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  1. Bought a preowned 2005 yz125 not knowing of the faulty shift stopper. After riding it i would hit neutral when shifting down from second to first.. thought it was my shifting at firsrt though this never happens on my honda 450.. so after pulling the clutch cover and replacing the part with an updated 2007, I noticed the bearings on the old part were gone. Split the cases and found Went through each gear, everything looked and worked together perfect.. crank within spec.. replaced piston and rings with Vertex... flushed out all metal... fresh oil and dropped the motor back in.. After countless hours and new parts... Here she is! (Working on cleaning up swingarm decals now with googone and a razor blade) I am very satisfied with how the bike came out, it pulls hard and feels great... however I am still having an issue when downshifting from second to first.. this isn't a big issue because I don't use first or second on the MX track, but when I am getting on and off I notice it.. I just was concerned the problem could spread and do not want to hit a false neutral when I am coming up on a jump... is this possible that it's due to the actual shift lever itself? Should I not worry about it since I Split the cases and inspected everything, AND replaced the shift stopper with the 07 updated shift stopper assy? Thanks and I hope you guys enjoyed the build!
  2. Bit of backstory- I just started riding seriously in the past year or so... I have been riding my whole life on a very low level, but just recently I graduated, got a nice career and was able to afford a bike.. I picked up a 2010 CRF450 and started progressing at a pretty decent rate, until I went over the bars and tore my rotator cuff. The 450 is awesome and the power is plentiful.. unfortunately the power is plentiful. The throttle is super sensitive and it takes a smooth (read, experienced) rider to be able to ride it without being over his head 80% of the time. I don't have as much fun riding since I'm always in the low end of the power (can't feel like I'm letting loose and just ripping) and I'm not a fan of the engine braking as it doesn't exactly build confidence in the air when you momentarily let off the throttle and start to endo. I also don't like the weight of the bike.. even though I'm 6'1 185lbs, I sometimes feel like I'm dead sailing in the air. Can't really adjust the position mid-air too much, at least at my riding level. Enter last friday... I drove 3 hours each way to go pick up a relatively clean 05 YZ 125 and I am absolutely THRILLED to have picked it up. I will be able to rip into the meat of the power on this bike, and while I may not be going anywhere, I'll surely feel like I am. The only downfalls are: -The suspension (especially the rear shock) is like a couch.. it sinks so much when I just sit down on it. Is this due to my weight and also being used to a new leftover 2010 CRF450? Is it due to it being clapped out? Or a mix of both? What should I do to the rear shock... service it with oil and adjust the clickers, or do I need a new spring? -There is a slight leak coming from the drain bolt.. the fluid is pinkish in color. If I wipe the bottom of the drain bolt with a paper towl, I get a pinkish residue. Does this sound like tranny fluid? What are the chances this is just a washer deal? There is also another small leak coming from the powervalve breather tube, but I feel like this drippage is normal. -The bike will not shift into neutral from first gear, only if you go to second and then half a click down. The bike hit a false neutral on me one time during the test ride. I haven't rode it since as I want to fix everything before I take it out on the track. Is this the faulty shift stopper that plagued the 05/06 125s? What are the chances there is permanent damage from the bearings possibly breaking loose? What do I need to do when replacing the shift stopper to make sure everything is kosher and I don't have any metal floating around where it shouldn't? -The bike has ZERO low end... it almost bogs anytime you aren't on the pipe, and I'm partly sure this is just due to it being a 125, but wanted to make sure. I purchased the bike knowing I'd have to sink in a few hundred dollars to get it where I want. I want to clean it up and have a reliable bike that I can make my everyday ripper. I want to do it right! I will be doing the mechanical portion first, followed by new restyled plastics/graphics. I'm stoked!!!!! Hope I don't get too carried away..
  3. I am currently watching VOL 2 DVD 'all about jumps and whoops' and I had a question. I see that Gary says to land front wheel first on the landing of most jumps, however he doesn't really explain how to ensure that happens. He said to put your butt out on the rebound but is the amount you throw your butt out proportional to how much the front tire goes up or down? I'm more interested in learning how to move the bike around without having to rely on the back brake and throttle, reserving those for more emergency type situations. Also, conversely, if I want to land rear wheel first how do I ensure that? Currently on most table tops I'm landing on both wheels which gary says is bad.. then again I'm not clearing them yet, I'm landing on the table portion and am not landing on the gas. It's a pretty hard hit, I'm just working my way up to landing on the gas without fear of whiskey throttle. Thanks for your time
  4. Thank you BTGD! VERY good point. I listen to every genre, country to rap to alternative. I just happened to be in that particular mood while making the edit. Thanks, it's a pretty sick track with some big hits! I hear you on that! unfortunately the go-pro's have never been very good at picking up audio! :/ Thanks!! Yeah thats a big hit! we measured it to be 110ft. Lipped up pretty nice so it'll shoot you up pretty hight!
  5. For you.. for us who like Drake, it added to the experience. Put it on mute and enjoy some riding bud!
  6. Track is in my good friend's backyard.. Pretty gnarly! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjh76VaIqT0&feature=youtu.be
  7. HazzyG

    getting more distance?

    Because he is lighter than you. A heavier load on a bike with all else remaining constant will not travel as fast. Think about you running with a toddler on your back versus running with an adult on your back. This is an exaggerated analogy but you see the point.
  8. Thank you for the feedback.. I am 6'1" so just above 6 foot. I may have some corner footage, I believe I am better in the corners than on jumps. I'll look for that footage. I am working on consistency in ruts, larger ones in sweeping turns I am able to fully use, tighter turns is where my problem of crosscutting occurs. I'm working on it but am better in corners so I am more concerned with finally clearing some smaller jumps. I really tried to focus on cornering and form each time I went out and yesterday was the first time I really got any air (This footage was all from yesterday). And I've tried to hit the rev limiter on short straights in second but it seems to never run out of power.. I guess I'll go out to an open area and try again.. Thing is just a torquey tractor haha.
  9. HazzyG

    getting more distance?

    Third gear is still vague. Third gear pinned and third gear are completely different. Try following your friend and matching speeds if you want to get the same distance.
  10. Ride a CRF450R. Have ridden streetbikes and harley's my whole life (I'm 23) but never dirt. Here I am after 4 weeks (and 5th time ever riding dirt/mx) I usually only get an hour of actual ride time per day out at the track. How's my form and technique look? I am trying to take it slow and don't want to ride over my head and wad up. Any more tips? Think i'm ready to triple out of those whoops? How about that rhythm section? Links below are two short videos and are public http://instagram.com/p/en4TTDRyUv/ http://instagram.com/p/en7FquxyZk/ Thanks guys!
  11. HazzyG

    07 125 SX

    I'm running 280 oil height is that too low? I'm 6'1 180
  12. HazzyG

    Pro Moto Kick It stand For Sale!

    Sold to Yomo, will ship tomorrow.
  13. HazzyG

    Pro Moto Kick It stand For Sale!

    Deal pending with Yomo! Great stand you guys, very helpful.
  14. Update.. Woke up and now is leaking orange coolant from same spot?