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  1. Same here. Someone needs to due a teardown/rebuild for a 06-10 engine.
  2. Obviously, it all has to do with how you define "redneck." Like so many things in life, "redneck" has been redefined to mean something totally different than what it originally meant....so what was once a "badge of honor" is now considered an insult.
  3. Just wondering if all the problems with the Athena 144 kits is on bikes that had the cases recessed by the specs given in the kit? I had an anthena 144 on a 05 Yz125 and it ran great right up until I sold it with about 30 hours on it. Just wondering.
  4. Big on the G2 trottle cam. My son who was 16 went from a YZ250F to a KTM XC300. Major difference in power. Like going from a honda civic to a duramax in a Z28! After the G2 and a flywheel weight he learned to love the bike and rode it for 2 seasons until getting back into MX and bought a YZ250. All the other mods mentioned above are great ideas too.
  5. Check out this obscure, relatively unheard of, company called Ebay for a tank. They can be had for as little as $50-75 if you're patient. I sold a bike with a repaired tank that had lasted 3 years. Lady who bought the bike emailed me a nasty message saying they had to spend $300 on a new tank because it started leaking. Kid must have crashed really hard to "undo" the fix on that tank. If she would have contacted me I would have pointed her to Ebay.
  6. I second that. Last time I lost a flange bolt for my side plate the dealer tried to bilk me for $2.35. I said screw that and bolt a whole box off Rockymountaatv.com for like $9. The universal bolt kit is the ticket:thumbsup:
  7. Yeah. The spacer seems to fill a gap which seems wierd because the alum frame is wider in every other place but this.
  8. CaptDan. Yeah. Feels good to put it all together and have it actually work. Pic of final assembled bike doesn't look as good because it's all dusty and crappy plastics and no graphics. But nothing new plastic and graphics won't fix. And yes, I'll def. check out the racetech stuff. Looks cool! Here's the "dope" on the pipe spacer: Yamama part# SKU: 90387-08030-00 COLLAR It's part number 12 in the pic. Sells for $4.59 Link for the online part: http://www.partforyamaha.com/pages/parts/viewbybrand/2/Yamaha.aspx
  9. Do you research here on TT for the 250f swap. I've got an 02 I'd like to do but because of how much it would cost because of all the differences between the steel and alum frame 250fs I'm not sure it would make sense. A guy actually did a swap and it was pretty expensive. For some reason the YZ250 swap can make sense $$ wise just depends on how much you pay for the frame. I couldn't believe we got an 05 frame with a title for so cheap.
  10. I spent some time on Bikefinds.com and could not find a 05 in that shape for $1730 plus gas ($450) plus my time to drive down (3 days x $400/day= $1200). Total cost for me to drive down and buy one in Ca would have been close to $3380 once I was done. Plus I'd have to trust the seller's opinion of the bike's condition and then invest the time to drive down and hope it was just as he stated. I used to drive down to Ca all the time because I'm from there. Don't go down anymore now. But if you're already down there, like maybe you were, you got a very sweet deal indeed!! How the heck did you get 3k for an 04 300? Presentation, timing, etc:thumbsup:. Paid $3000 for the bike 2 years ago. Put a new tire on it for $48 and sold for 3k. The track in the photo is Albany MX.
  11. You've got to buy a $5 alum spacer which appears the 05 and maybe all the AF bikes. Recap of the swap, which has been covered in other swap threads as well to some degree. 1. Bottom tripple clamp on 04 and older bikes will not clear on the newer AF bikes: stops are too close. Either grind/machine the stops on the steel frame bikes and add some "stops" to prevent the forks from hitting the frame or just buy an 05 or newer bottom tripple...which we did for $32 off fleabay. 2. Wiring is different. Had to relocate the coil and CDI. Bought coil bracket and rubber CDI boot for less than $12. Someone had said that the 04 and older wiring harness did'nt set up very clean. I just didn't see any differerence with relocating the coil and CDI. Went on just fine. 3. Pipe spacer. $5 part. 4. Two engine bolts, the long ones, aren't long enough because of the longer lugs on the AF. 5. Swingarm dog bone is smaller on 04< bikes so we put 2 1mm shims and bought the longer bolt for the 05 bike. 6. Tank mount rubber mounts are too big to use on the AF so I "dremmeled" them down to size. NBD All these parts cost less than $45 and took 5 days to get. Here's some links from other TTrs who blazed the trail for this frame swap project. They are great helps! http://i386.photobucket.com/albums/oo303/Stewey330/DSC_0028.jpg http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=857604&page=3&highlight=yz250+frame+swap http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=576503&highlight=frame+upgrade-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Think that's it.
  12. He's on the "mend"(see pic below) with a broker collar bone from a big get off when he over jumped an 80' tabletop. So when he get's back to work he's going to do the white plastics kit and graphics. Should look decent when he's all done. YZ plastics always look like crap after 5 rides because of the white creases and scuffs. Hopefully white will look better longer. Since the swap, my son has commented on how well the bike turns, rails corners, and feels lighter and thinner when in the air, and just more solid overall. So far no regrets.
  13. Thanks! My son's a broke college student so everything he's doin' is "on the cheap." He got $3000 for his 04 KTM 300 so he's still ahead quite a bit on this bike. Saving his money for suspension and maybe a EC 300 kit in the future.
  14. My son bought a 04 YZ250 on craigslist for $1500. I was suspicious because of the low price. It's got a wiseco new top end and a pro circuit works pipe and 304 silencer, brand new tires, and a few other goodies. His only regret is that it wasn't 05 or newer with the alum frame. After riding it for 2 months I thought the bike was solid enough to think about putting a little $$ into it to take it to the next level. After research here on TT I thought it didn't sound too bad of a project to find an 05+ frame on fleabay and do a swap. Found an 05 frame with a Ca title on fleabay for $152 shipped. Spent another $45 on misc. parts and $32 on an 05 bottom triple clamp to do the swap. So for under $230 we did the swap. Took about 5-6 hours total. total into bike: $1730 for a "hybrid" 04/05. Here's the results. What we started with: The tear down: YZ250 "segway" The beginning: Frame swap complete Phase II. White plastics and new graphics. Anyone know, can I put '10 plastics on this bike?
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