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    DRZ Luggage Racks

    Time Left: 18 days and 6 hours

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    I'm looking for a set of luggage racks for a DRZ400S. I do have soft sided panniers, but really any rack could be made to work. Let me know if you've got something you're looking to get rid of!


    - US

  2. dirtbiker117


    Even if you use engine-type oil in the tranny, it would generally be referred to as tranny fluid. I didn't think that it was at all obvious that you were referring to tranny fluid. Sorry for the mix-up.
  3. dirtbiker117


    Um, pre-mix and engine oil are the same thing in a two stroke. Just saying. The oil is most likely coming from rich jetting, or a leaking clutch side crank seal. Has it always been spitting oil or did it just start?
  4. dirtbiker117

    Help Need Ignition Coil!!

    +1 I've heard that ignition coils very rarely go bad. It's usually a stator or CDI, but get the coil checked out so you don't throw money at the most expensive parts.
  5. dirtbiker117

    Bestest year of the cr125??

    I've heard that early 90's models up to the '97 were the best. However, the '96/'97 are mildly notorious for their weak electrical systems...just replaced the stator on my '97. Differences are mainly cosmetic from '92 to '97, but in '98 the 125 got an aluminum frame and it was reduced from a 6 speed to a 5 speed...same with the '99.
  6. dirtbiker117

    HPP Honda Power Port

    The HPP would be your exhaust valve assembly.
  7. dirtbiker117

    CR125/2 Stroke Newbie

    Heh, exact same thing happened to me. I was clueless about bikes when I bought my '97 CR125 and the guy told me it was a '98. '97 is a 6 speed though, and the '98 is a 5...could be a plus depending on where you ride. Pics would help with identifying the bike and with seeing whether or not the oil on the air filter is a problem.
  8. dirtbiker117


    I'm not quite that stupid...it's not an adjustment issue. Doesn't seem to be the stuck calipers or worn out brake pads either. All the range of motion is there, it's just compacted into about a half of inch of travel in the brake handle if that makes sense. Once the pads are locked down on the disc then the brake handle obviously won't pull any farther. It's just really easy to go from no brake to full brake... Kind of a hard thing to explain, but maybe you have a better idea now.
  9. dirtbiker117


    All right, now that my bike is working again, I can worry about things slightly less important than the engine running. The front brakes on my bike (CR125) are super hard. Obviously if the brakes are soft then you have air in the lines, but what would make the brakes hard? They are pretty much either braking very hard/locked up, or not braking at all - basically no transition. Ideas on what this could be?
  10. dirtbiker117

    I'm so sick of this...

    The beast is alive again! After almost four months in the shop, I finally got it back...and running again. Turned out that it was the stator that was the bad part. Shop charged me for 3 hours of labor, and if they did half of what they say they did then I was only charged for around a third of the actual labor time. I'm pretty satisfied about it all
  11. dirtbiker117

    I'm so sick of this...

    Yeah there is. I'm going to pull my bike out of there tomorrow and talk to a knowledgeable friend that I have and see what shops actually ARE good. I've always wanted avoid shops before this...now I know why.
  12. dirtbiker117

    I'm so sick of this...

    slowfe: Thanks a lot for offering to take a look at my bike, but I don't think it would go over very well with my parents and all...I'm still living at home. If all else fails, maybe I could convince them to meet up somewhere so you could take a look at it, but for right now I'll try a few other options. If you want to take a look at how far away I am, I live in Rolla.
  13. dirtbiker117

    I'm so sick of this...

    That's kind of what I was thinking also...it's not that it's a very complicated piece of machinery...but I don't really know what to do. I don't want to take it to some other shop that will have the same results and charge me for it. I wish I knew of some good shop around here...all we have are Honda shops. And don't worry about me parting it out...I'm not quite there yet - just asking in case I do have to go down that road.
  14. dirtbiker117

    I'm so sick of this...

    Yep, it's nice to have some honesty... Do you think I could sell it for more parting it out or as a whole? EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention, the service manger head guy is taking a look at it this week...two other mechanics have already been over it though, so I'm not getting my hopes up.
  15. dirtbiker117

    I'm so sick of this...

    Well....I have no idea what to do now. The shop has no idea what is wrong with it, and they've given up on it. It's not like they're trying to scam me or anything, because they're only charging me for the cost of gaskets replaced after working on my bike for 8 weeks. Weird.