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  1. mdm_rides

    knee protection

    For bad knees worn out from jogging & ski racing you can't beat asterisk. You do need pants with leather inner leg inserts though as they will eat right through pants otherwise. You don't notice them riding.
  2. mdm_rides

    KTM Northwest in Gresham

    Well said & me too. I stopped in to check them out by ordering a top end kit for my 200. Holy S*** they had everthing, including the gaskets in stock:thumbsup: To top it off, they gave my 10% off for being an OMRA member. After dealing with the everchanging parts guys and 7-10 day wait for parts here in Vancouver, the drive is worth it. Service still sells
  3. mdm_rides

    Kwadders Behavin Badly

    Thats as hilarious as 2 nfl linemen duking it out with helmets, pads, cups, faceguards etc. No UFC potential here
  4. mdm_rides

    gifford today 8/2/2009

    That scenery is so awsome it looks fake. It is easier to admire from your great pictures than from the seat of the bike as I remember being kind of puckered when I rode it. Your lawn also looks kind of fake in this 90 deg heat. I have an irrigation system and mine still looks like the edge of the Mojave desert. Nice work, it would get me great points toward the next bike if I were so good.
  5. mdm_rides

    Anyone else here have a snowbike conversion??

    What a great thread on a 105 degree day.
  6. mdm_rides

    KTM Build Quality - BAD or GOOD?

    So I wen 1-1/2 yrs on my 200 pipe & then wiped out it and 2 more in the next 3 races Yikes! Luckily there is a shop in OR that can do a credible job of blowing out the dents for $60. The bikes are well engineered machines, but machines just the same so have flaws and wear out. My sailboat buddy once said "things with motors are trouble".
  7. mdm_rides

    carbon exhaust protector

    Are the pipe guards worth it? I can get dents blown out for $60 and it seems my crashes tend to wrap the pipe back around the frame which I don't think a guard would stop.
  8. mdm_rides

    KTM Build Quality - BAD or GOOD?

    Well said. They are all great bikes these days, well except for the chinese stuff, so what fits your style, the niche you use it for, and how well you like your local dealer count more than brand. My DRZ was a great bike for what it was designed to do, but a race bike it wasn't.
  9. mdm_rides

    KTM Build Quality - BAD or GOOD?

    Wow what a ridin machine:ride:. Those miles took some hours away from work for sure which causes jealousy. Keep it up. Waaaay back in the post penton days some used to say KTM meant KnowTheMechanic, but that is old news. I've owned all of the major brands and now being on my 3rd orange bike won't go back. These things are almost indestructible. I posted it elsewhere but due to a damaged rad hose unknowingly finished 70 miles of a XC race without coolant, raced 5 more races and when I tore down the engine to check, found no damage.
  10. mdm_rides

    2009 KTM 200xc or 2010 KTM 200xcw

    xc-w = better trail, woods bike, faster on top xc= better closed course bike, better gear spacing, more moto Get a left over whatever at the best deal. For example; buying parts, I found a brand new left over 08 200 xc-w last week for 5200.
  11. mdm_rides

    Could I put a headlight on a 2009 KTM 200xc?

    Not sure if KTM is offering the xc for 2010 but the xc-w has a lighting coil and even the light switch installed so lights are "plug & play". After spending more $$$$ of course.
  12. mdm_rides

    how far on one tank of gas?

    NW Enduro/ISDE racing gets my 200 xcw on reserve at 55-60 miles.
  13. mdm_rides

    530 EXC - New Rear Tire

    Of the DOT tires I have tried: Dunlop 606, Perilli, Metzler, and have had the best luck with the Mich AC-10. I put 1100 miles on a rear 2 years ago riding the OR Discovery Route with no problems. The knobs were about gone by then though.
  14. mdm_rides

    Considering a 250EXC

    If you plan to ride on the street much I would consider a 4 stroke. I have both and even on gravel roads it's tough to ride a steady speed on the 2t as it wants you either on or off the gas which isn't so fun. The 450 you can just set the throttle & cruise. The 2t is a way better trail bike of course.
  15. mdm_rides

    Power Valve Vent Spewing Trans Oil?

    Thanks guys. I will try the bubble test cactus73 suggests and go from there. The trans is not overfilled & there is no water in the oil. I suspect that it is the seal and if I replace that will replace the bearings also. Not only was I running full revs on the track, the poor thing has been raced all year and I now recall a race in Heppner OR 2 months back where I crushed the pipe 5 miles in and it then ripped the water pump hose. Unbeknownst to me I raced 75 miles of woods with no coolant! I was assuming the loss of power on the big hills was the pipe...........not, it was overheating instead which may be the cause of this current problem. Not the news I wanted, but thanks again