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  1. i lost a really close friend Justin Barnett on Sunday 27th July 2014, Justin was racing at DT1 MX park in Tulare, CA where the crash happened taking his life instantly. He was like a brother to me and touched my heart as he did everyone that met him. he will be missed by his daughter Brooklyn T Barnett there has been a account set up at EECU under Brooklyn T Barnett account number 11951936 here is a FB link for those that would like to know more about Justin www.facebook.com/DT1MXPARK?fref=photo local paper http://www.visaliatimesdelta.com/story/news/local/2014/07/29/tulare-motocross-rider-dies-crash/13306909/?sf29121864=1 I miss you mate
  2. LongMooie

    99 KX250 running bike and a 03 KX250 parts bike

    oh i fully understand the factors envoled and im just riding for fun at my level these days im 36 intermediate vet rider. i plan on keeping this bike cos im poor these days and i lost my 11 ktm in a devorce and my friend bought me the 99 KX250 so i could keep riding (what a great friend i have ) the 03 he came up on too so knowing its the new styled bike i wasnt sure what parts will swap over. i might go throught the 03 chassie and build that one while riding the 99 at this point any info on the differant parts that will work on either bike will be great, ive only had Honda's and a KTM so this is all new to me
  3. ok so i have a 1999 KX250 i replaced the linkage bearings and bought a new exhaust and also had to replace the stator, its now ready to rip and im heading to the mx track this weekend i just came up on a 03 KX250 parts bike its mostly there but looks like its been abused rear tire was bald motor turns but was told it blew!?! so my question is what can i use off the 03 that will be an upgrade to the 99? i need to get the suspension done is the 03 forks and shock better than the 99 are the fames much different? would i be able to put the 99 motor in the 03 chassie while i fix the 03 motor? ive never rode a Kawi before and im returning to my roots of the 2strokes and im really excited about this bike
  4. LongMooie

    Need a fix: 2012 Bercy Supercross HD | Friday | Qualifying

    Cheers mate i was just about to post where i could find it on the web to watch or download
  5. LongMooie

    Should I buy a KTM over a Yamaha?

    ive never got on with the yamahas ive rode they just feel weird to me, i always owned hondas till recently and now have a KTM 350sxf it handles amazing and the parts are easy to get these days with the interweb sites like KTMparts etc or your local dealer!!
  6. LongMooie

    Need a new helmet

    i paid $50 for mine it was a close out at motocrossgiant.com i wish i had bout two for that price
  7. LongMooie

    Need a new helmet

    i have a Kali helmet fits me better than any helmet in the store and its super light and made very well check them out MXA gave them a good rating
  8. LongMooie

    Supercross tickets for a one year old?

    are these made for infants or are they just one size fits all? my boy is 3months now and want to take him to the local MX track to watch daddy
  9. LongMooie

    Honda CRF110f Chromoly frames

    Hey Guys just letting you know that ill be making some HD chromoly frames for the NEW CRF110f these are going to have some pretty trick features and will be adult proof for racing, backyard bashing or hitting a freestyle ramp stock frames can only take so much adult abuse!! chromoly cradle mount frame adjustable shock mount positions for different shocks and stock or MX style swingarm this will alloy you to fully customize your ride +1" longer for more room contact me if your interested Mooie1976@hotmail.com Taking orders now these are going to be ready around December maybe January
  10. LongMooie

    350 sxf shuts off while riding

    throttle body isnt the issue its either the fuel pump in the tank or the injector both are before the throttle body, the 13 350 has the same injector as the 11 and 12 350s that what Mike from KTM told me, the injector is upside down on the throttle body now. i had a new pump fitted and new injector and so far so good, KTM has great customer service and fix it under warranty everytime it happened to my bike it was after it sat for 2 or 3 months while i was injured i personally think its the ethanol fuel separating and going bad even if you drain your tank theres still fuel in the fuel lines and injector.
  11. LongMooie

    Do I need new boots?

    ride on the balls of your feet and your be good for another two years
  12. thats some good info, no cutting or welding of brackets id say thats a straight fit if it bolts up to the stock mounts etc going to get new plastics so it will look fresh for next years racing so might as well 13 it out
  13. LongMooie

    MEC in less than two weeks! whats the deal?

    well i think its down to skill just look at Mike Alessi hole shots almost every race if it wasnt skill i would think every race would have some random guys out front and then the fast guys would push there way to the front after a few laps or so. look at the MXDN races where a guy on a 250 wins i think this also proves its more skill than the bike with motocross i do love the 350 its the perfect bike for me and my riding style
  14. what about the tank shrouds? they look like that have the mounting holes in the same place but hard to tell just looking at them i want some new plastics for my 11 350 and might get the updated 13s if they fit
  15. LongMooie

    Who is the second rider on JGR?

    im just an average rider but every yamaha ive rode just feels horrible, power was never the issue just the way the bikes handle ive rode a 01 to 03 YZ250 06 YZF450 and a 10 YZF450