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  1. I'm completely stumped! Tore carb apart, all looked fine. Went to start, same thing....acting as if throttle stuck open? Tore carb down again, clean & in spec...Still throttle stuck? Pulled ign/flywheel cover, dry..no oil leaking. Installed stock reed valve cage just to check ( stock reeds only had 1-2 hrs B4 I up-graded to V-Force) Still throttle stuck! Hate to take in to the shop $$$
  2. Exact problem happened on my 05 CR250 last Saturday. I have not had a chance to tare down yet, came looking for ansewers over here?
  3. philbrooks

    Throttle stuck wide open?

    Riding my 05' CR250 this past Saturday. Headed back to the trucks through some sand washes & could feel my throttle sticking just a tad. When I came up to the jeep road leading back towards the truck, I stopped & gave the throttle a couple of twist's to see if it would release............then it stuck wide open! Pulled the seat/tank off to check for any pinch/binds on cable....all looks good. She's due for a top-end any ways, but anyone have any ideas B4 I tare her down? Thanks in advance for any tips
  4. philbrooks

    Hayfield Draw Scrambles

  5. philbrooks

    CR250 issue

    Thanks for the imput guys. Some great tips, My first thought was it's posible vapor-locking? Not sure bikes do, but just thinking back 20-25 yrs to my old beater Ford that locked from time to time. I'll start by replaceing plug wire & kill botton, ck coil, ck carb vents (never though about that) As for jetting, I'v had the same set-up since bike was new. Motor was rebuild by Jonny Weisman (Factory Kawi wench for Taylor Robert) So confindent with his work & never an issue since he rebulit in Dec 2011. I will up-date this post with my progress BTW, Slaydirt I live in N. PHX, Member of the Rock Stars M/C club.
  6. philbrooks

    CR250 issue

    OK, have this odd issue. Bought my 05 CR250 brand new. Never any problems in 7 yrs. Engine completely re-build December 2011, with now aprox 40 hrs on motor & still running great. A few weeks back, took a short break after about riding 10 miles. Hopped on & no start? I knew I did not foul a plug, but put in a new one any way. Getting spark, but kick & kick, nothing...even tried to pull start. Had be be towed back by a 4-wheeler. Push bike into garage where it sat for a week. The following Friday I go out to start trouble shooting, but darn thing starts up 1st kick? So the next day I go to the MX track for a fund-raiser thingy. I do not ride tracks much, but figured I could put some time on bike. Rode 3, 20 minute sessions without any issues. The next weekend, we go out for regular desert ride. Same thing happen again after taking a short break, would not start? This time I was even farther from the truck, so it made a long day recovering bike. So again, bike sat it the garage til following Friday....again, starts 1st kick? Now I do not trust taking her out. Any ideas?
  7. philbrooks

    Any good riding near Peonix?

    WWW.AMRARACING.com 8 clubs to chose from, depending on your location...including AZ trail riders
  8. philbrooks

    Buckeye, AZ?

    WWW.AMRARACING.COM AMA Western Hare Scrambles this weekend at ACP
  9. philbrooks

    Anyone else already have tickets to races this year?

    My MC club reserves the "diamond club" every year. But I bought my freind & her kids tickets for the family section. They are very good seats for half the price of other lower level seating. Even much less since I went directly to the box office to avoid the "BS" fees the internet charges. Plus they won't have to deal with the drunks:thumbsup:
  10. philbrooks

    looking to rent and ride Phoenix 1-15-12

  11. philbrooks

    Closest staging to pima and dynamite?

    Actually, you now need to stage at "Wildcat" P & D has been closed for a few years now. Take Cave Creek road to Bartlett dam road, turn right & go up about 1.5 mile. Wildcat staging in on right-hand side of road.
  12. philbrooks

    Looking for riding partners

    I'm on Vac last week of Nov. Should be able to get a ride or two. Post a few days in advance when you plan to arrive in PHX & we'll set something up.
  13. philbrooks

    05 CR250 hare scramble bike

    If your bars are the "stock Hondea bars" they are "CR hi bend" I was running Pro tapers, but just bought a pair of Easton's (on sale for $54 I cut 3/4" off each end...I beleive they are 31" O/A? Bikes at home, I'm at work now
  14. philbrooks

    Anyone have Easton EXP Bars? Trouble?

    I wanted to replace my bars since there were 5 yrs old & taken a lot of abuse. (I'v always ran Pro Taper CR hi bend) I saw the Easton & really liked the "black" ones since they matched my GRP stablizer pro-kit. I was up in the air rather they would be any weaker than the pro tapers, talked to a bunch of folks and an engineer freind said should be fine. Then right as I was placing my order, I saw the Easton's went on sale so bought them. They are exactly the same as my old pro tapers (actualy much nicer) & also up-graded my older style Cycra wrap around gaurds, to the "Pro cycra" wrap arounds...work just fine and look great!
  15. philbrooks

    Riding the Arizona desert today. Like?

    You need to get off the jeep roads & hit some single track trails:ride: I ride out there on Fridays, let me know if you want to meet for a ride