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  1. cmore

    Michigan Tires

    for me I like the mx 51 geomax on the rear and front, the tires with turned knobs seem to get torn off only after a couple ride, I tend to stay away from all sand trails , so my riding is the root rock areas.... which i admit are hard to find in MI, just need to be willing to drive.
  2. after this winter, any trail that has dirt is a good trail, my last ride was jan 18th, so I am starting to climb the walls. come on april showers.
  3. cmore

    ORV sticker increase and new riding areas?

    probably not gonna happen in the southern CO of MI, no public land (DNR) or Federal land (USFS). i believe some of the trail i getting reastablished on areas that where allowing the larger orv on like drummond island. was for years only single track and now has been maintained to 50inch trail. back in the day there where 60+ miles of motorcycle only trail. So this is for sure one area that could receive the rebirth of single track. There is other areas near Manistee that are also being preposed to the USFS, but thats a hill ( the FEDS ) is a little harder to climb.
  4. cmore

    Any good single track in Michigan that isn't all sand?

    Dont waste your money on gas , everything north of the Mighty Mac is not worth riding.
  5. cmore

    ORV sticker increase and new riding areas?

    I hope your a CCC member, cycle conservation club of Michigan, you be well informed of the things happening for the better of the orv and Motorcycle only trails systems, For the most part, all the trail maintenance and grooming is self funded by the funds generated from the sale of orv stickers. as the trail systems is growing larger in the state , so does the costs of maintaining them,
  6. cmore

    Motorcycle only trail?

    thanks eaglefreek, for the link, are the trails public land or private, if you dont want to spill the bean you can PM me. when I get fellow riders asking about MI trails. I dont tell the good stuff on public forum.... Jim
  7. cmore

    Michigan roll call

    Irons,MI Still have frozen snow on my Carb and swing arm from the snow riding.
  8. cmore

    Tennessee Motorcycle only trail?

    I am planning a trip to CMRA trailshttp://www.cmrariders.com/# in march, was wondering if there are any additional motorcycle only trails in the area. I am coming from the frozen northern Michigan. Figure i could ride for two days in the CMRA, then hit something local on the third. above average B rider, 2014 250 xcw. thanks Jim
  9. cmore

    End of season ride in Mio October 12

    well, i have never made one of the fall rides in the past. MT Tom rd, where is the field at north or south end of Mio trail.??
  10. cmore

    End of season ride in Mio October 12

    I am in. just for the day saturday. will bring a fellow trail freak, he rides one of those husaberg things.
  11. cmore

    Early planning for B-day ride

    sure would be a nice ride for a guys living up north.
  12. cmore

    Heads Up! Wind Damage in Baldwin Area

    J_ WMTR does not maintain the Little Manistee trail, we maintain Lincoln Hills and the MCCCT north up to the Grand Traverse co line, we are having a work day this saturday. meeting at the 7 mile parking lot. 930 am.
  13. cmore

    Heads Up! Wind Damage in Baldwin Area

    hey 53. the trails take alot of work and manhours to keep clear, this season is super odd, chapters and groups cant antisipate what mother nature will deal us. Please dont complain about the trail conditions rather get involved with your group or chapter that maintains your favorite trail. They would forsure put you under there wing and show u the work needed. Happy trails. One of the best trail systems in the nation.
  14. cmore

    Heads Up! Wind Damage in Baldwin Area

    The front of the pack was even more fun, dicing it with 2 and sometime3 other riders. See who was gonna take the lead. Love the trail with charactor!!
  15. My sonin law just got transfered to Ft Drum, will have chances now visit them , I am advide trail rider and race couple select District 14 Enduros in MI. any chance of good trail rding in the Ft Drum area. thanks Jim