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  1. MotoXotica

    07 te450 kick start won’t budge

    hate to say it but there is a good possibility your motor is seized. you could take the clutch side cover off and inspect to see if ithe kicker is jammed which could be the case. if you don't see something there best get it to a good repair shop and have a pile of money available to fix it. dan
  2. MotoXotica

    Warranty work - skeptical of the work

    I have seen a couple speedo units on Beta two strokes to be damaged upon pdi . this presumably happened during shipping. perhaps it was some what cracked during shipping and was not noticed until it was completely cracked and noticed by you. any thing at this time is speculation of course. good luck getting it sorted out. Dan
  3. MotoXotica

    LT-Racing Suspension Review

    that's great you are happy with the setup you got from LTR! he has made many riders happier with their bikes.dan
  4. MotoXotica

    17 500RRS Running Hot

    the fan should come on around 220 degrees. so that is fine and you are not running too hot. the bike may start running somewhat cooler as it gets more use as said previously. probably cruising it will run at about 175 degrees. Dan
  5. could be the power up resistor is failing. dan
  6. MotoXotica

    Middle Creek to Stonyford

    Has any one trial ridden from Middle Creek to Stonyford (Goat MTN) lately ? curious how that winter creek/river crossing east of Twin Valley road is at this time ?? Thanx, Dan
  7. MotoXotica

    Beta 500 RRs issues

    so just to clear a few things up. Stefano , the author of this post. has a 2017 beta 500 rrs. it is fuel injected. it is a stock bike except for a fmf q series muffler. the bikes fan comes on at normal temps of about 215 degrees. this is not real hot . the bike has an IMS gas tank so it does not have the stock fuel cap. the bike has the correct airboot on it as some came from the factory with a very restrictive airboot. this one did come with the wrong airboot and it was corrected. we have sold over a dozen 2017 dual sports and to ny knowledge he is the only customer that has experienced this issue. any help is welcome. Dan
  8. MotoXotica

    New 2017 300RR fork oil level too high

    what was the level at? dan
  9. MotoXotica

    Beta jetting with Suzuki Needles

    what is the Suzuki part number for a NECJ needle? dan
  10. MotoXotica

    Need opinions on cause of dragging clutch

    Here is a list of things that I see frequently. some times the push rod gets a small dimple on the end ,sometimes it is bigger than small .this will cause clutch drag. also the inner hub is made of aluminum and it gets grooves rather easily. this also causes drag. sometimes the steel plates get burnished and warped . definitely causes drag. not seeing the springs need replacement often but worn springs or uneven spring wear can also cause drag. lastly the clutch hydraulic system needs to be air free.all of these are rather common causes of drag in an Italian husqvarna. dan
  11. A planning meeting is at 5:30 to7:00 pm at the Winters community Center. 201 Railroad ave. Winters CA.Public input regarding this 330,000 acre area is on the agenda.We need OHV community representation. the huggers will be represented very well as always.Please come if you are able. thanx, Dan.
  12. MotoXotica

    TC250 vs. TE250 exhaust

    tc muffler will not fit a 2008. dan
  13. MotoXotica

    Sumo wheel swap

    what did you do with the fork guards to make them not rub? dan
  14. MotoXotica

    WTB 09 Beta seat

    I have a complete seat for a 2008 beta in stock.i am not certain the base is the same as we were not a dealer until 2011. dan