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  1. Watige420

    Knee pads/protection

    Really give the LEATT a good look and try on, because there’s no inside stay you can feel the bike better plus it is the safest design in that it will fail taking out the knee (a comparatively easy fix) rather than the femor ur knee rib fib and ankle like I had happen also lower profile overall because of only having a single vertical stay
  2. Watige420

    Knee pads/protection

    First you saw him putting on a compression sleeve or sock, the EVS ones I wear need no other sock. Others would be fine either with or without, really depends on how much padding you like/need around your foot. As far as braces go CTI is going to be one of the lowest if not the lowest profile brace, the other contender here I would say ( I’m an Orthotist meaning I have a degree in fabrication and design for all braces) is the LEATT C-Frame. This is the brace I use currently (I do have others - EVS Web Carbon, CTI custom, and Fox POD) The reason I choose the Leatt is that it’s designed to fail and sacrifice the knee to protect both the upper and lower leg from catastrophic breakage. Let me tell ya first hand you DON’T want the catastrophic break happening. While wearing one of my old braces I suffered a 3.5cm compression on my left lower tibial plateau turn it into bone fragments and shattering my lower leg into my ankle 49 breaks in total and an11 hour reconstruction surgery of the leg. And THAT is why I now only wear my LEATT Carbon C-Frame Braaap!
  3. Watige420

    Chest protector to protect transplanted kidney

    I have a NEW KIDNEY!!! So here’s my starting point, gotta new EVS belt along with a D3 triangular hip pad I can tuck in to cover the new kidney while not affecting my mobility! Going to show my transplant team tomorrow and see what they think [emoji848] I’ll keep you posted
  4. Watige420

    Finding the solution to arm pump

    Oh arm pump the bain of us all! WATIGE here, I’ a professional coach for all things 2wheeled. The place to start is hydration, nutrition (electrolytes esp!) and proper warm up. Lets start with the warmup. The purpose of the warmup is to release lactate buffers into your blood stream before you go hard. A pedal bike on a stationary trainer works great for this, it’s easily portable and very effective. You can use this prior to your ride/race to warmup your muscles, dilate your blood vessels and get your heart and blood moving. Next lets look at hydration, this is a very neglected aspect of both training and racing! You should strive to always produce ONLY clear urine. This is the biggest easiest way to monitor your hydration levels. For my athletes they have water with them at all times, take in a minimum of 3 liters of water a day and are trained to drink every 2 minutes. This makes sure of proper hydration and trains them to drink and often! Lastly nutrition. Couple aspects here, electrolytes are usually fairly depleted for many athletes so adding a electrolyte supplement is recommended this can just be added to the water. However you will also have to address your glycogen stores. All our brains care about is glucose (glycogen) as we deplete these reserves the brain starts shutting things down and constricting both muscles and vascular systems. Never allowing this to happen is the goal. G2 or regular Gatorade is an excellent choice for addressing this along with an aspirin prior to the warmup and if you race with a hydration pack adding both to your water is a good call. The other ideas are also valid but this is the foundation that you build on. Good training and keep the rubber side down! Charlie Johnson Biomechanist
  5. Watige420

    Best spin bikes?

    Hey guys WATIGE here, also a professional coach, I have a slightly different top recommendation. I do agree with Robb and others that are saying use your own Road or gravel grinder pedal bike, this way you can get your real bike fit to your ergonomic needs and not face the same potential overuse issues due to it not fitting your body. As for the trainer idea? Great idea, BUT you can take it too a new level with KREITLER ROLLERS! So what’s different about these? Well you end up with something that will push your training, with rollers what you have are like 3 rolling pins. 2 in back for the rear wheel and one up front, there is a large rubber band running from the front roller to the closest of the 2 rear rollers. So you’re actually riding in place with no support! The advantage of this is multifaceted but the 2 biggies are riding a line and when I doubt go faster! You have to maintain a straight line or you’ll come off the rollers and tip over! Next our ingrained response to feeling unsteady is to SLOW down! If you do that on rollers you’ll tip over! The ONLY way to regain your stability, just like on our “REAL” bike (moto) is to go faster! This retrains year instinctual response while at the same time forcing a physiological response to make that happen! Amazing tool! Now what if you wanna space out during the session? Well that’s where you have the option to use the front end triangle brace. This attachment anchors to the outsides of the front roller and your bars. Now you can’t fall over or off but you will still feel the rear squirm if your form gets sloppy or you’re sprinting. There is also a resistance “fan” attachment that runs off the front roller providing additional resistance and a cooling breeze for you! All my athletes have rollers and a basic trainer such as the ones Robb mentioned. Good training and keep it rubber side down! Charlie Johnson Biomechanist
  6. Watige420

    Quads get very sore while riding

    Right with you! I was also diagnosed with MS, turned out to be a rare form of diabetic neuropathy where my nerve branches don’t communicate with my muscles appropriately. I coach 2 wheeled athletes and am the former lead biomechanist for CTS during Lance Armstrong’s reign. Feel free to contact me I know some tings that should really help [emoji1421]
  7. Watige420

