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  1. cms_austx

    KTM 150xc vs 250xc vs YZ250?

    Very little difference in KTM 250 vs 300 pricing new, though I suspect 300's may have better resale value.
  2. cms_austx

    KTM 150xc vs 250xc vs YZ250?

    IMO, the 250 XC is the only logical choice for desert riding, as it has the gearing and power to do high speeds. A 300 XC would be even better. The YZ 250 is a great bike, but it tops out quick w/ the 5 speed tranny (~60 IIRC). FWIW, I owned an '11 250 XC (until a couple of weeks ago), an '07 300 XC-W and an '05 YZ20. I'll prob. end up w/ a '15 250 SX or 300 XC.
  3. cms_austx

    15 yz250 or 15 crf250

    YZ250 2 stroke. Faster, lighter, funner (IMO), and much easier/cheaper to maintain. Unless you're an aspiring professional MX racer, of course.
  4. I love my '11 250 XC's gearbox! It has all the range I need w/o the gappiness of the XC-W gearing.
  5. cms_austx

    250xc vs 300xc

    I recently sold my '07 300 XC-W for an '11 250 XC. I knew I was getting an '11 XC, the tough choice was 250 or 300. Ultimately, I went w/ the 250 more to try something different than anything else, but better handling, racier powerband, easier jetting, cooler temps, etc. also were considerations. I can't directly compare them solely based on engine size due to differences in chassis, suspension, gearing, etc., but I love both. The 300 was great in really technical terrain, the luggability combined w/ a super low first gear made it awesome in those kinds of conditions. It was also great for relaxed riding, just very easy to stick it in 3rd and rarely worry about shifting. It was my favorite bike ever until my 250 came along. The 250 feels about as strong on top, just not as meaty down low. Still, it's pulled me up steep climbs no problem, the engine just doesn't feel like it does it as effortlessly (remember that it has taller gearing as well). I just did my first race in 3 years on it Sunday, and suspect the 300 may have been an easier powerband to handle when I'm tired b/c of less hit (I know, this contradicts most others' opinions). The 250 def. turns faster, feels racier & lighter, and is much more at home on the MX track. It also vibrates a lot less. It always feels like it has enough power, never too much. So far, I'm in love w/ my 250, it's everything I was expecting it to be. I'm also sure I would have been very happy w/ a new 300, and would have one of each if I could. IMO, the easiest way to effectively pick is based on your riding style/preferences. Like to short shift? 300 Want to ride more on the pipe? 250
  6. cms_austx

    Help my choose: 300 or 250, XC or XC-W

    I recently replaced my '07 300 XCW w/ an '11 250 XC, and am very happy w/ it. The E-start is a bit hit-or-miss, but otherwise I don't have much to complain about. Low end isn't as strong as my 300 (engine or gearing), but it's gotten over everything I've thrown at it so far. There are some pluses & minuses vs. the old bike (which had better low end power/gearing, and was shorter), but the 250 feels lighter, handles better, and feels at home on a MX track, unlike the XCW. The 250 engine vibrates much less, and it's less tiring to ride hard, while the 300 is easier for play riding. The only debate I had w/ buying a new bike was 250 or 300, I knew it was going to be a KTM XC.
  7. cms_austx

    most practical truck

    I love my Ridgeline, it drives/rides like a car, is comfy, and easy to park. They're giving them away now (got my '08 RTL w/ Nav for $28.5K in Feb., and you s/b able to get another grand off now). The trunk is great for storing gear, folding chairs, ramps, etc. Only issue is that fitting 3 full size bikes in the back would be challenging; 2 are no problem.
  8. cms_austx

    450xc-f or 300xc ?

    I have both. I greatly prefer the 300 - it's more fun, feels a lot lighter, less tiring, almost impossible to stall, and maint. is a breeze vs. the 450. If I lived in CA, I'd pick the 450 for the green sticker...I'm contemplating a move there, which is the main reason I haven't sold it. Thinking about plating the 450 and making it into a DS bike.
  9. cms_austx

    XC-W 400 weight?

    450 XC and SX are short stroke motors, too. My 450 handles about as light as a friend's 400 EXC, but has a whole lot more power.
  10. I have an '06 450 XC and '07 300 XC-W. I'm very happy w/ both, but I load up my 300 to go riding 85+% of the time. It's just easier to ride and maintain, more fun, and faster. I'm mainly keeping the 450 b/c I may move to CA in the next year, and it's green sticker legal whereas the 300 isn't.
  11. cms_austx

    Step up- 2 vs. 4

    I have one of each, a KTM 450 XC and 300 XC-W. Guess which one I usually take riding w/ me? The 300 - it's lighter, more maneuvable, less tiring, and more luggable. I believe I'm faster on it in the woods, too. The 450 is better on the MX track and in wider, more open condition.
  12. cms_austx

    Step up- 2 vs. 4

    Yes, they do. You can only legally ride one produced after 12/31/05 in a competition run by a recognized sanctioning body. Yes, it's techically illegal to ride your '07 2 stroke on the family farm/ranch or during a practice day @ your local mx track.
  13. cms_austx

    exc vs wr

    I've had an '06 450 XC for a year and a half, and bought a 300 XC-W a couple of months ago. I love my 450, but haven't been too motivated to ride it since getting the 300, and sometimes question why I even keep it. The engine is amazing - plenty of power throughout the powerband w/o the usual 2 stroke hit, and it will lug at super low revs w/o stalling. It feels like my old Sherco 2.9 engine at the bottom, but doesn't run out of breath. In fact, I took it to my old trials riding area w/ lots of rocky climbs/dropoffs that most "normal" dirtbikes stay away from. I wouldn't want to do it on the 450, but the 300 made it around the loop like a champ. The clutch pull is lighter, it takes less effort to haul it to a stop, and everything is generally less effort/less tiring. I just wish it didn't vibrate so much. IMO, the 300 is the ultimate off-road machine!
  14. KTM - after getting my first one last year, I don't see myself going back to Japanese bikes. They perform great, are easier to wrench on, and have higher quality componentry.
  15. cms_austx

    Bike Carrier?

    I have an Ultimate MX Hauler, and really like it.