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    Keihin FCR (Flatslide CR) Racing Carburetors Following in their tradition of high technology and performance, Keihin’s latest carburetor design for racing is the FCR designed for downdraft engine design use. Features include a flatslide throttle operating on roller bearings with progressive linkage for smooth operation and control. Smoothbore venturi for maximum air flow. This is the ultimate racing carburetor for use on downdraft engines as found on many popular sportbikes destined for serious competition. Along with the highest level of technology available, the FCR’s have proven there advantage with race wins around the world
  2. manolis82

    FCR Sudco cable connection

    I think the Sudco FCR kit for the 650R is configured with the throttle lines in the opposite side. Here is an old post of mine with photos from my setup http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/680827-xrr-mikuni-tm40-vs-fcr41/#entry6863727 and few more pictures. But i think this photo from another bike suits your occasion better... I think you'll need longer cables for that issue of yours since you seem to have already fitted the carb under the tank. I could use longer cables also even though i'm using the ones that came with the kit which are supposed to be longer than the OEM ones.
  3. Hi guys. I have the opportunity to get myself a pair of 46mm Öhlins forks at a good price. Forks are like these sold on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/...18828da&vxp=mtr Features: •46 mm front fork . • 25 mm cartridge system. • Hydraulic bump stop. • 1 way base valve. • External adjustment. Speed compression, rebound and spring preload. • Chromed and polished innertubes. •Tin coated inner steel inner tubes •Three bushings for lower friction and better function. Bottom to top is 94,5cm Upper Clamp Diameter 53mm Lower Clamp Diameter 58mm Holes for the Front Axle are 20mm & 25]mm Caliper Holes, Hole Center - Hole Center is 102mm After doing a search i found out that these forks come from Canondale factory and were sold at low prices after it's sutdown. Part No is FG9910 and FG9911. What do you guys think of that? Can they be fitted to the BRP and what about their quality? Anyone else got any info?
  4. manolis82

    ThumperTalk FCR 41 Carburetor Kit

    Sudco Keihin FCR Carburetor Kit for XR 650R 016-765
  5. manolis82

    Trail Tech Protector for Vapor Computer

    Vapor Flat Surface Protector
  6. manolis82

    Trail Tech Vapor Computer Kit

    Vapor Kit: 752-405 (Black)
  7. manolis82

    Pirelli MT60-R Tire

    Pirelli MT 60R Dual Sport Tires
  8. manolis82

    Excel Talon Ultra-Lite Wheelset with Rim

    Excel Talon Ultra-Lite Wheelset with Rim (Black)
  9. manolis82

    SAMCO Sport Radiator Hose Kit

    Samco Silicone Radiator Hose & Clamp Kit (Red)
  10. manolis82

    Acerbis Supermoto Handguards

    Acerbis Rally Brush Handguards
  11. manolis82

    D.I.D 520 VM Premium X-Ring Chain

    D.I.D 520 VM GOLD X-RING Chain
  12. manolis82

    Moose Racing Hybrid Footpeg

    Moose Hybrid Footpegs
  13. manolis82

    Braking Caliper Bracket

    Braking Caliper Bracket
  14. manolis82

    Braking Supermotard Front Caliper

    Braking Supermotard Front Caliper
  15. manolis82

    Braking Brake Caliper

    Braking Front Brake Caliper
  16. manolis82

    UFO Plastics Front Fender

    UFO Plastics Universal Supermoto Front Fender
  17. manolis82

    Renthal Fatbar Handlebar

    Renthal Fatbar Handlebar
  18. manolis82

    Akrapovic Racing Complete Exhaust System

    Akrapovic Racing Complete Exhaust System
  19. manolis82

    K&N Engineering High Flow Air Filter

    K&N Engineering High Flow Air Filter
  20. manolis82

    Öhlins 46mm Forks on 650R ?

    One year after also... ...I didn't get them...in the end. Had to consider other priorities that popped up. And i don't see myself making any major upgrade for the upcoming year also. Bike is fine though , thanks for asking . Purring as a kittie, as always. Sorry for not answering your question though 5valve.
  21. manolis82

    Honda XR650R 2006

    Dallara Honda XR650R Supermoto
  22. manolis82

    Öhlins 46mm Forks on 650R ?

    A NIKE fan i suppose.
  23. manolis82

    XR650R sidel panel mod

    You won't have any problem in light rain conditions. I can't assure you for heavy rain or more extreme conditions like the one MAZMAN described. But with proper jetting you'll like the result in performance-sound. Not a major difference but a good one.