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  1. treehopper

    Fork Subtanks for Enduro/XC/HS??

    Enzo set up my suspension and sold me those tanks just for sandy woods riding. It was a long time ago, on my 2003 YZ250F. The setup works great. It is definitely too soft for motocross.
  2. treehopper

    XR 400 Lack of low end power

    Removing the spark arrester gave my XR400 a big boost in low end power. When I had that bike I remember thinking it must have been jetted from the factory to run without that corking device.
  3. treehopper

    Oil injection first startup?

    Thanks so much. And they are completely insane (or should I just say typically Italian lol) for not using a standard mechanical system like Yamaha's from the old days. I would be very disappointed if I bought a bike that to me had the bonus of oil injection, and found out it was being interfered with by a computer. I am completely behind you on your decision to remove it. In the old days, I used to make fun of people that removed theit oil injection systems, removed the catalytic converters from their cars, and other conspiracy theorists. I just assumed you guys were being like that. Sorry to everyone.
  4. treehopper

    Blown 2009 YZ250F Project

    Definitely was detonating to the point of preignition. It might have been lightly detonating and he couldn't hear it, or didn't pay attention to it. It could have been slightly lean, or too much ignition advance (maybe the rotor came loose?), or bad gas. Once something like the ground strap on the spark plug gets hot enough from detonation to cause preignition, all of the damage in the pics will happen in an instant. The molten balls of aluminum on top of the piston is the proof. And oh yeah, there is no such thing as predetonation.
  5. treehopper

    Oil injection first startup?

    I came to this thread not even know that there was a modern two stroke with oil injection. Am I to understand from your above reference that Beta has found a way to make a perfectly reliable mechanical system funky and not work great, by adding electronics? If that's the case, I would have not even have posted had I known.
  6. treehopper

    Oil injection first startup?

    Thanks for details. I just get email notifications from Thumpertalk about threads that I might be interested in, I had no idea that you were just trying to avoid repeating yourself.
  7. treehopper

    Oil injection first startup?

    That was an interesting way to tell us that you preemptively removed your oil injection system before something could go wrong with it, but my question was to Bachnok who said that he removed his because of problems. I want to know what his problems were, not what your fears are.
  8. treehopper

    Oil injection first startup?

    "Funky" and "If it worked great" are good enough descriptions for housewives watching a fake reality TV show about dirt bikes, but could you please be more technical? I think that if there is something wrong with the oil injection system, people would like details. Thanks.
  9. treehopper

    RK Tech Head for a YZ250x Review

    Yeah, increasing compression on a two stroke generally weights the power band towards the midrange.
  10. treehopper

    limitations of a dirtbikes?

    Wait a minute, Wait-A-While, how did a quad turn into a bike 2/3 of the way up a hill? Are you sure you weren't watching a Transformers cartoon?
  11. treehopper

    Something got too hot. 2015 CRF250R

    I think you mean it won't fire, right? I mean it spins (cranks) but won't start or even fire?
  12. treehopper

    CRAFTSMAN tools new home...LOWE'S!!

    That's why I care what you do. People keep buying crap, pretty soon only crap will be available.
  13. treehopper

    CRAFTSMAN tools new home...LOWE'S!!

    Because if everybody quit buying them as soon as they went Chinese, they would have been forced to go back to making quality tools and I would be able to run to a nearby store and buy tools. Now I either shop on the internet or have to drive a good distance. I hate having to buy something on a Sunday in an emergency that I only get one use out of. I know, guaranteed for life. But I'd rather have tools that don't break when I need them.
  14. treehopper

    CRAFTSMAN tools new home...LOWE'S!!

    You are the ideal customer. Blindly consuming chrome plated excrement because of brand loyalty. You are everything that the company who bought the Craftsman name hoped that you would be. That was intended to be an insult, don't take it the wrong way. I am insulting you, not the garbage that you are buying. If enough people keep buying "Craftsman", they will continue to make them even worse until the returns outweigh the profits. Then they will either improve the product enough to maintain profit, or sell the name again. Yes, it's you and people like you who keep making Craftsman a worse product.