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  1. garthr

    Which fork oil?

    atf is 10w, same idea, less cost
  2. garthr

    Bought XR650L lowering kit..?

    i have a lowering link to unload, didnt like the way it handled, went with a cut down seat and 17" rims to lower enough to reach.
  3. garthr

    xr650l MEGAJOLT cdi conversion

    still using megajolt after all these yrs... very reliable, made in lynnwood, wa, excellent customer service, and even in english, surprise.
  4. garthr

    Pre-load spacers solved a head shake issue...

    i believe it was 1-1/4" schedule 40
  5. garthr

    XR650L Oil Cooler Ideas/Oil Pump Concerns

    i ran some 3/8 copper tubing out back around the rear fender and back to radiate heat, it helped a lot. since then i use a trans oil mounted on the forks, works about the same but doesnt burn my hand when pulling the bike out of where i shouldnt have been...
  6. garthr

    XR650R header clearance

    that looks like a problem.
  7. garthr

    Overheating from exhaust wraps?

    hot exhaust flows better, more efficient. done under car hoods to limit damage to adjacent parts. not much chance of it getting wet under a hood, bikes, different story.
  8. garthr

    Now on my fourth turn signal relay

    regulator issue maybe overcharging? just guessing here, havent had that problem, ever.
  9. garthr

    Headlight Kill Switch?

    get a wiring diagram, cut into the power wire to the headlite switch and add a toggle, thats what i did, works great.
  10. garthr

    Bike vs. dog

    i use those deer whistles on top of my fender, wonder if they work on dogs too? sure work on deer and for about 5 bucks save a lot of hide.
  11. garthr

    LED Lights ?

    i did this swap and the leds didnt draw enough amps to heat up the dielectric spring in the relay to make it flash. they just stayed on steady, no flash. had to switch out with an led relay.
  12. garthr

    Seat cover

    my cover is leather, use mink oil on it to keep it soft and water out, been on there a long time. pretty tough to tear.
  13. i reuse mine with permatex sealer. its a shim that gives the proper cam/ journal oil clearance.
  14. garthr

    Spark arrestor

    .23 stainless wire mesh. thats what usda requires for arresting those sparks. fold over the end of the muffler, hose clamp. mesh on ebay under 10 bucks.
  15. garthr

    Frankenstein's Monster XL/XR finish

    where is the side outlet on the comp tee on the oil tube to the head going to?