbyists have really raked in the $ at our expense. Good ole Bernie Sanders (I’m not a supporter of his) recently introduced a bill in the Senate allowing American citizens to purchase prescription drugs from Canada, they’re usually around 75%+ cheaper there and it got shot down by both parties. It’s greedy Corporatism that destroyed our health care, sucks.
  10. DesertCR

    Auckland SX Results.

    Beating Wilson, Brayton and Craig is pretty impressive at 62 years old👍🏻
  11. DesertCR

    Peick Injury

    Looks Weston would have had to acquire insurance outside of Canada if he was Canadian.....very similar to what an American would have to do. The difference here is if he has long term injuries and therefore “pre equisting conditions” he may find that gettting coverage will be very difficult. I like the discussion here, its something that all of these riders face and so do we. Ones health is very important....
  12. DesertCR

    Peick Injury

    You know this sounds a lot like California. And yet we have many taxes but still have to pay $ for health coverage...
  13. DesertCR

    Peick Injury

    Amazing how much everything costs these days. I’m starting to wonder if having a system like the Canadians have would be better. I know it’s not optimal but the corporations have their grimy hands all in ours. Hoping for a full recovery for Weston.
  14. DesertCR

    Peick Injury

    With all the riff raff France and the rest of the western world allow in their country, taking care of Weston should be no big deal and they should do so willingly as far as I’m concerned. He’s paid more in taxes from his earnings over the years racing in France than most migrants.....
  15. DesertCR

    "TTER" Herlings blows off the Hoff?

    Pretty strange, he shook the other two riders' hands but not Coldenhoffs....looks like some tension there, I feel like a Soap opera watcher debating this lol.