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  1. simpsc

    Goggles pinching my nose

    I had the same problem with my old Scott goggles and my old helmet which was too large. I replaced the goggles and it got a bit better. I replaced the helmet with one that actaully fit and wouldnt move around on my head and the problem was gone. That was two years ago and I stopped riding. I just bought a new bike, new helmet, and new goggles and the nose pinch is back. Very frustrating. I think I am going to take a razor to the foam of the goggles and see if that helps. The helmet fits ok but it does move a bit but I really dont want to buy another one at this point so I think I will work on the goggles first.
  2. simpsc

    Fork Seal Price

    Take a look at this YouTube video, Rocky Mountain ATV has pretty good tutorials on how to do this. This link is for cartridge type forks but they also have the same sort of video for twin chamber as well. I just did it to my bike and had my Ipad in the garage so I could follow the video. It was a piece of cake. You will need a fork seal driver which is a little pricey (30 bucks on Ebay) or you can just do like I did and make one out of PVC pipe. You may also need a bigger type wrench to get the cap off (depends on the bike) Anyhow, I say try it yourself, it isnt that hard and would be good experience. Just be carefull!!!
  3. Check out Chad Reeds interview, I think it is probably the most reliable explanation so far as to Stewarts issues this year. http://vurbmoto.com/dmxs/episodes/post-show-reed-windham-durham-allen-mcwilliams/8904/ He basically says that he personally talked to James and says that Stewart wanted to go with Suzuki and spent his entire off season training on one but due to greed he went with JGR for the big paycheck and was forced to ride the Yamaha. Now Stewart doesnt like the bike but he is sort of stuck in a three year deal with JGR and Yamaha. I personally think the bike is fine it just doesnt suit Stewart, maybe his body type, maybe his style, or maybe he just has it in his head he cant ride the thing. I went through this when I switched from a 2 stroke to a 4 stroke, clearly there is nothing wrong with 4 strokes but I just couldnt get the hang of it and spent a lot of time on the ground until I switched back to 2 strokes. I think there is something to all this, I can think of three Stewart crashes this season alone where Stewart crashed for no apparent reason. He seems to be just riding along and for no reason he gets squirrely and crashes....we have never seen him do this before have we? Clearly something wrong this year, my guess is he and the bike are just not compatible and he cant get his head right on the bike.
  4. simpsc

    Buying Advice

    Check out the VIN number to make sure it isnt stolen. Ask him if the spring rate for shocks are stock or have they been changed. Ask him if the spring rate for the forks have been changed or are they stock. Ask him when was the last time the bike had a new top end. Does he know what the compression is on the bike? Put the bike on a stand and spin the wheels to make sure there no flat spots in the rim or the rims are not warped. Ride the bike and make sure you can shift through all the gears. Does he have a manual or other parts he can give you? Has he done anything to the bike such as re-jet the carb and if so can he give you specifics? While up on a stand grab the swing arm and wiggle it side to side to see if the bearings are shot. Does the chain and sprockets look ok? Is there any adjustment left in the chain? Make sure you get a bill of sale. How are the breaks, do they have any pad left on them? Are the break rotars worn? Jump up and down on the front forks, any oil leaking? Are there any dings in the shiny lower part of the fork leg? This can ruin seals. Check the frame for cracks. Stand in front of the bike and make sure the front wheel or forks are not twisted. Bring a checklist of things to check with you so you dont forget to check things.
  5. simpsc

    To clean carb or not? DR650

    First thought might be if it aint broke dont fix it. The other thought might be the bike is running great but could run better if the carb was cleaned out, I would opt for the cleaning, that way you would remove all doubt. Most carbs arent that complicated so taking one apart and cleaining it isnt that big of a deal. Go to youtube.com and check out the videos of guys taking apart and cleaning bike carbs. That should give you some idea of what you would be getting into.
  6. simpsc

    New Garage Shed - Blank Canvas

    Oh yeah, one other thing...If you are going to put anything expensive out there you may want to check with your insurance company first. I found that my homeowners policy does not cover anything in my storage building!!! I bought a 75.00 a year policy on my bike that covers theft so I am all good now.
  7. simpsc

    How to....

