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  1. treehopper

    i question the 3x3 cutout

    Dirt bike air boxes are designed solely to fit space limitations, and air box snorkels are solely for sound attenuation.
  2. treehopper

    Clutch dragger

    Maybe your pictures don't show us what you intended for us to see. I don't see anything wrong with them from the pics.
  3. treehopper

    GasGas more power than KTM? Dynos included.

    It is not possible for similar-use engines of the same displacement to have such a big difference in torque output unless one is supercharged or turbocharged. You will see similar torque numbers in same displacement engines regardless of their horsepower difference, as long as we are comparing two strokes to two strokes and four strokes to four strokes. The numbers that you are reporting are false. As said above, if both were on the same dyno on the same day, there will be similar torque numbers, within a few percent, not a fifty percent difference.
  4. treehopper

    Please help. Lights to magneto

    That's the kind of thing I'm interested in, MacGyvered stuff. I'd like to see pics, too bad the camera wan't invented yet. lol
  5. To make it pertinent to this thread, raising your compression ratio a half a point from 13.5:1 would bring it up to 13.55:1. Raising it a half a number from 13.5:1 would bring it to 14:1. My objective is to educate, not argue. I am sure that a large percentage of the people on the internet say points when they mean numbers, copying them doesn't make it right
  6. No matter. A point is one tenth of a number, whatever you apply it to.
  7. Just for educational purposes, 13point5 to 14point0 is not half a point, it's half a number. I think that I demonstrated what a point is. That's pet peeve of mine as far as octane boosters are concerned. Many advertise how many points their product boosts octane, and people confuse points and numbers. There's nothing that can boost your octane by five numbers, but a five point increase seems legitimate.
  8. treehopper

    Question about direction of coolant flow.

    You can tell on any centrifugal pump, like your water pump, the direction of flow by the way it is piped. Water always enters the pump in the center, and is centrifuged out the edge. That is any centrifugal pump, including a turbocharger compressor, a squirrel cage blower (ventilated disc brakes and old fashion sirens are in this category), and water pumps.
  9. treehopper

    Purchased 2018 DR650 with 768miles...

    Dirt roads, maybe. 🤣
  10. And I mean shifting at the power peak, just not using the over rev capability of your engine to avoid shifting before the next corner. Shift! Save your engine!
  11. I think that it has become a normal way of riding to allow the engine to hit the Rev limiter. It seems like people think that it is ok since the pros always do it. Pros don't mind replacing engines. RPM is what kills engines, it will extend a well maintained engine's life a lot to shift well below the Rev limit. I would guess that the factories base their RPM limit settings on reasonable engine life, not maximum engine life.
  12. treehopper

    Green engine oil

    Whipped cream texture, which you didn't mention before, indicates coolant in the oil.
  13. treehopper

    Pre mix

    I would trust Yamalube 2R in any situation.
  14. treehopper

    07 250r cam shaft- ever seen this before?

    If that actually did break and the wear marks are from a short time you should be ok. If what actually happened is the lobe tip wore away, there's a good chance that your motor is near death. If the lobe tip was ground down, the metal powder that used to be cam material would circulate through the engine and act like an abrasive to wear important parts down. Did the oil have glitter in it? I just wanted to make sure that you know that catastrophic failure is a possibility.