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  1. loynz

    16' 300rr EATS new dash batteries (CR2032)

    New diodes and capacitor didn't fix the problem. Wired the computer directly to the battery and the problem has been solved. Thanks for the tip, wwguy! I think mine was eating batteries fast because I ride the bike with the engine off all the time in technical downhill situations and coast down long sections of road to conserve gas.
  2. loynz

    Beta RR friction plates...

    I don't have a Rekluse, but I replaced the 50 tooth rear with a 51 like you suggested on our last ride. It's perfect now! Proper gearing and a Midwest Clever Lever have turned my 300 into a gnar-mobile. Thanks!
  3. loynz

    Oil injection removal

    Wow....Thanks for all the great info, wwguy! Do you know if the upgrade cap & diodes do anything better than the oem parts they replaced? I'm going to tap into the 12v constant wire (orange) for the starter button on the clutch side of all the wires behind the headlight.
  4. loynz

    Oil injection removal

    I want to keep the oil injection on my 2016 300rr, but the TT computer is still draining batteries - installed the "improved" capacitor and diodes about ten rides ago. Does anyone know if the drain is from the wire that gets cut?
  5. loynz

    Webfoot Enduro - Walker Valley - Sunday 8/26

    The club provides your time card, and I'm pretty sure you put it on your fender or number plate. A club member will write your start time on the card at the beginning of a test and another will write the exit time at the finish. Yes, get through as fast as possible.
  6. loynz

    Webfoot Enduro - Walker Valley - Sunday 8/26

    I was told short course is two laps with two special tests per lap. Long course has a third lap with one special test. Special test times will be written on the timecard you carry. James Brockway's phone number is on the flyer. He's in charge of this race and can answer questions better than me.
  7. Has anyone rerouted the breather line or added a one-way valve to prevent or minimize leaks. I crash and pivot turn all the time, so the airbox & rear fender are always a mess. I try to put a rag under the airbox drain after every ride, but end up with an oily mess on the bike & floor if I forget.
  8. loynz

    New exhaust pipe repair tool

    I've got a smashed Gnarly that I want to try this on. My stock pipe could use a fix too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7o-MSOES1M My electric pressure washer is pretty old, so I don't know if has the strength for the job.
  9. loynz

    16' 300rr EATS new dash batteries (CR2032)

    I've been on three rides with the "upgraded diode & capacitor" installed and the low battery light hasn't lit up yet. Hope this is the end of my TT battery issue. Fingers crossed!
  10. loynz

    16' 300rr EATS new dash batteries (CR2032)

    I replaced 10+ stock computer batteries and the replacement computer battery died half way through the first ride. I'll check the capacitor to see if it's dented and grease all the connections. I read a while back that some folks think the problem has something to do with the oil injection. I'd really hope I can figure this out soon so I can have a functioning odometer.
  11. loynz

    Post your Beta video here..

    Thanks for trying, hdr. It's a Tim Coleman video. https://youtu.be/gLK_s2bssnw
  12. loynz

    Post your Beta video here..

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/gLK_s2bssnw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  13. loynz

    Alpine High

    Amazing! Is this area near Whistler?
  14. loynz

    Post your Beta video here..

    I rode Kauai with Moto Hawaii back in 2005. They were saying how tough Omao is, especially if it's wet. Now I see what they were talking about. I'd love to own a Husqvarna 150 like his. Almost got one instead of the Beta. Is this race more technical than the Mauna Kea 200?