    SmartCarb Review

    Thinking strongly about a SC to go on my ‘01 CR250R. Live in the Colorado high country. Any word on breakdowns or problems
  8. Watige420

    Kidney transplant

    So here’s the update... no transplant yet. My cousin and I are not ABO blood type matches but we are tissue matches on 3 out of 4 markers. IF I end up with her kidney despite the search for a better match. It will come with known complications
  9. Don’t know if your still brace hunting, but I’ve got a L knee that the lower half is artificial and a R knee with a grade 3 ACL tear. The L knee damage was actually due to my EVS Web brace working too well I got thrown up and landed with all my weight on my left leg, leg straight brace prevents hyperextendion and lower tibial plateau gets compressed 3.5 cm and disintigrates tibia fibula shatter all the way into my ankle. A big reason I now wear the C-Frame Carbon as it’s designed to sacrifice the knee to protect the femur and lower leg from such injury as I sustained. If you play around with the strapping it really stays in place quite well I’m talking 12+ hour ride days stays in place
  10. Hey y’all I’m going to be having a kidney transplant soon and I’m going to need to protect the new kidney, location is behind the top of the hip bone (iliac crest). So looking for input on any of the current crop of chest protectors that have full wrap oblique and abdominal coverage. What do y’all like? Don’t want it to interfere with movement or be too hot or heavy. Thanks for the suggestions
  11. Watige420

    Kidney transplant

    So I’m scheduled to have a kidney transplant Oct 17 I ride a lot of technical difficult single track. Just wondering from those who have already gone down this path, how long should I expect to be off the bike? Thanks
  12. Watige420

    Is Your Handlebar Position Working Against You?

    bar position is important yes but it is only one part of a bike fit, meaning fitting and modifying the bike to oneself. BUT on the bar topic a couple few points are missing intuit most of us really would be better off with an asymmetric bar setup. I know some of you are scoffing at this idea, but hear me out. I fit bikes professionally, both motorized and pedal. While doing bike fits for the US para olympic blind cycling team i discovered something . One of the tandem captains told me how his blind stoker (pedaler in back) almost crashed them every lap on turns 1 and 3 on the track (velodrome). So I did a bike fit for said stoker on his solo bike he had setup on a trainer at home. Well i couldn't get the front end to calm down he kept fighting the bar position no matter what. Then i loosened the stem had him get off the bars, i ranged the bars to the left , as though he was making a left hand turn. DEAD STILL. He felt as the bike should be turning right as they exited the straight into turns one and three. After the bar twist no more fighting the bike! Point is what our eyes tell the brain and what the rest of the body tells the brain can be very different. I'm 52yo , 6'2" 180lb solid B racer and have lots of metal parts My bars are all mounted in Pro Taper P3 clamps 2.5mm forward of center line 10mm clamp risers Pro Taper Contour CR High bend rotated to '0' point Right side rotated forward 5' and pushed 7mm to the Right. To my body this is straight
  13. Watige420

    What is my problem?

    BASE training! I've posted about it before. But to summarize, base training trains your body to burn fat. The human body does not naturally burn fat or see it as a fuel source. Everything we eat eventually becomes sugar, it's just a matter of how long it takes to make the conversion, the harder it is the more energy is used in the conversion. But stored fat, that's different it really is something that the body has to be forced into using as fuel for it to be burned. So BASE training is a very specific routine. And once started needs to continue for permanent physiologic changes to take place. What changes? Well besides the fat burning you also have multiple cardiovascular changes taking place in the way of increased VO2 max, healthy heart hypertrify, and increased muscular capilerization. these equal faster recovery times, higher power output at lower heart rate (meaning faster riding longer at lower heart rate) and greater cardiovascular efficiency . BASE is done at LOW heart rate. Arbitrary numbers would be between 118-130 BPM and every week training within this zone increases in both duration and load, all while avoiding ALL carbs like the plague. This is done while eating a high protein high fat diet. Funny thing is everyone I know that has gone through BASE training also has lowered their cholesterol in the process. Feel free to PM me with any questions. OH, and I was the lead biomechanist at CTS during Lance Armstrong's time at the top
  14. Watige420

    Bike for the wife

    Started my S O on a modded KX 125 after one ride. As in she had only ridden anything once before, and that was a TTR125. She has since graduated to a KDX220, which is actually the bike I wanted to get for her. I have lowered it and restrung the suspension. And that’s it on this one. Before I got her, her first bike I asked what made her uncomfortable. Power? Height? Weight? She chose weight as the top issue, so KX125. After 2 years of riding that bike she was asking for a bike with more power.... KDX220! I don’t think she will ever outgrow this bike. Just remember when looking at Trail vs MX that most people,even those racing, don’t use a fraction of the power of a MX bike.... really not until you’re racing A class. Hope that helps and my suggestion would be a KDX200 or KTM 200. Oh she’s also 5’6”
  15. Watige420

    Honda whoa and blues

    So update.... Added a 14oz fww and wow [emoji50] now I have a tractor! I have hope in my Honda ways again! lol [emoji23] I am still planning on getting the 300 from my buddy come spring, but at least my bikes not holding me back anymore!