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  1. D-K

    My 2013 finished

    Sweet ride Krony!
  2. D-K

    Link for 2011 manual

    Oh thanks Adam, i didn´t know they were all available. I just picked up the link for 2011 somewhere. Yes the fork chapter is the most interesting. Here is the 2013 owners manual: http://www.kawasaki-techinfo.net/showOM.php?view_lang=EN&spec=US&book_no=99987-1739&lang_code=EN
  3. D-K

    Link for 2011 manual

    Hey guys, this might be of interest for you. http://www.kawasaki-techinfo.net/showOM.php?view_lang=EN&spec=US&book_no=99987-1626&lang_code=EN
  4. Only 09 and up have this design.
  5. D-K

    Header question

    In most cases yes, since most systems are also available as slip-ons that fit the stock header. It´s not 100% certain though. To be absolutely sure, send an e-mail to the manufacturer. Or take your chances.
  6. D-K

    Bam bam gets karma slapped

    Cairoli finally got good starts at Des Nations:
  7. D-K

    Barcia proved one thing

    How so, since they raced different classes?
  8. D-K

    Opinions on the 2012 KXF

    It pulls great starts. Even better with the launch control. Even I have pulled great starts (firsts and seconds) against 30 other riders. The different power mode couplers are great. Throttle response is insane, without being jerky. The power comes on super smooth from down low. No bikes will pull away from it out of corners and down straights, if you dare keep it pinned. 3´rd gear is crazy fast, about 65 mph easily. It´s super easy to start. The fork is pretty good, the rear shock works and doesn´t do anything funny, but is average at best. The clutch got stiffer springs in ´12 so it should last longer. The transmission was made more durable as well. The transmission is a bit clunky, but I never miss shifts and it´s very reliable. It will not pop out of gear. Can´t say that much about weight and feel since I haven´t rode any older 450 back to back with mine. But I had no problems adapting from a 250F.
  9. D-K

    Barcia proved one thing

    One major difference as I saw it was that the American guys were sitting down more than the others. They were the ones with feet off the pegs and stuff like that. The Euro guys were standing up in the same corners and straights where Barcia was sitting down. Sitting down is fast on normal tracks if your suspension works and you can take the pounding, but my guess is the U.S. team members have sore backs today. Exciting race to watch for sure, and to those who say that America wasn´t lucky should look at the video of Barcia and the wheel and spokes incident. How often do you come to a stop right next to the "pit lane in" sign? That was luck for sure.
  10. D-K

    MXoN was epic - lots of pics

    Nice camera work. Pic 0663 was funny!
  11. D-K

    2013 KXF450 fork blown out!

    Yes they do, but I was talking about air forks in general, since Kub does not seem to believe in the technology.
  12. D-K

    2013 KXF450 fork blown out!

    Team Pro Circuit runs them.
  13. D-K

    2009 kx250f sputtering/misses on acceleration

    Try a different exhaust system.
  14. D-K

    Fuel filter for fuel injected models?

    I wouldn´t do the KTM in-line fuel filter either. I hear they have been having problems with them and many people end up removing them. Yeah the SplitStream filter wants to "close" when the gas goes in and the air wants to get out. I have a VP can with a long spout and I put it deep in there, when it becomes full I have time to see it. Still not like having no filter in though. But I´m not in a hurry when refueling.
  15. D-K

    Let's hear about those 2013 KX450F test rides?

    I rode yesterday, went out with the black coupler first. It´s the one I have always rode with. The track was perfectly prepped and smooth so for the next session I went out with the green coupler. Although not a night and day difference, it definately came on stronger from the bottom out of corners. It had less spool up time. I liked the green coupler better because of the smooth track I was able to just hold it wide open anyway. When choppy or slick I will go back to the black one. Riding again Saturday, I will try the white coupler as well.