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  1. yamahasocal450

    paddle tire to swing arm clearance?

    yeah, its on a ktm 450 xc-f (16) so the chain is pretty tight still. I might drop down to a 47, (48 stock). What do you mean by pedestal clearance? I assume you mean plenty. Unfortunately the only 47 i can find is a nasty steel looking doohickey, and that would buy me just under 3/16" clearance.
  2. How much space have you gotten away with when running a paddle tire. There's about 1mm between my swing arm and my tire! Without the mudflap. Not sure how much the tire will expand at speed too but I'm thinking I would need more space. Also thinking about picking up a 1 tooth smaller rear sprocket to buy some room. I really don't want to run a longer chain/trim the paddles. Thanks!
  3. yamahasocal450

    2016 sxf frame guards in orange ?

    they said early november for the 450's
  4. I know there used to be a lot of importers back in the early 2000's. Any savings from that went away in the late 2000's with the exchange rate... but now it kind of sort of makes sense to buy a bike in Canada and bring it back to the states. For example.. I'm looking at a YZ250FX which is 8749 CAD or 7027 USD, vs. 7890 in the US. Colorado doesn't title dirtbikes, so what other implications are there? Duty?, etc? Seems like a significant savings to cross the border. I actually really want a YZ450FX, so hopefully Yamaha pulls through on that...
  5. yamahasocal450

    09 worth?

    Just put my 09 up last week in the classifieds I've got it built out for a specific type of rider though. I agree with you though, steel frame 250's are a dime a dozen.
  6. I ain't givin no lochness monster no tree-fiddy
  7. yamahasocal450

    yz250 mods for tall people

    I wouldn't modify the cast clamps, there isn't enough material in the webbing to have a safe mount. Yzf clamps can be had for cheap on eBay
  8. yamahasocal450

    My surging EG295 is driving me nuts

    Running race gas for me eliminated my throttle chop knock and deto and surge. That was even with the timing set to 0.004" btdc... I tried 0.007" (stock) and it didn't really run that good either. My head is cut for high altitude and pump gas but I've found that pump gas still makes it run weird at altitude. Try mixing 1:3 race gas to pump gas and ween it out from there. I found I can do 1:3.5 and have good results
  9. yamahasocal450

    yz250 mods for tall people

    I'm 6'1/ 6'2 ish... i got the fastway f3 pegs and put them in the lower position after I machined my stock peg mounts.. lowers them by about 1/2 - 3/4 of an inch and moves then back about the same Also got the 2012 yz450f clamps with the adjustable bar position that I machined for my forks. Also have a Scotts submount that I machined some adapters for the damper to fit in the forward position on the new clamps. Between those 3 mods It's more comfortable. My bars are still a pretty low rise too but I would say that moving the bars forward and up an inch helped the most
  10. yamahasocal450

    My surging EG295 is driving me nuts

    I use 110 leaded mixed 1:4 with 91 pump and it runs a lot better than straight pump gas off idle and took care of my surging/ throttle chop knock. I'm in colorado and the air is very dry so I dont think we have the issues with ethanol that a more humid area would have. I'm thinking about going to 1:3 on RG:PG though. When I ride at sea level I run straight 110 though.
  11. yamahasocal450

    Anywhere to ride (trails) near Denver this Sunday

    left hand should be pretty dry
  12. yamahasocal450

    EG295 - Best Gearing for Hare Scrambles and Enduro?

    1st and 2nd gear with 14/50 is too slow even for tight and technical... you're better off with WR3-5 and 14/50 or WR 1-5 15/50... I am thinking i will be doing 15/50 here pretty soon or swap back to yz1-2.
  13. yamahasocal450

    JD number 8 carb slide sticking ?

    I had to file my slide as it stuck in my 2009 carb. I filed down the surface of the half circle portion directly to the left of the TPS shelf on the slide, but before it meets with the flat part. It's hard to explain but the sides did not contact, it only contacted on this "half circle" part towards the bottom of the slide slot.
  14. yamahasocal450

    rear shock spanner nut wont turn

    Sorry for the temporary thread jack... Hey phiderman, check your PM's, I want to buy your damper mount, not sure if you're getting the PM's though...
  15. yamahasocal450

    YZ250 front brakes; Pad supports

    they also provide a wear surface so the replaceable pads wont wear your non replaceable caliper. I run the clip with some napa sil glyde and they are smooth!