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  1. bigbore2

    2018 pro motocross races

    ss109, Motorboatin. thanx I lost my internet connection for a few days till they figured out the problem. When I got it back, no races to be found. Lol, we on a break.
  2. bigbore2

    motocross 2018 pro motocross races

    where online can I get the races this season? I saw the first 3, then nothing. thanx
  3. bigbore2

    2018 pro motocross videos

    I guess youtube isn't giving access to this seasons races? I saw the first 3 but cannot find anymore. Help
  4. bigbore2

    My sub $1k 07 YZ450

    when you look at kneepads, get the hinged, newer style that covers above knee some also. These are just so more protective than the old shin guards. and they last a long time. I have Thor, but any that fit well will work.
  5. bigbore2


    What year did the 450 go to a 5 sp tranny? thanx
  6. bigbore2

    YZ250 build for desert

    thanx for the info. I will probably get an 04 with the 48 forks. build the engine, suspension and ergos to fit as I am 6'2". something that old would be cheap to buy. under 2000 for sure.
  7. bigbore2

    05 bike for desert

    thanx for that, just thinking about a yz250 or yzf450 steel frame build.
  8. bigbore2

    05 bike for desert

    I see the last year for the steel frame is 05. That sounds like a good bike to get cheap and build for desert riding/racing??
  9. bigbore2

    YZ250 build for desert

    Why would I want to change to 02-03?
  10. bigbore2

    YZ250 build for desert

    Thanx for the comments, as usual ,very good info. The search begins for an 04 bike, not to beat up hopefully. On my KTM SX, I had 14/40 gearing. I still could have used a little more speed, but it was getting close. That was a close ratio tranny. but it still trail rode just fine with the 14/40. Any of the 250 engine years stand out over the others? Mmmmmmm, titanium spring, that sounds yummy.
  11. bigbore2

    YZ250 build for desert

    just came off a steel frame. 98 KTM. No complaints there. Had an 08 Honda 450, could never get used to the chassis, but the engine was the best I ever rode. SSS started with what year?
  12. bigbore2

    YZ250 build for desert

    Does the larger brake caliper translate into a better brake/ better modulation?
  13. bigbore2

    YZ250 build for desert

    Looking to pick up an YZ250, 07-08 or newer. Looking for the best chassis from 07 to present. I am looking for high speed stability, mainly. Plan on having suspension done and possible engine mods if I need more there. Just wondering what year/s would be a good pick?
  14. bigbore2

    increase--13.5/1 piston

    am I on target with the idea that I am making up for the loss in altitude, at 5000 ft.?
  15. bigbore2

    Youtube Supercross videos

    cannot receive in my area, Albuquerque, NM. It has been blocked for some reason.