    Maybe you should consider getting them powder coated black....looks awsome and not too awful expensive.
  8. simpsc

    New Garage Shed - Blank Canvas

    Windows will make it a target for thiefs...I suggest putting a motion sensor inside the shed with an extremely loud siren. Either that or put a pit bull with a bad attitude out there.
  9. Every time I crash I learn (the hard way) a new lesson. With that said I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread so folks could share thier own experiences and let others know the following. 1. How and why they crashed 2. The result of the crash 3. What they learned from the crash (or what not to do again) Perhaps with this thread we can all learn lessons from each other without having to learn them on our own, the hard way. I will start. My last crash was on a long step up with a lot of very deep, hard, sun baked ruts located just after the landing zone. During my practice laps I did noticed them and made a mental note not to get into them. Unfortunatly, when I decided to hit the step up, the ruts completely slipped my mind and I drove right through them at a pretty good pace. I cross rutted and was thrown into the air and onto the ground, landing flat on my back. Sort of reminded me of flipping a pancake in the pan. The doctor thought I had a broken back or a cracked Pelvis but luckily the X-rays proved him to be wrong. Turned out to be just a torn muscle and some deep bruising. It was however, enough to keep me off my bike for about a month. With this crash I learned quite a few things. (1)I will never ride without lower back protection again. (2)I will be more discrimenting about what tracks I ride and if the track is in this bad of shape, I may just pass. (3)If I am not 100% sure what my landing zone is like I will not be hitting a jump wide open in fourth gear. When approaching a jump I will make sure I am thinking about what is waiting on me when I land. (4) I think because I was going so fast I panicked a bit and allowed myself to hop out of the rut. After giving it some thought, I believe that if I would have committed to the rut instead of allowing myself to hop out of it I may have been able to ride it out.
  10. Go to the product review section of Thumpertalk. There are some reviews on body armor there you can read.
  11. Titles are not required in NC but I beleive you can get a bike "titled" if you want. I am not sure how to go about that in NC. First I would get the VIN off of the new frame from the guy in NC and check to make sure the bike isnt stolen. There are plenty of sites on the Internet where you can do this. Next I would call the DMV in Arizona and find out what they require to title a bike.
  12. simpsc

    Confused - best oil?

    Been using Amsoil for over a year with no problems.....
  13. simpsc


    Check out these links...you will notice that the first link has a title of "Defending the throne" Which tells you they really like the 2004RM250. I own the 2004 RM250 and it is an awsome bike! http://motocross.transworld.net/2004/12/12/transworld-motocross-race-test-2005-suzuki-rm250/ http://www.dirtrider.com/reviews/141_0310_rm2/index.html http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-685788.html
  14. simpsc

    Why we shouldn't buy honda...

    Did I miss something? It sounds like this article is STATING that Honda somehow forced, influenced, or bribed the AMA into changing the rules? Is this common knowledge that I have missed? Is there any proof of this? If this claim is unsubstantiated then I have to wonder about the legitimacy of the rest of his statements. Quote from the article: It was about that time, it seems, when one of the four-stroke monks had an epiphany: "Instead of spending more money on exotic engines," he might have said, "which hasn't been getting us anywhere, why don't we just buy the AMA and FIM and make our own rules? For instance, we could require that all two-stroke riders wear their helmets backward - if they can't find the first turn, we have to win!" And that is - sort of - what happened.
  15. simpsc

    man i'm old

    Yes, a big part of it is Diet but and it can be restrictive so I do a modified version of it which is very easy. A typical day for me is a protein bar for breakfast, apple at 10:00, salad or piece of chicken (baked and skinless) for lunch, banana at 3:00, and a decent supper low in carbs (mostly meat). Follow the diet to some degree and do the exercises and you will be amazed at what happens in just a few weeks.