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  1. rancero86

    2017 RR-S vs RR Race Edition

    390 Race version for me, because I'm not as fast as I once was but fast once as I ever was. LOL Thats when the forks come into play. If they turn out to be to stiff, lighter/less fork oil should do the trick.
  2. rancero86

    stroker 139

    So far I am going with the GYTR pipe and 13-47 gearing to start. I am leaning towards uping the main jet to a 430. My riding style is to run it like a chain saw, it should be a screamer.
  3. rancero86

    stroker 139

    Any gearing or jetting suggestions? 13-48 is on it now. The jetting is stock at 40 pilot 410 main.
  4. rancero86

    stroker 139

    Any bigger and you would need a larger pipe to get the most out of the motor.
  5. rancero86

    stroker 139

    I read alot on the big bore 125s on here but have not seen anything with a 56mm bore and a 56.5mm stroke. Does anyone know if this combo would work well?
  6. rancero86

    pic of 2011 rmz trans gear

    I have put the 450 detent spring in at 6 hours and use Joe Gibbs XP7 oil. 16 hours later, life is good.
  7. rancero86

    2011 - hard to start

    Might also try turning the choke knob counter-clockwise 2-7 clicks.
  8. rancero86

    2011 Transmission peices with pics

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=978810&highlight=detent+spring This thread has the info you need. Part 22 in the diagram with part# 25355-28H00. Which is a 450 part for your 250.
  9. rancero86

    2011 Transmission peices with pics

    The 450 de-tent spring took care of the two false neutrals I experienced in my first ride on the bike. I called over to a dealer in Canada and received the de-tent spring in about a week. Installation was semi easy and the shifting was like any other bike I have ridden. The spring I took out out wasn't putting any pressure on the shift drum. When I removed the bolt that holds the spring it had no compression, it stayed in place and came off easy. The 450 spring puts a good amount of pressure on the drum. I had to have help putting the stronger spring in, one to hold the spring in place and the other to tighten the bolt. So far I am expecting a very good riding season.
  10. rancero86

    OIL: drained 200ml's short, but hidden 400ml's?

    The check bolt is to make sure there is oil in the bike. It is not the full line for the oil level.
  11. rancero86

    2011 Detent Spring

    There is a bit of confusion out there. There are two springs to choose from. The shaft return spring 450 part# 09444-2001 And the gear shift cam spring 450 part# 25355-28H00 Which one is called the De-tent spring? Some fellow talkers also have it mixed so we still don't know which one needs to be replaced. Seems like the confusion continues. This is like trying to find the power band on my two stroke. Called every where and cant seem to find one. I know my dumb don't know.
  12. rancero86

    2011 Detent Spring

    confirmation on that part # please
  13. rancero86

    2010 yz125

    Picking up a new 125. Is there enough grease in the linkage or should I take a part and grease it? The bike will be ridden in a lot of sand. Does the main jet need changed to a bigger size? It will be singing most of the time.
  14. rancero86

    GYTR fuel tank ?

    How much fuel does the gytr tank hold for a yz125? I have been looking at the ty racing tank also. Any other things I might need for a 10 yz125? Bike will be used for track & trail
  15. rancero86

    new yz125

    Looking at a 2010 but have found an 08 and good deals on 09s. Is there much difference in these years?