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  1. camarokid88

    2004 rmz,kx250f problems

    im not getting any white smoke. actually it dont smoke at all. thats what really messes me up. i would think if it was bad rings causing the low compression it would smoke a little atleast or wouldnt start and run so easy.... were do i get one of these manuals?
  2. camarokid88

    2004 rmz,kx250f problems

    the oil seems to be a little greyish and yes i have to keep topping off the coolant .... were are the oil lines located?
  3. camarokid88

    2004 rmz,kx250f problems

    when i start my bike it is pukeing oil out of the breather tube and it seems im getting a little coolant in the oil. when i say pukeing i mean 6oz to 8oz..... any idea what could cause this? i was thinking it was over full of oil but when i check it wasnt even to the sight glass....i put 1/2 quart back in it just to get it back up to the lower mark on the sight glass....after it warms up it dont do this... also i got coolant in the oil. im wondering if this is all one big problem or 2 seperate problems... is the coolant getting in the oil through the head gasket or could the water pump seal be leaking? other than these problems it seems to run great but maybe the compression might be low as well . it starts right up and runs great so i figured i would run it till it dies then get a big bore kit. lol . all ideas on what ould be wrng will be greatly appreciated.
  4. camarokid88

    04 RMZ250 Leaking oil from crankcase tube

    i have the same problem and i think my bike is over full as well.
  5. im in the process of rebuilding my bike and im going to use a wisco piston and rings. i think wisco is probbly better than stock and will not be a high compression piston.
  6. camarokid88

    stock compression

    can someone tell me what the stock compression should be on a 2004 kx250f? i need to do a compression test but dont know how much it should have.lol
  7. camarokid88

    What did you do to your RMZ today?

  8. camarokid88

    04 RMZ 250, as soon as it warms up antifreeze spills out overflow?

    did you ever figure this out ?
  9. camarokid88

    04/05 head the same as what other years?

    04/05,06 rmz250 and 04 and 05 kx250f.
  10. camarokid88

    Modded 04 or clean stock 07?

    i think the 07 handles way better..and is a more reliable bike.
  11. camarokid88

    2005 rmz 250 stroker kit

    ive seen them before from athen i believe.
  12. camarokid88

    What did you do to your RMZ today?

    i have an 04 also and it has low compression too , im basing the low compression on the fact that my last bike was a kx 250 and had alot more compression than this bike...with that being said i still dont thing i could start it with my arm....a friend of mine told me these bikes are not big compression bike from the start either..after the begining of the year im having a compression check done to feel safe....
  13. camarokid88

    Difference between rmz and kxf

    i almost 100 percent but no....04-06 suzuki and 04-05 kx250f are the same after that the kx250f is completely a different bike.
  14. camarokid88

    04 compression question.

    how much compression should it have?
  15. camarokid88

    lets see those kx250f's

    sorry i didnt find one so i thought i would start it. lol ill have to search a litte more.