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  1. basketcasebill

    Putting $ into trail bike, KDX w/auto clutch or KX with mods?

    i always thought it would be cool to have a left hand rear brake ..I would stay with the kdx it haas more usable power but that just me. I just got back from durhamtown and the fastest i went was 43.9 mph and that might not seem fast but when your going through the woods it is.
  2. basketcasebill

    XT 350? maybe? disk brake for XT500

    my xt 350 measures 35 mm but that is with these cheap plastic calipers and my it175 measures the same so it might just be 36mm. you are really not limited to the xt line though. I had an xt 600 with yz250 front end usd type. by the time you buy forks rim and master cylinder a tripple tree is not much more
  3. basketcasebill

    EXACT transmission configuration on KDX

    in the future when comparing models keep in mind that the kdx was redisingedd in 95 and remained the same till the end so comparing kx models should be done at the 1995 point even if yours is a 2000, but in reality there is not a whole lot to find in common
  4. basketcasebill

    Are We Screwed?

    newer? I think the xt is using the air cooled engine design from way back I know at least too 1981 or so, but reliable i will agree 100%
  5. I run the yamaha mesh filter in mine (xt350) and it does not have mechanical bearings in the cams, it uses the oil pressure to keep the cam and head apart. whe I first rebuilt the engine the 1st oil change was alarming I had a bunch of junk in the filter and filter area I rinse the filter with solvent and then clean with dish soap and low it dry with compressed air and reinstall have been doing this since rebuild at about 2k each. everything is well inside. I use castrol 4t engine oil. the yamaha warrior uses the same metal filter and I took the cover off and could not believe the mess found, this was a project I bought with a locked up engine but the metal filter intact was collasped and the metal I pulled from the filter and housing filled a shot glass more than half full and I did not rinse the filter to get that.
  6. basketcasebill

    Are We Screwed?

    that would be a good choice too but judging by 60 ys old ..... I had a 58 yr old school me on a benifit ride a few years back and I was 36 soo just saying
  7. basketcasebill

    Ride doubles on your dual sport

    triumph tiger 800 is what you are looking for man, ktm's have seats like a 2x4 and are meant for resting between standing the drz seat is much better but still narrow and uncomfy, the klx has the widest seat and can be reworked for cheap and they are only 6200 bucks brand new
  8. basketcasebill

    Are We Screwed?

    the drz is way taller than the xr250 and real heavy, I like your idea on the klx250 though ..if you could find one that was siezed and do the 350 kit and add some cams and exhuast in the rebuild I think it would out perform the xr250 easy and have electric start and be more friendly than the drz
  9. basketcasebill

    pics of my rt2mx

    it wouldn't hurt to pull the clutch in and zip tie it like that while you are fooling with other stuff
  10. basketcasebill

    Just got my first 2 stroke! Pics added

    yeah I was going to say go get some eagle 1 aluminum mag wheel cleaner (it will say etching Mag cleaner) and DO NOT GET THIS ON YOUR FORKS OR WHEELS they have clear coat and it will ruin it, I would take the engine out of the frame to be safe but it works so well it is worth it
  11. basketcasebill

    The Best Damn Little Dual sports!

    I was refering to the yamaha dt series they had a bunch of torque down low but really would not rev that high so it had to be short shifted..was a real good learner bike for my daughter....sounds like it was the opposite for the KE though
  12. basketcasebill

    2003 kx125

    he said he did not have any testers
  13. basketcasebill

    Best cheap bike

    I have an IT175 that would do nicely...the shipping would be pricey though
  14. basketcasebill

    Anyone seen the new Honda!

    I am trying to get my hands on a pc800 for commuting and hualing the wife, the ride hieght and rear seat look perfect
  15. basketcasebill

    The Best Damn Little Dual sports!

    I have had an 80 dt100, 81 xt250,v 93 xt225, 73 xl175, 85 xt600, 84 xl350r and now have a xt350... the old 2 strokes are fun at first but run out of steam a little to quickly. the xt350 has been the best bang for the buck to me althought the xt600 was more capable of the highway.