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  1. sirthumpalot

    KTM 450 EXC '05 no start mistery.

    If it was running when you put it away, then not running a few days later, then the valve clearances will definitely not be the problem as nothing would have changed the clearance while the bike was sitting. However it does sound like the automatic compression release isn't working for some reason, and since that involves hard parts look at that first. Also double check the cam timing. Not knowing anything about the bikes history, if the cam chain drive sprocket gets really worn then it's possible for the chain to jump, and this often happens at lower speeds when the cam movements can be more jerky, such as when starting and turning off. It's possible the chain jumped last time you shut it off, or this time when you tried to start it. If the timing is off then the compression release may not be working at the right time making the motor difficult to turn over.
  2. sirthumpalot

    '17 EXC 500 Fault Code r04 14 10 14

    The bike shutting down is really odd, are the later model speedos linked to the ECU somehow?
  3. You guys with the torches, that's much more spectacular than what I do! I use a glass bead cabinet when available, otherwise a cheap harbor freight sand blaster gets it clean too. Makes a mess and you need a dust mask and goggles... maybe the torch idea is starting to sound better.... but the sand blaster will clean it right up.
  4. sirthumpalot

    intake valve wont tighten!! help!!

    I'm not familiar with that engine, but that adjuster looks like it's turned in really far. Is it holding the valve open? Try backing the adjuster out a bit, maybe it's in so far that there are no threads for the nut to grab?
  5. sirthumpalot

    KTM reliability

    I rode my buddies 350sx on the MX track and it was an absolute blast! He was on my 500 and I didn't want to give his 350 back. I kept hearing how you have to rev the things to get the power, and it definitely pulls hardest up top but I was really surprised at how well it pulled at all other RPMs too. Maybe it's because I'm only 160#, or that I'm only local B class speed on a good day, but there was more than enough power for me. Riding the rear wheel out of 3rd and 4th gear corners is just too much fun for words. Wish I could convince my wife that I need one in addition to my 500!
  6. sirthumpalot

    '17 EXC 500 Fault Code r04 14 10 14

    Check the batteries when you swap them out. If they all have very low voltage then something inside is causing it to suck the battery dry quickly, and you might need a new speedo to fix it.
  7. sirthumpalot

    KTM reliability

    I bought my 500 at the end of 2013 and have been in this forum since then, and I do not remember reading any posts about failed plastic gears, on any year bike. If it's a problem, it's not a big enough problem to be mentioned here, which I would take to mean that it's not a real problem.
  8. sirthumpalot

    Silent Dirtbike

    First good on you for wanting to be a good neighbor, you deserve respect for that. More respect for wanting to be a good neighbor to a vet, and a WWII vet at that. We wouldn't be speaking English right now if it wasn't for their sacrifices! That said; stock is going to be very reasonably quiet, see if you can find one on eBay. Second see if you can find an FMF Q4, and ask this guy if his Q4 was quieter than stock. If you or anyone you know can weld, or there is a shop near by, have them add a screen to the end like what comes stock on the KTM EXC bikes. I have a 500exc, and it has the quietest exhaust I've ever seen stock on a performance bike, and that screen is part of the equation. Here's a picture:
  9. sirthumpalot

    Bad TPS? Vid inside

    Tweaking the TPS could definitely help. My first guess is it sounds a tad bit rich, but it actually could be a tad lean or rich and get similar issues. Shameless plug: www.tpstool.com, new fancy tools available!
  10. You need fuel, compression and spark and something should happen, one of those 3 things is off. Starting fluid is super flammable, if you get no fire with starting fluid then skip right to checking for spark and compression. If you have compression and spark and still nothing with starting fluid, then maybe it's super flooded (did you leave the gas on?). In this case, remove the spark plug and let it sit for a long time, or push it down the driveway with the spark plug out and the throttle wide open, then try to start it again. If you get some popping but it won't stay running, then check the reeds.
  11. sirthumpalot

    Why Richen Mixture for Exhaust Upgrade?

    In general, it doesn't exhaust 100% of the air on the exhaust stroke, because air is compressible and back pressure in the exhaust keeps some air in the cylinder. The more the back pressure, the more air that is left in the cylinder. More air left after the exhaust stroke also means less air can come in during the intake stroke. So an exhaust that flows better allows more complete exhausting, which allows more air to be taken in, which requires more fuel. Also in some cases the momentum of air in the exhaust from the previous exhaust stroke can help pull air out on the next exhaust stroke, which would have the same net effect; lower cylinder pressure after the exhaust stroke allowing more air to come in on the intake stroke.
  12. sirthumpalot

    Neck brace preference

    Has anyone tried the Leatt GPX 3.5 yet?
  13. In light of this thread; what neck braces do you guys like for tall skinny adults (6' 160#) and stocky kids (5'6" 120#)?
  14. An almost 3% chance of a serious neck injury is pretty darn high. That's 2.5 of every 100 people who leave via ambulance would have a serious neck injury, yikes!
  15. sirthumpalot

    Bad TPS? Vid inside

    That definitely sounds like something inside came lose or broke and is hanging up. Maybe a spring or something.