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  1. MattB1969


    Continental TKC 80..........Thats what I use and really like their performence and look. MB
  2. MattB1969

    How Many Miles Do You Put On Your DRZ A Year?

    I bank about 5300 miles per year......during the early spring through late fall its my daily commuter. MB
  3. MattB1969

    Quick CS question:

    Thanks Bronco!
  4. MattB1969

    Quick CS question:

    Can the motor be run w/o the sprocket and nut on the shaft? I ask because I know there is a seal and wondered if the seal could blow out w/o the sprocket and nut not present on the shaft?....... Matt
  5. MattB1969

    Drive sprocket stuck

    I have someone sit on the bike with the FRONT and REAR brakes applied with the bike in neutral. Use a breaker bar or rattle gun........rattle gun is a piece of cake.......Just Keep The Bike In Neutral If You Use One. MB
  6. MattB1969

    Pro Taper chain

    The main difference is how they seal. The O-ring seals only at one point the side of the O. The X style seals at 2 points. Because of the two sealing points, the X style seals a little better than the O style. The X-ring is a little more expensive to make than an O-ring so a X-ring chain is more expensive. Another benefit of the X style that I have heard, is less power robbing friction. I have no idea if this is true or not.
  7. MattB1969

    Pro Taper chain

    Are you sure about the X ring having a little slit in the O ring? From my understanding the X ring is sealed better than that of the O ring because not only does it seal around the O there is a X seal in the middle as a second line of defense? Anybody please advise......Thanks! Matt
  8. MattB1969


    Thanks Everyone!
  9. MattB1969


    Quick question......will the red loctite cure in 20 deg temps? I'm in the midst of a chain and sprocket change and will be doing the loctite fix on the CS soon. I may have to wait for the temps to get into the 40's before I can do the loctite fix........what are your thoughts? Matt
  10. MattB1969

    painting swingarm with truck bed liner

    I think you will hate it when it starts to peel off and look like crap...I don't think it will be a good idea.
  11. MattB1969


    So there is residue on the rear hub? You may also check to see if the air filter was too saturated with oil and dripping from the air-box drain, thus blown onto the rear hub? That's my two cents......another could be..... MB
  12. MattB1969

    Chain slider randomly fell off?

    I just looked at mine and sure enough I lost a nut to the smallest bolt.....so mine was being held on secure by the two long bolts while the small bolt was just threaded in place.
  13. MattB1969

    chain stretching?

    My stock chain I got 10,000 out of it and the sprockets........I'm in the process of installing new steel sprockets and a primary drive gold x ring chain. I hope to get another 10000 miles out of this new set up. MB
  14. MattB1969

    How long is a set of brake pads supposed to last?

    Well I have 10 k miles on my DRZ400S (street miles) and they are still good. MB
  15. MattB1969

    Thoughts of luck DRz family

    Prayers sent to your dad and your family.....stay positive. Matt B